Buy Home in Goa- Views of the sea, green palm trees, clean & happening beaches, good food and drinks, hot party scene, beautiful churches, and historic buildings, hills, forests, and waterfalls, you will get all these and many more when you plan a trip to Goa.

However, think about your own home in the sunshine state? with booming Goa’s real estate market, I think it is the right time to look out for some best luxury Villas In Goa


Probably, everyone in India and abroad is familiar with the sunshine state of the country. You come to Goa to destress or to rejuvenate yourself as a tourist once or twice a year. However, while doing the checkout from your hotel or resort you think of why not having a permanent address in the state?

This is what I felt when I first visited Goa with my wife and brother in law. While coming back to Bengaluru from our awesome Goa road trip, I am constantly doing serious thinking of buying a property in the tiny state.

I am writing this blog to express my feelings of why I should buy one property be it be a multi-story apartment or a luxury villa in Goa or the other end also of by I should stay away from one? however, while writing this post I am very much tilted towards buying a property in Goa. Though, I am not sure where will I end in a year or so.


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The first thing you need to do is understand Goa clearly, even the small state is very diverse in terms of culture, geography and the way you see and experience Goa. Let me try to put some insight on how you can understand Goa and make the correct decision.

Goa might be a tiny little place. But even this little paradise is structurally divided into the North Goa and the South. Both North and South Goa are different beauties in their own special way.

  1. North Goa– More popular with happening beaches, party, and population
  2. Central Goa– More to do with business, educational, political and of course the airport
  3. South Goa– serene beaches, less populated & commercialized, cheaper


Goa Property

Yes, this is the basic, trivial and tricky question. It keeps haunting my mind too while I am making the decision to buy property in Goa. However, the answer to the above question is also very straightforward, provided you are clear of what interests you.


If a very active lifestyle with an evening party and happening crowd interest you, you need to narrow down your search in North Goa locality. However, be ready to shell out some additional premium money to get your desired apartment or the luxury villa in Goa.

The North Goa area around Baga, Anjuna or Calangute attracts the maximum crowd and have the best party and pubs to chill out.


If you are the one who wants to stay in around the central location of any city, town or area, the place around central Goa is the best for you. Panjim the state capital is in central Goa.

Panaji is the capital of Goa and it is one place in India that your travel list needs to have. One of the most spectacular cities of the country, Panaji overlooks the gorgeous Mandovi river where cruise boats and floating casinos ply the water.

Also being the central hub of the state, the area is well connected with North Goa and South Goa and don’t forget the Goa airport or popularly known as Dabolim airport is in central Goa. However, do expect a steep premium and non-availability of the property in around this region.


While doing house hunting in Goa always remember that North Goa is more of an investment or premium market, while South Goa, which is slightly more affordable and easy on the pocket. However, that doesn’t mean south Goa is less attractive. People like me will always prefer south Goa for one solid reason and that is less crowd and more natural.

If you are the one who is looking to buy only Villas, I strongly recommend to look out these luxury villas in Goa. The reason for choosing Villas in Goa is very simple, availability, affordability, and value for money


If you have come till this section of the post, I am all sure you have the idea of relocating to Goa for work or as settling down would be there in your mind like mine. Like every system is not perfect, Goa also has pros and cons and I will list down here purely on my personal experience

AWESOME ENVIRONMENT- Being synonymous to shorelines, there are long extends of sandy coves along the coastline of Goa, some well-known visitor goals, some others untouched by inhabitation.

  1. CULTURE– The impact of the Portuguese culture is the part of Goans and shows itself in their sustenance and general way of life. Goans are warm, happy and very helpful
  2. COST OF LIVING– The typical cost of living for basic items is very little when contrasted with the greater & modern urban areas. Obviously, that relies on the area and also your lifestyle. However, the cost of living is generally less.
  3. TOURIST HOTSPOT– Being a tourist-driven economy, the whole state and its people appreciate the general tourist coming from India and all over the world and therefore the state is safe even with females.


As I said above nothing is perfect and hence Goa too is no an exception to this. However, I still feel Goa is much better than other similar places in India if you are thinking to buy a property for investment or as a holiday home.

  1. WEATHER-  Yes, it tops to my list, the weather is tropical, almost 9 months it will be hot and humid. Therefore if you are the one doesn’t like heat and humid Goa is strict No.
  2. TOURIST- Yes tourist is the lifeline of Goa but it could be a bane too. Mass tourism is nowhere good and it can impact the sensitive ecosystem of the place. Goa is a small state and it has also a certain limit to which the state and its infrastructure can sustain mass tourism.


The decision of buying your dream home in Goa if that is for pure investment or settling down in the state is of personal choice which depends on your ultimate objective. Take your time to evaluate your current and future priorities and match your decision based on that. The decision-making abilities would be better.

Regarding my decision of buying a home in Goa? well, I am still in the process of matching my priorities of job, family and my objectives and so it is gonna take some time. If you want to connect with us and our community, I do invite you to join our vibrant Facebook community.

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