The Andaman Islands are unique in themselves. Like the pearl of beauty, these Andaman islands present a landscape of scenic and picturesque extravaganza, shimmering like emeralds in the mighty Bay of Bengal. The Andaman Islands are amongst one of the seven union territories of India.

Andaman islands are becoming hotspots as traveler and honeymooner’s destinations in recent years. The Islands that form the beautiful paradise of Andaman are Long Island, Little Andaman, Havelock, Neil, Baratang, and Diglipur.

Andaman tourism is off late proving a great tool for local inhabitants in providing jobs, education and economic development.

Discovering the beauty of Andaman Islands through HD Video

Andaman Island Landscape

Andaman Island Landscape

How about seeing the startling beauty of the Andaman Islands from the comfort of your home on the big screen? Meet the team from “TheVibe.” The team relaunched Way Back Home | A Himalayan Travelogue, (the first chapter of the series) on its official YouTube: and Facebook channels to make the franchise accessible to the community of young travelers at large.

In its second chapter, Away From Home | Discovering the Andaman Islands has been an independent effort just like its first edition to bring its unique experiences, the culture, and adventures to the larger youth /community. Most importantly it is a sincere effort to showcase our great diverse country on the world map.

What is TheVibe?

TheVibe is people, culture, lifestyle, experiences & stories of authenticity.TheVibe is a video content destination which is experiential & authentic. It’s the chronicle of the evolving youth culture that’s inspired by the passionate lifestyle driven values of a purpose-driven influencer community. It’s the summation of creative discoveries, real stories, and real experiences.

Pristine Andaman experiences through TheVibe’s team

Andaman Islands scuba diving

Andaman Scuba diving

Facts about Andaman’s Islands and TheVibe’s efforts in making the video

  • Diving started in Andamans, not more than 15 years ago when few enthusiasts started exploring the seas and looking for dive spots.
  • TheVibe documented the reefs, spoke to the people who work in the industry and understood the plan to protect the islands from global warming and excessive fishing.
  • TheVibe team met dive instructors and shop owners, Fisherman, Oceanographers, Researchers and government officials who helped the team to understand the islands better.

TheVibe’s Way Back Home Chapter II on Discovering the Andaman Islands

You can view the Official Series Promo of Away From Home | Discovering the Andaman Islands | Way Back Home Chapter II  – here (Please watch in HD with earphones plugged in for the best experience)

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