Casinos in India– India is amongst the most popular tourist destinations in the world. An amazing country with a rich heritage that offers unforgettable, multicultural experiences and beautiful places to visit for the tourists. Without any doubt, it is worth traveling to India.

But what if you are not an average traveler, but a passionate casino player who is planning his/her next hopping to India. Should you be worried about the limited opportunities in India?

The answer is: no. But there are a few tips for passionate gamblers visiting India that you may find useful. Let’s see what you should pay attention to when it comes to visiting India.

1. Get a line on Indian gambling regulations

Casinos in India

Gambling is part of Indian culture. Therefore, some casinos are working in the country, and Indian people like to play casino games as well. However, gambling is regulated locally. This means that every state in the country has different regulations regarding gambling activities and casinos, and gambling is not legal throughout the entire country’s territory.

As traditional gambling is limited to a few states, and since these activities are not available for everyone, people tend to turn to online casino sites instead. Luckily, online casinos are not banned in the country, therefore they are not illegal.

If you are interested in trying out the online casinos in India, you may consider checking out a complete guide for the best online casinos like the one untangled on, including casino reviews as well.

2. Plan your stay in India beforehand

Due to the various state regulations, it would be advisable for passionate players visiting India to plan their stay in the country. This way, you can avoid unexpected surprises that could ruin your whole vacation. When choosing your exact travel destinations in India, take into account in which states gambling is legal and in which ones it is illegal.

If you would like to experience how traditional casinos are in India, you should visit at least one of the following states: Goa, Daman, and Sikkim. As these are the only states where gambling is allowed. Most tourists prefer traveling to Goa because the best casinos in India can be found in Goa. Also, this state is famous for its huge parties and beautiful white sand beaches that tourists usually find appealing.

When you are about to visit Indian casinos, it’s worth visiting at least the top 3 Indian casinos: The Chances Casino, the Dunes-The Casino, and Casino Paradise. All of them are located in Goa and offer you a unique gambling experience through a luxurious environment, and a huge selection of games.

Compared to the total number of 10 casinos found in Goa, there are only two casinos available for casino players in Sikkim: The Casino Sikkim and the Casino Mahjong, and there is one casino venue to visit in Daman, the Deltin Daman Casino.

3. Opt for online casinos so you can visit countless stunning places all over the country

Online Casinos

It may be a great idea to opt for online casinos instead of traditional casinos during your stay in India. Like this, you don’t have to limit your visit to 3 states (Goa, Daman, and Sikkim) if you would like to play casino games also during your holiday. You can travel to countless stunning places all over India while playing from the comfort of your hotel room or from anywhere else where there is an internet connection.

Imagine that you could travel to the most visited monuments in India, including one of the most amazing tourist attractions, the Taj Mahal, while you don’t have to give up your passion for gambling.

Playing online also has other advantages for you. If you choose to play in online casinos, you don’t have to worry about the opening times because these casinos are open 24/7. Moreover, you will have access to more games than playing in traditional casinos. Before starting the registration process, gather some information about the variety of games and the supported payment methods. You can also read the reviews on the different online casinos to make the decision easier.

Statista Most visitied Monuments in India

4. Pay attention to casino safety and licensing

The next tip for passionate gamblers visiting India is about safety. Before starting to play in India, you should double-check some information concerning casino safety and license.

Although every state in the country has its own gambling regulation, there is no central authority that would comprehensively regulate the gambling industry. Also, there is no overall regulation regarding online casinos. Sikkim is the only state that has attempted to regulate the online casino industry.

For safety reasons, when choosing a traditional casino, go only to those establishments that are located at one of those states where gambling is legalized (Goa, Sikkim, and Daman). In the case of online casinos, opt for those websites that accept players from India and have a license from one of the following regulatory bodies: Malta Gaming Authority or UK Gambling Commission.

Holding a license issued by either of these authorities means that the online casino follows the rules, and surely has some safety features. The payments are secure, and the casino doesn’t scam the players.

5. Don’t participate in illegal gambling activities

The last piece of advice is an important one, and you should keep it in mind throughout the whole duration of your stay in India: you should never participate in illegal gambling activities.

In India, there are a lot of huge celebrations and festivals. During these celebrations, a significant rise can be seen in gambling activities. People often play on the streets, in pubs, or even in parks.

Although participating in these games can be very tempting, you should know that these activities are illegal. Therefore, those who participate in these gambling activities (both the organizer and the participants) may get a fine, or in some cases, they may even be sentenced to prison.

To avoid these consequences, don’t take part in any kind of gambling activities except in the regulated casinos located in the above-mentioned three states (Goa, Daman, or Sikkim), or in online casinos.

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