Abbey Falls– Madikeri along with Coorg is known as the coffee capital of India, Abbey falls in Madikeri is among the top places to see for the traveler visiting Coorg & Madikeri.The sound of the mighty waterfalls can be heard even from the main road during the rainy season. When are you planning for Coorg?

Abbey falls which is in Madikeri was earlier called Jessi falls named after a British officer’s wife. Abbey falls marks the top list of places to visit near Madikeri and Coorg.The waterfall is accessible by a well-laid road till the coffee estate gate.

One can drive his/her vehicle till the parking bay.After that, a small trek through the coffee and spices plantations leads to the waterfalls. The trek is easy, and the waterfall can be reached in 10 mins. ‘Abbi’ in coorgie language means a waterfall

Abbey Falls- A story behind the name

Abbey falls was also in our top priority while we were in Madikeri. We stayed in “Abbydhama Estate” Home Stay. Abbydhama Estate is hardly 5 km from the falls which saved our time in commuting. The parking charge is Rs 20/- for a four wheeler.

You will find small shops selling refreshments. The beautiful waterfall was discovered by Mr. Neravanda B.Nanaiah who bought the place from the government and converted it into a coffee and spices plantation that is surrounding the waterfall today(source WikiPedia).

Abbey Falls Parking

Abbey Falls Parking

We visited the falls in December and so the river that falls was not in full glory. Nevertheless, the beauty of the Abbey falls was awesome. A hanging bridge constructed just opposite the falls to enjoy the falls from a different angle. Unfortunately, it was locked out. Looks like this was due to some recent accidents near the falls.

The rise in tourists influx over the recent years has taken a huge toll on the natural beauty of the Abbey falls and its surrounding and resulted in polluted water.The common sight of plastic trash and garbage can be seen here and there.

The local authority has done a commendable job in enforcing some rule on plastic usage. Like carrying one water bottle per family, however much needed in protecting this natural place from tourists and authority.

From city center of Madikeri town, the Abbey Falls is nearly 9 Km. Expected time to reach would be 45 mins due to narrow roads and challenging landscape.

Abbey Falls

Abbey Falls Trek

Best time to visit Abbey Falls

The best time to visit the falls is from July to October when monsoon brings in plenty of water. However, you will also face challenges in driving down the ghats. Avoid Summer, as the stream of water, will be very less.


The British called the falls as ‘Jessie Waterfalls’ in memory of Jessie, the daughter of Madikeri’s first British captain.Later it was renamed to Abbey

Timing to visit the falls

You can visit the falls any time of the day but morning till afternoon time is preferable. Noon really gets very hot.On an average reserve, 1 to 2 hrs to watch the roaring falling water and admire the surroundings.

Abbey Falls

Abbey Falls Front

Places to stay in Madikeri

We stayed in Madikeri, would highly recommend “Abhidhamma homestay”.The serene homestay is 2.5 km before famous Abbey Falls and in the middle of vast Coffee Estate. Book your next Vacation to Coorg or Madikeri with the “best value directly here

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Weather & Temperature at Madikeri

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