Kaas plateau [Valley of Flowers]-Best time to visit Kaas plateau is just after Monsoon or starting September month.Escape now, to witness Maharashtra and central India’s Valley of flowers

Kaas plateau In Satara [Maharashtra]- All You Want To Know

The Kaas Plateau is also known as the “Kaas Pathar [In Hindi]” is a plateau situated 25 kilometers from Satara town in Maharashtra. It falls under the Sahyadri region of the Western Ghats which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site .

The plateau is the scaled down version of the popular “Valley of Flowers National Park” located in Himalaya, in the state of Uttarakhand. The flowers of Kas & other plants are typically restricted to specific locality only. The reason is that the plateau is mainly formed of basalt which is directly exposed to the atmosphere.

Kaas plateau- What Is For The Visitors To Offer

Kaas Pathar

Kaas Pathar

We went to Kaas in the month of September to enjoy and witness the full bloom. The journey to the plateau itself is very pleasing especially if you are coming after Monsoon. As you climb from the populated Satara town to the hill, the landscape changes very fast. The whole climb would be like covered with green carpet and water streams everywhere.

However, as you reach the plateau, the ugly scene of massive numbers of vehicles moving here and there for parking. As the full bloom itself last for few weeks, so there is a huge rush of visitors to watch the plateau landscape. Remember, the visitors has to walk for some distance to reach the entry gate of the floral plateau.

Kaas plateau- Is It Worth Visiting The Landscape?

Kaas plateau

Kaas plateau

I will say, do not come all along from Mumbai and Pune considering you will enjoy the luxury of best resort service or having a picnic at the plateau. You might witness crowd, harsh weather or have to walk few meters, but there is silver lining waiting for you. Kass plateau if for those who understand and love nature, biodiversity and enjoy seeing the magic of nature even in toughest condition.

As Kaas plateau is now UNESCO heritage site, I would recommend the nature lover to witness the impressive landscape and full bloom of the colorful flowers which smile only for few weeks every year.

Kaas Plateau Hotels– Satara is the closest city center and is 20Km from the plateau.We recommend staying in Preeti Executive (Rs2000/-)

The cool hill station of Mahabaleshwar is only about 70 km/ or 2 hours away, so for those who prefer staying at the hill station, it is possible to stay there and drive to Kaas Plateau  early morning.


Kass Plateau- ‘Kas Pathar’ or ‘Plateau of Flowers’

Where– 25 Km away from Satara District H.Q. & 20 Km from Northern part of Koyana Sanctuary.

What is in– The major portion of the plateau is Reserve Forest & UNESCO heritage site

Charges & Permit- The entry Fee charge is Rs. 100/- for weekends and Govt. Holidays per person for 3 hours. Weekdays charge is Rs. 50/- per person

Restrictions- Please do not litter ,Only 3000 visitors per day will be allowed to visit.Parking and other charges are to be paid on entry gate.

Permit Info- Recommended to take prior permit from official Kaas official site

Ok still not convinced about the beauty of Kaas plateau? watch the video

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