Australia Serene Places– Heading or planning your trip to Australia from India? yes, apart from regular places to visit, we are bringing you some offbeat but serene places you must visit your next Australia trip. Read out our blog post & decide yourself.


Renowned around the world for sizzling summers, fascinating animals and vast landscapes, travellers are spoilt for choice when planning a trip to Australia.

Although these experiences shouldn’t be missed, there is so much more beauty to uncover throughout the continent than first meets the eye. Below, we’ve put together a list of five beautiful places you’ll only find in Australia.


Fleurieu Peninsula

If you’re travelling the south of Australia, the Fleurieu Peninsula is a hidden gem located just outside of Adelaide. This beautiful coastal area is famed for gorgeous wine regions, a relaxed European inspired culture and stunning holiday homes.

The Fleurieu Peninsula is an ideal stop for couples, as the town is lined with fine dining, luxurious leisure activities and romantic spots. It also makes for a great spot for a short and peaceful holiday, as it is relatively undiscovered by masses of tourists. Nearby resort towns including Victor Harbor, Normanville and Rapid Bay make for beautiful day trips too.


Daintree Rainforest

Australia is famed for its outback, dry landscapes and beautiful beaches, but it is also home to several stunning areas of rainforest. At a huge 1200 square feet, Daintree Rainforest is the largest area of rainforest in Australia. It is located in the north of the continent and is easily reached by tourists visiting Queensland.

Daintree Rainforest is the perfect spot to see wild animals native to Australia, such as crocodiles, wild pigs, cassowary and a whole lot of weird but wonderful insects. We recommend booking a tour of this rainforest for a safe and unforgettable experience. Searching the internet, you’ll find a huge range of options offering one day tours, overnight stays, and tours combined with other nearby sights. When taking expeditions into the unknown, we also recommend ensuring that you are covered for accidents and unexpected incidents, just in case.


Kangaroo Valley

Just a two hour drive either side from Sydney or Canberra lies Kangaroo Valley; a must visit for anyone exploring the New South Wales area. Here you’ll find a valley, a small town and countryside packed with wildlife and extremely popular with marsupials.

The drive into Kangaroo Valley offers a peaceful and scenic journey through vast landscapes that appear endless to the human eye. This place is perfect for a day trip and offers a romantic location for couples. Kangaroo Valley is also a popular spot for couples getting married.


Bay of Fires

If you’re in search of breath-taking natural wonders, you must include a trip to the Bay of Fires when visiting Australia. This natural wonder spans a staggering 28 kilometers. Starting at Binalong Bay and reaching all the way to Eddystone Point, this stretch of coastline features unbelievably white sand, crystal clear blue water and naturally occurring orange rocks.

The Bay of Fires was named in 1773 after adventurer, Captain Tobias Furneaux spotted fires on the beach belonging to aboriginal Australians. The Bay of Fires is situated in the north of Tasmania (a must-visit itself) and is easily accessible by car. When visiting, you’ll find many guided tours available which offer a walk along the entirety of the bay. These tours often also provide an insight into the fascinating history of the area and of the rest of Tasmania.


Broome has so much to offer a tourist, it deserves a list of its own. This unique coastal town, lining the Indian Ocean and rich in pearls, is a beach resort like no other. Brome is steeped with history, beauty, culture, and spectacular natural wonders.

In Broome, your first stop will be the beach. This is inevitable, as Cable Beach spans for 22 kilometers and is impossible to resist. If basking in the gloriously mild year-round weather isn’t enough, Cable Beach is home to rare snubfin dolphins and tonnes of beautiful wildlife. Be sure to take a boat tour to experience the rare sea life found further out in the ocean.

In Broome, you’ll also find endless historical tours including the chance to visit authentic dinosaur tracks and historic aboriginal spots. Broome is located near Perth in Kimberly, Western Australia.


For most of us, a visit to Australia is a once in a lifetime trip. Make sure you don’t miss these five picture-perfect places as you discover everything this beautiful land has to offer.

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