Bangalore to Coorg- If you are in Bangalore, there could be a 100% chance that you are aware of Coorg or Kodagu. The Scotland of India is famous for its vast green patch, coffee plantations, and pristine land.

Through this article, I am going to tell you everything about your planning for Bangalore to Coorg trip. Though, you can travel by road, rail or even air ( as mentioned in other popular travel sites), but I will be very honest with you in suggesting the best way to reach Coorg from Bangalore.

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Bangalore to Coorg- The Best & Suggested Means

In plain English, go by either a rented taxi, self-drive, or by your own vehicle, why? the other site may write about train transportation, but it is only limited to Mysuru town and then you have to take bus, taxi to reach Coorg.

Also, with Bangalore – Mysuru expressway almost ready to start in October 2022, the journey to Coorg will anyway get more pleasurable. There is no airport in Coorg and also the near major airport is in Kannur town ( which is in Kerala state).

Also, if you go by road, you enjoy the nature, greenery, and the Nagarhole National park ( if going towards the South Coorg area). There is however a proposal to bring train route to Coorg , but all these major infrastructure takes a huge tiime to build and operate

In summary, and best-suggested means is through your Vehicle, or if you have a fear factor of driving on hills ( which you shouldn’t) then opt for a well-trained driver-driven taxi ( personally , I won’t recommend this option)

Bangalore to Coorg – Best Route

This is the most obvious answer on the best route from Bangalore to Coorg, What I suggest is based on my experience of exploring North, Central, and South Coorg. Depending on where you have booked your stay in Coorg, is which route you will take to reach your final destination in Coorg.

You can divide Coorg as per above regions, 50% of the tourists goes towards North Coorg which is the Madikeri town and adjoining region, this region also has all the majority of the things to do.

If you are the one who is heading towards central Coorg ( the least visited area by tourists), you will have to take the road that goes straight from and passes briefly through the forest.

If your major focus is to stay in Southern Coorg, which is near Nagarhole National park, you need to take the road that goes towards the Kutta region of Coorg, and the majority of the road passes through the Nagarhole National park. For a detailed guide, rules, and all information on the park, please do visit our exclusive blog on Nagarhole National Park.

In Summary, the best route to Coorg from Bangalore is to take the Mysuru highway from Nice road junction and immediately after Srirangpatnam, take the right road which will acts as bypass and then connects to the National Highway that goes to Coorg.

Please note, that you may find the bypass road to not be in better condition, however, you will witness a very nice rural atmosphere as you cross the outer Mysore region.

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