Advance Trekking in India: Trekking in literal meaning might imply climbing a mountain; it is otherwise a passion for many travel enthusiasts. It unfolds a phenomenal experience of exploring the unseen beauties of mountains and gives the experience to cherish for a lifetime.

Trekking for the first time might sound daunting and unrealistic, but it has its own taste. Of course, one cannot think of climbing an Everest as a beginner yet can explore many gorgeous treks that make life worth living.


With splendid peaks to dazzling lakes and rivers, trekking on the carpeted heaven and touching every bit of nature has its own charm. 

This adventurous travel journey is broadly categorized into easy, moderate, and difficult treks that certainly demand some amount of fitness before trying their hands on it. Now one may choose to get inspired by the Ranbir – Deepika starrer “Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani”. But don’t we all know only a Bollywood movie can show how effortlessly the stars could reach the astounding peak of the Himalayas.

Sadly, in reality, trekking for the first time is not that easy. Having said that there are several spectacular trekking destinations in India that are easy to cover and acts as a perfect stepping stone. 


If the Instagram stories of your avid trekker friends have not haunted you yet then certainly you don’t have an eye for beauty. I am sure on plenty of occasions the hidden feeling of exploring these beauties has crossed your mind too. Instead, we have always buried such thoughts deep inside. Either we find the trekking process rather difficult or simply do not know where to start from.

To help you in living your dreams to the fullest, today we bring you a list of trekking destinations that will leave you spellbound with its beauty and at the same time do not include a strenuous process.


Hampta Pass Trek Route

One of the most popular selections amongst trek lovers, Hampta Pass is an insane delight of Himachal Pradesh. Undoubtedly an easy start, the trek offers an impressive unfold of snow-clad peaks to the Rhododendron trees in the platter of a wanderlust. With several stunning attractions together with the enveloped greenery to the pristine rivers, the scenic views of Hampta Pass indeed are the love at first sight moment.

This heavenly beauty does not fail to impress with the style of the simple living of Hampta villagers as well as with outstanding Chandratal lake in the Spiti region. If you wish to read in detail about this gorgeous trek then please refer to this link that contains many interesting tips you can consider before heading for the Hampta pass trek.

Region: Himachal Pradesh

Altitude: 14,100 ft

Duration: 4-5 Days
Best Season: June to September


Prashar lake trek is another trek in the Himalayan regions that is an absolute delight for nature lovers. The trail is accompanied by the beautiful trees of Pine, Oaks, and Rhododendrons making the journey even more aesthetic.

The trek has a charming oval-shaped lake with a mysterious floating island which is the star attraction. What keeps the flame of curiosity alive is that the island keeps changing its locations and the depth of the lake is still unclear. Close to the lake is a beautiful double-storeyed temple dedicated to the sage Parashar whose architecture is the talk of the town.

With heavenly views of Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal, and Kinnaur mountain ranges, the valley looks spectacular. The surrounding is such that one couldn’t resist sitting there for hours enjoying the solace.

Just like Beas Kund, even Prashar has a historical connection. It is named after the sage Prashar who enjoyed his meditation on the banks of this lake.

Himachal Pradesh has many popular trekking trails including Spiti Valley which is completely swamped by trekking lovers. Yet one could find few trails away from the limelight and still breathtaking. Treks to the Serolsar lake is one such trekking expedition you would love to experience.

Region: Himachal Pradesh
Altitude: 8900 ft
Duration: 2 days
Best Month to Visit: July – Aug
How To Visit:


Bhrigu lake trek

No, I am not addicted to treks among Himachal Pradesh however what to do if the state has an array of spellbinding trekking points? A trek to Bhrigu lake majorly attracts trek lovers for the spectacular stretch of grasslands. Smitten by the beauty of its enchanting surroundings, adventure seekers get a chance to fancy nature than never before.

The trek is dotted with an extremely impressive glacier lake that keeps changing its color as per the season. Throughout monsoons, the lake gets encircled by lovely alpine flowers and as the season approaches winters it gets completely frozen. It appears as a carpet of pearls throughout snowy days creating the realm Coruscant. The lake additionally enjoys the sacred relevance of being the meditation place of the sage Bhrigu for years.

Region: Himachal Pradesh
Altitude: 14000 ft
Duration: 3 -4 days
Best Month to Visit: July – Sep
How To Visit:


A beautiful amalgamation of snow-clad mountains, with lush green meadows and sparkling waterfalls, Beas Kund Trek is a feast for the eyes. It is nestled in the arms of the Solang Valley which is well famed for skiing slopes and paragliding. With a mere distance of 20 km from Manali, this short trek is one of the major attractions for adventure lovers.

The trek put forward many picturesque spots to get stumped by its prismatic beauty and in addition offers the mesmeric views of Pir Pinjal mountain ranges. The mighty peaks of Friendship Peak, Hanuman Tibba, Deo Tibba, and Shiridhar are some of the major attractions of this trek and are so refreshing to look at.

The source of the river Beas also has historical importance and believed as the everyday bathing point of sage Vyas (write of Mahabharat).

Region: Himachal Pradesh
Altitude: 3700 m
Duration: 3- 4 days
Best Month to Visit: June – Aug
How To Visit: Buses and private taxis are easily accessible from Manali to Dhundi, Solang Valley which is the starting point of the trek.


One of the astounding treks in the Uttrakhand region, it turns out as a soulful experience for the newbies. The Kuari Pass trek that connects its travelers with dense forests to snowy trails along with serene water bodies is truly an awe-inspiring trek.

The trek is as simple as walking on the plains at the beginning and gradually increases its difficulty level. Yet the trek is strongly recommended by many first-timers who vouch for a lifetime experience out of this.

Snuggled inside the splendid Garhwal Himalayan arms, the Kuari Pass is no less than a heaven for the first-timers.

Region: Uttrakhand
Altitude: 12,516
Duration: 6 days
Best Month to Visit: Mar – Mid June and Sep-Dec


Talking about the trekking experience, every trekker wishes for an outstanding trekking moment and the expectation gets even higher for a first-timer. It thus becomes more tricky to choose the best trekking range that can blur the cluttered lifestyle for a while at least. One such trekking range is the dreamy Nag Tibba trek lies in the arm of the soulful Uttrakhand.

Welcomed pleasantly by the colorful flowers that flourished on the beautiful land to start with, the trek turns out to be a  perfect winter trek with an ultimate snowy ambiance. The trekkers love to remember Nag Tibba for its extraordinary scenic views and peaceful vibes. Call it the Nag Tibba or the Serpent Peak, this is an ideal location to gaze the smashing view of Bandarpunch, Swargrohini, or Srikanth ranges.

If not magical, it certainly acts as a refreshing tool that encourages its guests to trek more. The trek is highly popular as a weekend trek for travelers from Delhi and nearby locations.

Region: Uttrakhand

Altitude: 9915 ft

Duration: 3 days

Best Month To Visit: Nov – March


In recent times, trekking has become a highly adventurous thing to add which makes the travel journey more interesting. What travelers forget to look at is the beauty lying in each corner of our country. Trekking done on the Himalayan ranges certainly has its own thrill but let’s take a glimpse at the breathtaking views of south India.

Meesapulimala trek might appear as an offbeat trek for many yet that has the potential to leave you spellbound. A popular trekking spot that attracts tourists from Munnar unveils a bewitching sight that gets sealed in the eyes of its guests.

The trek begins with a long stretch of walk inside the deep forest of God’s own country. The trekking might get a little harsh at the beginning however it’s worth experiencing when you reach the peak. The trekkers can find themselves swimming inside the clouds which looks absolutely amazing. Other than the cloud kissing experiences, the Meesapulimala trek is quite popular for its sunrise and sunset sights.

Region: Kerala

Altitude: 2640 m

Duration: 1 day

Best Month To Visit: Sep – April


As a travel enthusiast and sometimes simply to experience the thrill, folks get tempted to try their hands on trekking. What they mistakenly ignore is the fitness necessities one got to focus on. No matter how easy it looks, walking on the trails of snowy mountains or deep inside the dense forest is not an easy affair. It demands special training, good endurance, and strength training.

Based on the tips shared by few trek lovers, these are the key takeaways one must adhere to.

  1. Walking: To start walking every day at least 5 km suffices the requirement however gradually one has to increase the intensity and cover more distance in less time.
  2. Squats: Squats with or without help is a great form of exercise to make the legs stronger that is ultimately going to help in walking for a longer period.
  3. Breathing exercise: Any sort of breathing exercise including pranayama would not only help in breathing normally on high altitude but would also help in staying calm.
  4. Acclimatization: Proper acclimatization is a must in high altitude areas thus, enjoying the trekking expedition with ease and slow pace avoids the chances of health problems.
  5. Physical Check-Ups: Physical check-ups are supremely important to avoid any medical emergencies. Travelers with blood pressure, asthma or heart problems should consult the doctor way before planning any such trips.


India has a huge list of stunning trails that are too perfect for beginner trekkers. So, if not experienced yet, then do try this unique traveling experience this time that takes right in the arms of the enthralling destinations of our country.

Those who have already tasted the flavor of trekking know the sweet addiction they have indulged in. It brings so much thrill and warmth to the mundane life that trekkers crave for more.

Please share your valuable comments and suggestions and do press the stars, if my article on the Advance Trekking in India turned out to be useful to you.

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