Bangalore To Pondicherry Route– Planning a trip from Bangalore to Pondicherry I  will help you select the best route between Bangalore & Pondicherry based on price, timing & easy mode of transport, therefore stay tuned and read out my blog post.

Do not forget to check out my conclusion section for the best option to reach the lovely French town settlement of the east.


Bangalore to Pondicherry Route

If you are a beach lover like me and staying in Bangalore, chances are that you will certainly think of going towards the east of India side and then either Mahabalipuram comes in the picture or the french town of Pondicherry.

For the last two to three years, Pondicherry has gained a lot of attention among the traveler from Bangalore. I did the Pondicherry trip twice in the last two years. What I love about going to Pondicherry from Bangalore is the time it takes to reach there, and surely the small little town by the beach.


Bangalore to Pondicherry

Let’s talk straight if you start from Bangalore before sunrise and stay in South Bangalore, chances are that you will reach Pondicherry before noon. The roads are quite good, depending on which route you are going to take from Bangalore to Pondicherry, the arrival time will vary.

Based on my personal experience of driving to Pondicherry from Bangalore, I am going to list here all three routes for you, and based on your convenience and preferences, you can choose the one best suited for you.

Listed below are the three routes and their specialty.


Bangalore To Pondicherry

Google map will show u three roads, please do not take the shortest route it’s worst ( at the time of writing this article), I would recommend .you to take which go through Krishnagiri, Ambur, Vellore and all.

This route is slightly longer, however, you will be saved from some very bad patches during your journey.  Also, there are very less options to eat during your journey to Pondicherry if you take the shortest suggested route as per Google Maps.

I suggest, you take the route highlighted in above google maps, as this one is the Chennai-Bangalore Highway and is maintained excellent.


  1. Travel Light
  2. A beach hat and a shade will come in handy
  3. Sunscreen lotions, Umbrella, Mosquito repellent (must)
  4. Your driving license in case you are hiring a bike in Pondicherry.
  5. If you have plans for fine dining, look up the dress code prior and pack accordingly
  6. Look out for heavy rains during the post-monsoon season in Pondicherry.

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