DabbaGuli Travel Guide–  So, you want to go on a day trip from Bangalore? you are bored from the famous Nandi hills or the Cubbon park, then probably this strict no-frills, no special and strictly village ride to Dabbaguli can come to rescue.

The advantage, river Kaveri flowing through the dense forest and in remote areas, the catch, it’s not for everyone’s taste. Why? let’s read on


Before we go further, let’s make it very clear that I am talking about Dabbaguli, which is actually on the Tamil Nadu side, but because of geography location, you will keep seeing or crossing the Karnataka and Tamil Nadu border while you approach the remote location from Bangalore.

There is one Dabbagulli village which is on the Karnataka side and near to Manchanbele dam.

Also, to give you a clear picture, the drive itself can be challenging as 5-6 Km is pure mud road and then again the last 6 Km is mud road before you actually reach the destination. The entry gate (which is that 6Km before the destination) opens up by 8 AM and closes by 5 PM (official time).

So, on a very high-level Dabbaguli is for those who want to enjoy a 3-hour drive/ride from Bangalore, witness pure village life, and a bit adventurous as you pass through the forest area and in no network zone.


DabbaGuli Forest Road

Most of you who are reading this blog on Dabbaguli, might be residing in Bengaluru, and therefore yes you are at the right place for the information.

This remote place has gathered momentum only 1 or 2 years back and so the locals started seeing a rush of vehicles heading to the Cauvei basin every weekend. It is approx 100-115 Km from Bangalore and it will take approx 3 hours to reach by normal speed.

Now, why 3 or 3.5 hours, simply because it lies in the deep forest area and hence at some places you won’t have any tarred road or the roads are very narrow for two vehicles. Therefore, the best tip I will give you is to start as early as possible from Bangalore to Dabbaguli.

We started at 6 AM sharp from the Nice road.


I assume you will take the Kanakpura road from Bangalore and therefore the road drive is good till Kanakpura town, though the road work is in progress,

I will suggest you take your breakfast on this road itself, as further ahead, you won’t find anything good to eat or drink. From Kanakpura town, you take to a 2 countryside road, which is in good condition and will take you till the forest area starts

From here is what you will witness mud road and dense forest, there will be bumps and tricky roads, even for avid bikers it is suggested to take care on this road. You will keep crossing Karnataka and Tamil Nadu border so you will also witness signboard in Kannada and Tamil, this is unique.

I will suggest, just enjoy the pure countryside sighting and experience the unique drive.


Dabbaguli Entry Gate

As expected this remote area falls under forest division and hence there is a barricade set in before 6 Km of Dabbaguli and manned by the forest guides.

The time for visitors is restricted from 8 AM to 5 PM, however, please keep in mind that sometimes you won’t find anyone to open the gate (as it happened with us), we called one of them by taking the phone number from the signboard.

Please also ready to get your vehicles and bags checked for any liquor etc, also I highly recommend you to please do not litter and carry your plastics waste with you to be dumped in your respective home. This place belongs to nature and we are visitors.


Dabbaguli Basaveshwara Swamy Temple

There are two routes from Bangalore, one is through the Anekkal side and you will travel most of the route in Tamil Nadu, and the second one through Kanakpura Road (which I preferred). Refer below Gmap to get the route, also do not hesitate to comment or ask for any help or information about Dabbagulli.

Also, there is a famous Lord Shiva temple which goes by the name ” Dabbaguli Basaveshwara Swamy Temple ” so you can ask about the temple route from local folks and you will reach exactly at the same spot.

You can also mix the Dabbaguli trip with the famous Barachukki Falls if you can only start very early from Bangalore.

The flow in the Kaveri river depends on the season and how much water is released from the Mysuru KRS dam and hence do not get disheartened if you see less water during the dry season.

Bangalore-DabbaGuli Route


I used this opportunity to try my hand in making a small video on Dabbaguli and my experience.

You can watch it for sure and let me know in the comment if it is helpful for you, I hope my guide on DabbaGuli through Travelescape will help you.

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