Bhutan Monasteries for Meditation– Bhutan is a landlocked country between India and China. Located in the surreal Himalayan region, its beauty lies in the high peaks and peaceful monasteries that welcome you with a smile.

So, if you’re planning a holiday to Bhutan and looking for ‘Nirvana’, you can visit some of these beautiful monasteries to achieve that.


Monasteries are built as living workplaces for Buddhists and have existed since the inception of Buddhism.  In fact, some of them can be dated back to the 1st century.

They are a great place to learn the teachings of Buddhism and find inner peace through meditation in a great environment. The Himalayan terrain also has some of the most amazing landscapes you can enjoy while trekking to some of these monasteries. Check out our exclusive Bhutan travelogue article for more exploration around Bhutan.


Meditation is when you focus your mindset on a particular thought or object. It increases awareness and attention. During and after meditation one is and remains in an emotionally stable and calm state. How well you enjoy meditating at the most popular monasteries depends on how you set your Bhutan tour packages.

So, without wasting time, let’s take a look at the monasteries famous for meditation in Bhutan.


Tiger Nest Bhutan

This is the most famous monastery in Bhutan. It’s popularly known as the ‘Tiger’s Nest’. The temple is located in a remote and peaceful environment on the Cliffside 900m above the Paro Valley.

Here you can focus on meditation in the most relieving and free environment. Even better, you can enjoy a breathtaking hike to Taktsang Monastery in the beautiful forestry landscape. The environment has perfect views for taking pictures and videos of the trip to the monastery.


To get in a more relaxed meditation mood, you can trek to the Cheri Gompa Monastery after a one-hour hiking experience in the forested pine and rhododendron environment. You can easily notice the monastery from a distance with the bright colored prayer flags circling it.

You’ll experience a peaceful and quiet environment to help you clear your mind off any disturbances. There is a prayer room at the monastery for meditation. The temple is decorated with beautiful Buddhist paintings making the premise a site you must visit.


It’s located near the Cheri Mountain and is 14 kilometers to the north of Thimphu. It’s named after a horse head rock found in the cave. At Tango monastery, you can experience the best environment for meditation from the Buddhist teachers.

The monastery is one of the main Buddhist educational institutions in Bhutan. There are 6 monasteries that make up the Tango monastery namely Trulku, Choeku, Guru, Longku, Gonkhang, and Namsey Lhakhang all within the premise.


Solely dedicated to Lord Padmasambhava, the Lhuentse Dzong Monastery is the best place to learn meditation and yoga through the teachings of Lord Padmasambhava.  You can also practice meditation through yoga here.

The fortress of the temple overlooks the KuriChhu valley river. Not only this but there are also scenic views where you can take the best pictures along the steep hills and the high peaks in Lhuntse.


Gangteng Monastery

Gangteng Monastery is also known as Gantey Gonpa and Gantey Monastery. It is located in the Wangdue Phodrang District. It is a school for the Ngingmapa Buddhists.

The temples are painted in bright colors to make the environment more welcoming for meditation. You get to explore surrounding hiking treks and visit other nearby tourist sites and attractions like the eleven-faced Avalokitesvara Heart Dharani Sutra when you come here.


The monasteries listed above are some of the most ideal places to meditate and make yourself happier while in Bhutan. This is not all, though. There are other monasteries in Bhutan too you can visit while touring. Make sure, you decide well in advance.

Avoid the last-minute rush when selecting your Bhutan tour packages so that you don’t miss other interesting activities and places to visit in Bhutan. Set up your tour packages in time and select the best options for your tour visit.

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