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Quick Facts-Tirupati the home of Lord Sri Venkateswara Located on a hilltop, Tirumala(Tiru means holy, Mala means hill) is a major pilgrimage center.Hire Chennai to Tirupati Taxi.Fares starting from Rs. 3000.

Chennai to Tirupati distance is about 160 km and located in the neighboring state of Andhra Pradesh. Hiring a cab or taxi rental from Chennai is ideal for this short drive. Savaari’s options of car rental in Chennai will be perfect for this trip.

You could hire a taxi from Chennai airport to Tirupati for hassle free journey.There could be many routes to Tirupati, and one could choose the path with interesting stop-overs according to your interests.

After reaching Tirupati preferably early morning, one can easily travel to Tirumala (Adobe of  Lord Sri Venkateswara) by road or on foot. By road, the distance is 11 km in length and is the commonly used route.Local buses or taxis will take you to Tirumala from Tirupati

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Ekambareswara temple

Ekambareswara temple (source)

Driving past the industrial zones of Chennai and brushing past the multi-storeyed apartment complexes. One is suddenly exposed to the fields and open spaces as you progress towards Kanchipuram. This town has been an important part of history as the capital of the Cholas and later as a place taken over by the Sultans.

The little town has innumerable temples constructed by the ancient kings, and many of them are taken over and protected by the Archaeological Survey of India. Kanchipuram is famous for its megalithic archaeological sites as it is attractive for the hand-woven silk and cotton sarees of Tamil Nadu. Most households here are involved in the weaving business.


Thiruvallur Statue

Thiruvallur Statue

An ancient village which hosts some of the oldest temples for the believers of Hindu philosophy is Thiruvallur. One could stop by to pay obeisance at the temples of Veera Raghavar and Hanuman and also visit the fairly small museum at Poondi. The museum showcases the archaeological finds. There are about 100 Palaeolithic sites around this area which bring to light the life of people then.


As you drive on in your Chennai-to-Tirupati taxi, you could turn into Thiruthani, the abode of Lord Muruga. Here is a temple included in the six unique temples of Lord Muruga. The temple is on a hill which has 365 steps leading up to it.The Vedanarayanaswamy Temple and the Nagallur Falls draw attraction at a short distance from Puttur. The temple was constructed during the reign of Krishnadevaraya.


Sri Kalahasti

Sri Kalahasti (source)

Srikalahasti is another temple town close to the Pullicat Lake, which is one of the large brackish water lakes in India, hosting many migratory birds. Kalahasti is a religious destination with the temple constructed during the 12th century. This little town is also famous for keeping alive the art of kalamkari (the art of painting on cloth using vegetable dyes with a brush). Located close to the town are many waterfalls and picnic spots encouraging short treks on the hills to spend time by the falls.


At a distance of 15 km from Tirupati is another historical town – Chandragiri. Chandragiri was also part of the Vijayanagar dynasty and the fort was constructed in the 11th century by the Yadava kings. The Rajmahal Palace is a museum which talks about the history of this place.

A cab or taxi service in Chennai can be used to and retained for the complete journey stopping over at the interesting spots. The drive is comfortable, and there are enough number of motels and hotels en route to making a trip comfortable.

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