Clayhut Kalpetta Home Of Best Authentic Taste Of Wayanad

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Clayhut Kalpetta Home Of Best Authentic Taste Of Wayanad

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Escape to Clayhut Kalpetta for the authentic taste of Wayanad & best restaurants in kalpetta-  craving for authentic Kerala dishes during your visit to Wayanad? ; sounds perfect, right? This is what Clayhut in Kalpetta Wayanad is the expert in.

Clayhut Kalpetta-So what exactly it is?

Clayhut is unique and started just three months before, for providing a unique dining experience for the travelers and locals. Travelers can make a call to them and ask for specific Kerala dishes which they like to have it with authenticity.  Travelers could book the item well in advance before they begin their travel. Clayhut will help them getting the right kinds of stuff with all the perfection blended to it

Specialty of Clayhut and its unique offering- Where it wins

Clayhut Wayanad

Clayhut Wayanad

  • Neat and clean environment with excellent ambiance to sit, relax and eat the authentic Kerala food
  • Food on demand- Now you don’t have to search for a restaurant or eateries after hiking in Wayanad. Just call the folks at Clayhut and your food would be ready to be served or picked up.
  • Pick up and drop- Want to enjoy your meal in the comfort of the hotel or homestay in Wayanad? there’s pick up and drop facility in offering
  • Clayhut is one of the few village restaurants offer you a unique experience of cook yourself in Kitchen made for you. Well, you can also enjoy live fish and sea foods. Non-veggie delight.

Our take on Clayhut Kalpetta, Wayanad

Surely it does.Situated in the nature valleys of Wayanad, Kerala. This is the ideal natural getaway – a place to relax and unwind, feel at home. Clayhut is the perfect place to stay tuned with nature and surrounding. Overall it provides a unique and authentic dining experience.


ClayHut, A Village Restaurant

Opp New Bus Stand, Kalpetta, Wayanad, Kerala, India

Bangalore:+91 9741 496 273

Kalpetta :+91 9497 581 757

Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Hours: Open · 11AM–11PM IST

Follow on: Facebook

Website: Clayhut

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    Nestled cozily in the hills of the Western Ghats, Wayanad is a picturesque hill station in Kerala. The dewy land gets its name from two local words, ‘Vayal’ meaning ‘paddy field’ and ‘Naad’ meaning ‘land’ combining to form ‘Wayanad’ or ‘The Land of Paddy Fields’.

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