ATV Rides – Staying in Bangalore & still looking out what to do differently in coming weekend? head out to Kankpura road for ATV adventure ride in Bangalore. Read on our experience of riding the little monster on 15 Km circuit

What do you do to bring out the dull urban life out from you? Pre-book a movie ticket which turns out to be another boring long flick? Or head out to lovely Kanakpura road for an adventurous & memorable ATV Rides in with Dirt Mania?

When it comes down to list the adventure activities in Bangalore and nearby, a thrilling and memorable off-road, ATV (all-terrain vehicle) ride must come on your top to-do list if you are thinking about adventure activities near Bangalore.

Awesome ATV Rides At Dirt Mania- Pump Your Adventure

ATV Ride At Dirt Mania

ATV Ride At Dirt Mania

With an invite from Dirt Mania Bangalore– the pioneer of ATV rides & adventure activities in Bangalore, we headed to the Kankpura road via NICE road on the weekend. I knew of the ATV rides from movies where actors are seen riding the vehicle in almost any type of terrain. My wife and I were excited to try and experience what it to ride on the road less travel.

The route to dirt mania Bangalore is very straight forward. If you are located in South Bangalore take the well maintained and less crowded NICE road and exit on to Kanakpura road, from the Art of Living Ashram the Outdoor Adventure Park – DIRT MANIA right cut is exactly 7 Km. Take a right and enter the village road, from the T point, take the left road and watch out for the Dirt Mania to your right after roughly 1 Km. There is ample parking space in the Dirt Mania Bangalore compound.

ATV Bikes- The Little Monster That Will Take You On Any Terrain

ATV Quads Dirt Mania

ATV Quads

You see these monster ATV bikes in the complex and immediately a sense of adventure gets injected in your blood. After a briefing on the usage and emergency procedure by the on-field staff of dirt mania, I was instructed to take a trial first in the compound itself. Let me tell you; the trials are crucial to getting used to these monster and heavy vehicles. You will find stiffness in taking turns and controlling the ATVs initially, however after a couple of round in the circuit, I was all set to go in the jungle and unknown terrain.

The course and terrain we choose to drive were approx. 15 Km round trip goes on the concrete road, village, forest, very rough terrain, uphill and finally downhill to taste and experience the adventure blood in you. A guide and pilot vehicle from the Dirt Mania will guide you in this long trail which lasts around 1.5 hrs.

ATV Rides At Dirt Mania- It’s All About Taking The Road Less Travel

ATV Quad Bike Ride

ATV Quad Bike Ride

During our ATV ride, we passed through narrow mud paths cutting across the barren land, veering left and then right, we raced down steep and rocky inclines & declines & on up uneven slopes, raising a cloud of dust behind our ATVs. Finally, the terrain led up a small hill called “Yogavana Hills.”

The hill incline was moderately steep as well as rocky and uneven, but enough to pump up the adventure level. We stayed there for few mins, took photographs of the impressive landscape in front of us. After a brief chit-chat, we started our journey back to Dirt Mania compound. Okay, by now I gained all control and confidence on my ATV vehicle, and it was serious fun riding the little monster.

After returning, we hang around the compound for a while which resembles like that of a location of some Hollywood action flick. We thanked the awesome staff of Dirt Mania and decided to hit back on Kanakpura Road.

Other Activities at Dirt Mania Bangalore & Things To Note

  • On Track, artificial track within the premises where one can test their off-roading driving skill
  • On Trail-Nature Ride These long trails are discovered and scouted by the trail experts for safe and exhilarating Nature Rides.
  • Special Night trails, where you experience nature and adventure in the evening and dark. Pre-booking is mandatory for night trails
  • Add special memories by taking the customized ATV rides for Birthdays, Anniversaries, & for Corporate Team Outings
  • Paintball Arena
  • Carry a bottle of water and get used to soak in dust while you go for the ATV rides
  • We recommend going on the evening (start the on the trail well before the sun set) and enjoy the sunset view from the hill.
  • For a once in a lifetime experience does try out the unique night trails to seek the maximum excitement and thrill
  • The best season to enjoy the adventure activities is around Monsoon or the day it rains in around Bangalore.
  • Expect waiting period on Weekends and holidays (due to heavy rush).
  • For breakfast and meals, there are few good options on Kanakpura road. We had excellent lunch at MTR just after the art of living ashram.

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