Chennai to Kodaikanal Travelogue: Why not visit some hill station during the offseason to experience less crowd and serenity with your partner?If you are looking for something like this then make sure you put Kodaikanal top in your travel list.

The misty cool weather surrounded by the greenery on the hilltops and valley along with trekking in the jungle makes Kodaikanal the best honeymoon destination in south India.

Here the natural formation caves and waterfalls are the main attraction apart from the jaw-dropping view of the valley and mountains from the tops of the hill. However, some couples just like to stroll in the beautiful garden by spending time with each other.

When it comes to families they can relax by enjoying the serene environment here.

The Kodaikanal Travelogue


I and my spouse decided to go on a honeymoon, thought of exploring the place in Tamil Nadu we decided to go to Kodaikanal. Since it is in the same state we decided to go by train.

We booked tickets at 2 Tier AC coach, the price was reasonable. But, unfortunately, the berth was very small and congested. On top of it was not that clean.

We reached Kodai road and a cab was waiting for us(arranged early).

We got into it and started towards Kodaikanal, we were pretty excited regarding the trip. Driver stopped us near a hotel to have coffee to refresh ourselves for a bit and started our journey uphill.

Hotel accommodation

The Kodaikanal Travelogue

After researching for a day, before leaving Chennai, we decided to stay at Hotel Tamil Nadu.

It is the only hotel which answers phone calls and replied to all our queries. The reception here is pretty friendly. When it comes to other resorts and hotels the phone number provided on the internet doesn’t work.

The room in which we stayed had an amazing view of the gardens from the balcony, a decent room with 24/7 hot water, which is quite important in cold places like Kodaikanal. They have complimentary breakfast for all the guests who stay there. Since we took the honeymoon package here they gave us a free coupon for 1200 for meals and snacks.

The best part here is no advance payments, the food was good. They have both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food, based on the order they prepare and serve. If not you can have a normal buffet lunch there.

Besides this, they have an in-house bar for the people who like to have. When we visited the hotel, it was fully packed with tourists even during weekdays, no need to say about weekends.

They have a children’s play area here and a few cottages, if you are traveling with a family of more than 5 people, the best option for your stay will be the cottages and homestay.

Hotel Tamil Nadu has a few cottages which looked pretty good from the outside. We spent our last day in Kodaikanal exploring the streets of Kodai. Here they have a bonfire area located in the center of the garden with wooden chairs around. If you are traveling with family and friends, definitely try the bonfire here at night.

Cab services

The only thing we felt disappointed in our entire tour is the Cab services as they charged more from us.

So the best option will be to book a cab from outside then the travel desk available in the hotel. Also, have a basic idea about the places in advance to avoid getting cheated.

Activities from the Kodaikanal travelogue


Actually, we were not up for the trekking. We just wanted to relax in the midst of nature. However, we landed on a trekking trail from one waterfall to another in waters where blood-sucking leeches lurking.

The waterfall visit was our first activity in the Kodaikanal tour.

I was quite scared when the tour guide told us we need to trek in the jungle a few meters to reach another waterfall. Even though he assured me it was safe on the other hand my spouse was very excited and was saying yes we can do it. With not much choice left I also end up doing the trek.

The waterfall was amazing, the water was damn cold. I couldn’t feel my feet after some time. Apart from us, there were two more couples who were posing in front of fall waters and taking pictures similar to us.

It was fun actually, one has to be very careful as the stones here are very slippery.

The trek route has fallen branches of big trees in the small narrow muddy path. One wrong move and you will end up in the falling water which is flowing at full speed. Somehow we completed the trek with help of a tour guide and took a few photos as a memory.

The best part, about the trek, is when we visited there was no leech attack on us. 


On our tour, we visited four waterfalls we got into only one waterfall others are off-limit. The first waterfall we visited was the Silver waterfalls as it is located on the way to Kodaikanal, next is Vattakanal falls which covers where you can enjoy the falls by getting into it.

The last waterfall which we visited is Pambar falls, here you can get down in the water.

We dint get into Pambar waterfalls as we had other places to visit as also as the cloth will become wet. But we took a few good photos here as this fall was small nothing much to do here.

Sliver waterfall was one of the big waterfalls that we visited on our tour. Here the water was flowing in full force, they closed the gate to go near the waterfalls. From far one needs to take photos. Here the place was crowded most of the time. We visited this falls twice on the way towards and from Kodaikanal.


We first went to Rose Garden which is located near the upper viewpoint. The garden doesn’t have must varieties of roses but a very nice place to just relax by sitting comfortably, enjoying the beauty it offers.

They also have a children’s play area so kids can have their own good time there.

Byrant Park is another picturesque place in Kodaikanal, a must-visit place. When we visited Byrant park it was drizzling. After buying an entrance ticket and entering the park it started raining heavily.

We were disappointed at the start, however, later rain stopped after 15 minutes.

A view to cherish, once the rain stopped the entire place dazzled with greenery and freshness. Water droplets on the grass and tree leaves were amazing. The park looked fresh after the small rain. Had a good time roaming the park by clicking photos.

Caves and Forest

Kodaikanal is famous for its natural formation caves, among this Guna caves, also known as Devil’s Kictech is a popular tourist attraction. We had fun walking 500 meters in the dark forest fully covered with mist, which gave us a real thrilling experience.

As I was not looking for any adventures activity, not entering the cave doesn’t matter to me.

We had a great time exploring the place, there is a place called viewpoint from where you can see the entire valley and even Pillar rock. When we went near to the viewpoint in Guna caves, there was a strange wind sound.

Pine forest is another best place to visit in Kodaikanal. When we visited this place, it was fully covered with mist, at afternoon 2 PM the place looked dark.

The pine forest looked spooky like a scene from a horror movie. 

Not overstating, check out yourself by visiting the forest during the off-season that from October to February. We didn’t go deep inside the forest we restricted ourselves only to areas where people are there. 

View Points

As it is a hill station there are numerous viewpoints from where one can have a view of the entire area like valleys, hills. Among the viewpoints we visited, I personally liked Coaker’s walk. The 1km walkway gives an amazing view of the valley and the places. A worth visiting place.

Green valley view is the most disappointing viewpoint, you see nothing from there on top of it .

The entire place is infested with monkeys. Besides this, there are other viewpoints like Pillar rock, Dolphin nose, echo point.

The Kodaikanal Travelogue gives an overall view of the Tour and main places to visit.

For those who have time constraints knowing about the places to visit prior will be of great help. The best place to visit with family and friends for a two to three-day vacation. 


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