Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodges– Got bored from Bangalore urban life? looking for a nearby and quick drive out?

A plan to the Bheemeshwari day trip wouldn’t be a bad idea. Bheemeshwari resort would give you the experience of living in the Jungle and on the bank of the Kaveri river.

If you are in Bangalore and dreaming of a quick gateway for a weekend hangout, there’s no dearth of such places, all you have to be is a bit adventurous, plan, and leave Bangalore limits before roads start getting choked

Bheemeshwari is the nearest adventurous gateway near Bangalore and closer to what a nature resort with in-house activities can offer.

Located at a distance of about 100 km from the capital city of Bangalore. It is a perfect place for trekking and sightseeing as it is blessed with immense natural beauty and spectacular landscapes.


  • Zip Line
  • Rope walking
  • River Rafting (dependant on season)
  • Kayaking
  • Coracle Ride
  • Fishing- Known for Mahseer – the largest tropical gamefish known to man
  • Trekking  & Forest Walk

Located on the banks of the River Kaveri and in the middle of dense forests, Bheemeshwari is surrounded by lush greenery and picturesque hilltops; it is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations near Bangalore.

Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodges

Whether it’s an action-packed adventure or just a chance to get closer to nature, Bheemeshwari Nature and Adventure Camp run by Jungle Lodges and Resorts (JLR) is just the place for it.

We booked our stay with TheKarnatakaTourism (Unit of; they have an exclusive partnership with Jungle Lodges across Karnataka at the best location.

I would recommend my readers to check the new UI/UX site of TheKarnatakaTourism for planning and booking the stay at the most competitive rates and have a memorable experience that will surely last for a long.

The camp has luxurious log-huts on stilts, well-equipped tented cottages (twin beds with attached bathrooms), and luxury cottages, log huts, and a bamboo hut situated bang on the Kaveri River.

These jungle lodges go well with the surroundings and offer the best of amenities. The rustic-looking lodges offer spacious rooms and contemporary interiors which are a complete contrast to their exteriors.


The lodges are best finished with experience to explore the forests along with enjoying some adventure activities such as Kayaking, Ziplining, Camp Fire, Burma Loops, Cat Walk, Elephant Walk, River rafting, Coracle rides, or even gentle kayaking on the placid waters of Kaveri.

The best experience would be a nature walk in the morning to the top of a small nearby hill, it’s a 1hr trek (moderate) guided by experienced resort staff, the fantastic view of Kaveri and her path is breathtaking, with numerous sights of birds.


These lodges are the best place for kids because of numerous outdoor activities for learning some good lessons. I found the lodge’s staff to be polite, experienced, and well trained to handle the guests, however, do expect a great rush on weekends, and then the services might be delayed. Evening campfire on the bank of the river is another best experience to have.


However, there are few things to remember while going to the lodge and within the lodge, do make every bit in reaching the lodge before evening.

The lodges are located in the middle of the forest and so the roads are narrow and in bad shape, there is a Monkeys’ menace in and around the stay. Please secure your belongings, take care of your Kids, and never disturb those creatures.

Rest assured; it’s the best and quick gateway from Bangalore and Mysore for a lifelong memorable experience.

For booking and reservation, please visit TheKarnatakaTourism or call: 90190-24400 or email


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I will definitely recommend Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodges from Bangalore either for a day trip or overnight stay, however, please do note that the place is strictly for nature lovers as it is in the middle of the forest and the Kaveri river flows through it. 

You will be blessed to have this view and loads of Instagram-style photos. However, the lodge and the place are not suitable for partygoers and who are looking to disturb the precious flora and fauna of Bheemeshwari.

I will recommend you to move ahead in case you or on a day trip and check out this most remote and adventurous place around called Dabbaguli. The place is only suitable for one who wants to explore new places and do not fear getting lost too :)

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