Barachukki Falls– You all must be surprised by the title of my new blog, but yes to me “Dhuandhaar Water Fall” in Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh) ranks number 1.

Shivasamudra is a small town in the Mandya District of the state of Karnataka, India. It is situated on the banks of the river Kaveri. Barachukki falls can easily be tied to the weekend travel from Bangalore city.

Barachukki, Gaganachukki & Shivanasamudra Differnece?

Barachukki and Gaganachukki are two waterfalls, of which Barachukki is most visited and that’s what you will also vitness, situated near the small town of Shivanasamudra in the Mandya district of Karnataka.

A cluster of falls, popularly Barachukki is also known as Shivanasamudra or Bluff falls.and is 150 km from Bangalore, the scenic road is best suited for bikers and during Monsoon period. You will be simply blown away by the powerful gusty wind that flows en route to the site.

Start early from Bangalore to avoid city mad rush, and try to reach there by 10 AM, Recently the place is nicely developed by tourism authority, the entry fee is Rs10/- per bike, Do take a splash in the river but avoid going deep during high tide, also there are a couple of changing rooms near to the river ( All closed now by authority)

Barachukki Best & Last  Entry Time

It is now a well maintained place, you’ll have to pay the entry fees and also you are not allowed to play in water now  ( below snapshot is from 2014 ) You will have lot of options to eat snacks there. Beaware of Monkeys.

The genral time is from 8 AM till 5 PM, however considering the fall is located in remote area and a hydropower project in its vicinity, the gaurd may turn you back if you arrive by even 5 PM, so best is to reach very early and enjoy almost like a vacant place :)

Update to Barachukki Falls

gaganachukki falls boat ride

All the boat rides are now suspended in the Barachukki falls, mainly for safety reason, also we urge you to be very careful going down to the falls and in monsoon season.

A local boat ride of circular in size adds excitements and should be experienced, though a bit costly at Rs100/- per head (From the year 2014).

So, what are you waiting for? Cauveri is calling. As always, thanks for reading and do reply/comment for any suggestion needed.

Barachukki Falls Parking

gaganachukki falls parking

There is ample space for your vehicle parking near to Gaganachukki falls. The parking space is barely 100 meters from the viewpoint, however, do remember you might see a huge crowd over the weekend and in monsoon time and, therefore, reach early and park your vehicle facing the fall.

Stay at Barachukki falls

lakshadeep gaganachukki falls

Located just behind the falls is only okay type hotel with the name of Lakshadeep Gaganachukki, which is a government cum private stay, I would be honest to tell you to stay here if only you want to enjoy the waterfall views from your room and in the evening/night.

Summary & Conclusion

A day trip from Bangalore to Gaganachukki falls is what you can surely do, however, please do start very early to avoid city traffic and to also arrive early. The day can get hot and hence it maybe not so a good feeling of a road trip.

The road is okay if not the best or poor, there’s plenty of nasty speed breakers to crack your vehicle if not handled properly. Do let me know how was your experience or if you need any information. Just enter those in the comment below.

You can also do BR hills in your day trip itinerary or have overnight stayed, we once did both, and completed the whole journey in around 14 hours, the key is to start 5 Am from Bangalore.

Barachukki Falls 2021

I will say start very early from Bangalore and reach the fall by 9 AM, else be prepare for weekend rush and fear of deaded covid19. Also, the water in the fall depand a lot on the water relased by KSR dam, which in turn depand on Monsoon pattern.

However, if you are planning for Barachukki Falls, just go as a beautiful weekend road trip and enjoy the view. Please , ask for any question in the comment section and I will reply.

Before you go, Hope you liked my article on Barachukki Falls and the information, if you have any question or concern, please comment below and also rate the article by clicking stars.

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