Bangalore To Kannur– Hey, December is a great month for travel, and why not it’s mine and our Son’s birthday, and shouldn’t we going to some nice place? but what about this pandemic?

Obviously, we will follow all protocols, but let’s go to some nice places and celebrate the time. Alright, I am done with Mahabalipuram and Pondicherry, why not this small beach town of Kannur?

Above were my and my wife’s conversation about our much needed yearly trip that we usually undertake in the month of December, however this year as for all of you, ours was the very different year of 2021,

so let’s experience our much needed Bangalore to Kannur trip & travelogue and I hope it also motivates you to go for your trip with your kid.

Update-  You need negative RTPCR report at Karanataka-Kerala boarder in order to enter Karnataka from Kerala


The reason I selected was that from Bangalore the nearest beach either lies 300+ Km east or west of Bangalore. We did a lot of Mahabalipuram and Pondycherry trips from Bangalore and I do not want to repeat the same again. No, not again. Bangalore to Goa was one choice by road but we omitted it for one obvious reason and that is covering 650 Km with a 1-year-old kid with us.

Therefore Kannur falls in a perfect destination for the nearest and a bit not so touristy beach town from Bangalore and I am very good at convincing to take the trip. I was also very excited to cross the western ghat patch by road to reach the Kannur town.

The distance from Bangalore to Kannur is around 320 Km and it will depend on where you start from Bangalore, we started from South Bangalore and hence the distance is around 325 Km from Bangalore


probably the most searched keyword on Google on the best route from Bangalore to Kannur, my answer is very simple and straightforward on this question, take the most famous route and keep it simple. The only condition is that please start as early as Bangalore to avoid deadly city traffic and please save on time.

  • Bangalore city-> Nice Road->Mysore Bangalore highway-> bypass and take the highway to

Please remember, at the time of writing this time travelogue, the Bangalore-Mysore highway is getting widened and hence be ready to see very heavy traffic and diversions in the entire stretch.


Kannur Beach

Honestly, I am very choosy and specific about our stays, this doesn’t mean that I go for those fancy resorts, what I look for is unique stays where I am going, if the stay will give me an experience of a lifetime, it can be an offbeat resort, a homestay, a budget stays or a beach house. Now, Kannur is not very high on tourist’s radar, I found it a bit challenging in finding my style of stay. However, my search ends at a wonderful property called ARU’s Beach house.

It truly justifies its name and as you can see from the above picture, the sea is barely 50 meters from ARU’s beach house. I booked for 4 nights and 5 days stay, being the co-founder of this site TravelEscape, I got a good rate from the site using my genius loyalty program. Check out the best rate from the site, or feel free to contact me for the best rate, I will definitely help you.


Yes, nothing sort of pure adventure, frustration, and then a rewarding one. Let me explain, as of now the Bangalore-Mysore road is in the development phase and hence you can understand the n number of diversions here and there and top of that bumper to bumper traffic in a town like Mandya, Ramanagram, etc. However, I am very optimistic that once the expressway is built and opened, the same stretch will be the best one to cover

Once you take Mysore bypass and head towards Virajpet highway, things start getting better and better and then you cross Nagarhole reserve forest, which is like the best one, except ready to slow down on speed breaker after every 100 meters or so.

Things get for the best once you will reach Madikeri, the best roads, the clean town, and the mountain freshness will welcome you with open hands, remember to pull down your vehicle’s glass and enjoy the breeze. You will love it.


This is where the challenge starts and you need to be the very best in your driving skill. I would definitely recommend you to take a good break before the ghat section and remain very attentive during the entire stretch of 26 Km of ghat section, horn, brakes, and precise attention will be your best friend. I really liked the ghat crossing, however, I will be honest to say, there were few blind and scary sections in the entire stretch.

Once you cross the ghat or come down from the mountain and cross an old bridge, you li enter Kerala state, in case you are in a commercial vehicle, please stop by near to RTO and take your permit, else you can keep driving or refuel as you go.


Ah! the best experience as per me, you will see a sea change as compared to Bangalore, the reason is that it’s a sleepy town, less population, greenery around, clean and green town, you will also see some good number of great villas around Kannur town.

One recommendation, as Kannur is a beach town and hence you might get lost in the narrow roads of the town in reaching the destination, please slow down and keep asking for directions or reconfirm your route.

Though language is a big problem, I strongly believe you can communicate in sign language for sure. Why not try it out on your next travel? I li be honest again to say that we got lost in a very narrow bylane of Kannur town. All thanks to Google Maps :)