Budget Stays in Bhutan– Bhutan can be one of the best tourist destinations for all nature lovers. Your trip can be even better if you choose the right place to stay during your trip that provides all the comfort and luxury of your budget. In this post, I will tell you about some areas you can check out as your choice of stay there.

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Thimphu Best Hotel

You will find many accommodation options in Thimphu and you can walk in directly to one of these hotels and get an accommodation booked with them. But who does that today when you have the internet to take care of it for you? 

Besides, why take all the trouble of landing in a new country and hopping from one place to another to check out for hotels. Why not pre-book instead?

Here are 5 best places in Thimphu for an affordable and comfortable stay.

Hotel Norbuling3,000
 Hotel Galingkha 6,000
 Namseling Boutique Hotel 2,800
 Khamsum Inn 2,900
 Zhingkham Cottages 3,000

NameSeling Boutique Hotel, Thimphu

I stayed at the Namseling Boutique Hotel, which is in the Phendey Lam. The hotel rooms are exactly like the way it is shown in the picture. The hotel staff is nice and friendly but slightly slow in their service.

The restaurant in the hotel was slightly expensive, so we walked two buildings down the road to the Pema’s Dhaba, who served decent Indian and Bhutanese food.

Shopping Experience In Thimphu

Norzin Lam is one of the most prominent places in Thimphu. It is a busy street lined up with various shops and restaurants where you can hang out in the evenings or during the day.

You might find some price quoting an overpriced rate but that is okay because you will find some really fancy winter stuff that you would want to take back home.

Bhutan does not have its own set of industries to manufacture goods. So most of the things they sell are imported from other countries, mostly India. This makes everything slightly expensive than otherwise.

In the Norzim Lam just opposite of the Taj, you will find a stretch in the middle of the road, where you will see many handicrafts shops lined up. These vendors mostly sell handmade items.

Norzin Lam is a nice place to be at any time of the day. But if you are visiting Bhutan during winters try finishing all your outdoor work during the day itself. The evenings are extremely windy and you might not like the freezing cold wind that will constantly keep blowing on your face.

Inexpensive Fancy Stuff In Thimphu

If you want to get your hands on some less expensive fancy clothes, visit the Urban Fashion store that is located at the Phendey Lam, in the area just next to the hotel Namseling. I loved this place and found some great collection for my winter wardrobe there.

Paro’s Best Hotel

When you are in Paro, try finding a place in the market area. Because places outside are very very thinly populated and you won’t find any shops or restaurants close by. So it might be difficult for you to travel all the way to the market area especially if you do not have your own car there.

Here is a list of place where you can stay at Paro –

Olathang Hotel5,000
Hotel Norbuling 3,000
 Hotel Khamsun 2,500

Not So Good Experience

I booked my hotel via MakeMyTrip before I left from India. I was supposed to stay at the Amma’s Farm stay Hotel. But when I reached there I was very disappointed because the place was nothing like it was described on the website.

It had no attached washrooms and no proper restaurants where you can eat. Their restaurant accommodated only two people at a time because it had just one two-seater table. But on the website, they call it a restaurant.

Even though the service was nice and the rooms are clean and well maintained, I personally did not like it because of the washrooms mainly. The wifi did not work either and when we reached there they had no one to attend us. It is more like a homestay and you will be totally disappointed if you book this hotel.

Luckily we got the advanced payment refunded by MakeMyTrip.

Shopping Experience in Paro

In Paro, you can go to the Pema Chorten Shop that is just opposite to the Paro Dzong. The next place where you can spend some of your shopping time is the Paro tourist market, which is the main market of Paro.

Other than that, if you are into handicrafts and jewelry you will find some nice collection in the Tiger’s Nest valley foot.