Delhi To Mussoorie– My next weekend gateway trip from Delhi is Mussoorie. Mussoorie is a small hill station in the Dehradun district in Uttrakhand, India. The place can easily be covered in 2 days within the budget of Rs 6000.


Mussoorie is a small hill station with the loveliest hills all around. The town is snuggled in the foothills of Garhwal Himalayas. One can have the beautiful view of the hills from any part of Mussoorie. There are many curvy roads which resembles to the back of double humped camel.


There is no direct bus from Delhi to Mussoorie. All the buses are till Dehradun, the capital of Uttrakhand. There are plenty of buses from Delhi to Dehradun with different prices ranging from Rs 500-Rs 1500.

You can either choose from Seater to Semi-Sleeper to Sleeper with or without AC. There are many bus booking sites which gives more discount. Do check them before booking your bus.

Hotel Balcony
Hotel Balcony

I visited Mussoorie with my friends. We booked an AC Sleeper bus for Rs 1200/person from Kashmere Gate Bus Stand, Delhi. Our bus started at 10.30 pm on Friday night and reached Dehradun at 6 am on Saturday morning.

We took a local bus from Dehradun Bus Stand for Rs 20/person which dropped us at Mussoorie Library Bus Stand. The Dehradun-Mussoorie local bus runs within a frequency of 1 hour. Check out my detail Mussoorie guide and plan your trip in a better way.


We reached our hotel OYO 14158 The Kempty Fall Resort Hotel by booking one private cab from Library Bus Stand for Rs 500 as our hotel was 6 Km from Mall Road. The hotel was quite new and at a very good location where clouds and hills could be easily seen from our balcony.

I love such places where we are far from the main city and could feel the nature closely. We rested in our rooms and got fresh. We ordered Parathas and Bread omelette with tea at breakfast. The breakfast was cheap and delicious. We booked the hotel for Rs 1200/day for two-person.

We talked to the staff and asked for any bike/scooty available in Mussoorie. They had their personal scooties and gave us some petrol in it. We took it and went to see Kempty Fall. It was within 1 Km from the hotel.

The Kempty Fall
The Kempty Fall


The Kempty Fall is the main and renowned attraction of Mussoorie. The mighty water falling from an altitude of around 40 feet looks amazing from all the angles.

The sound of falling water can be heard from long before even reaching the place. The stunning view of water comes after a flight of stairs with a lot of shops around it. This picnic spot is quite famous and crowded with tourists throughout the year.

We dipped ourselves in Kempty fall and enjoyed spilling water on each other. The water was so chilling that we came out early and ordered tea and maggi for us from small restaurant behind. We sat for some time more and went to see Cloud’s end afterward.


The cloud’s end denotes the geographical end of Mussoorie. It was less than 6 km from Kempty Falls. It is a lovely walking trek surrounded by thick oak and deodar forests giving you fresh mountain air.

Cloud’s end offers a breathtaking view of the hills and trees especially the Aglar River Valley. You could feel clouds touching you and moving away from you.

You could also witness the sun playing hide and seek as the clouds were coming and going. We spent our leisure time in this beautiful place roaming around to see a splendid view of the hills. We went to the hotel after sunset as it was foggy all around.

We rested in our hotel and ordered tea and peanut masala which is our favorite snack. We took playing cards with us and started playing POKER and RUMMY. The best time of the trip is to play cards at night with friends with soft music on the list.

The Hotel Room
The Hotel Room


We got up in the morning by a wake-up call by the hotel staff for breakfast. We booked the hotel including breakfast in a good deal.

I opened my balcony to have a morning hill view but to my surprise, it was looking like the clouds were waiting in the balcony for me to wish me morning. All I can see were clouds. It was an unusual view.

We got ready,  had our breakfast and went to see the Mall Road. Mall Road was around 5-6 km from our hotel.

The Mall Road
The Mall Road


The Mall Road is the iconic part of Mussoorie where most of the tourists would be visible. It is located at the heart of Mussoorie. The road is filled with different shops.

There are antique lampposts and benches which made you click pictures with them. The cold breeze blowing made you feel cold. We had hot sweet corn and walked around the street doing window shopping.

We played a gun shooting balloon. It is a very enjoyable game. We spent 2 hours around the place and clicked photographs.


Company Garden is just 3 km from Mall Road. We took our scooty and went to see the company garden. It is a colorful garden that gives a visual treat to the soul and mind. There is an entry fee of Rs 20/person to which you can see artificial lakes and fountains.

With the fresh air and exotic flowers, we enjoyed our stroll in the garden. There was a small food court which served us delicious food. The place is good for family and couples. There were some adventurous rides for kids as well.

Way to Company Garden
Way to Company Garden

It was so good to ride on scooty on hilly roads. We enjoyed the weather and felt close to nature.  Nearby our hotel, some hotel staffs were playing badminton. We asked them to play with them.

The people were very good at Mussoorie. We played until the rain started coming. We went back to our hotel.


We got up at 9 am in the morning and packed our bags. We had our yummy breakfast in the hotel. We returned the keys of our scooties and gave them Rs 1500 for 2 scooty.

They did not ask for the money though but we gave them as they were very useful to us. We asked them to book one private car which dropped us to Library Bus Stand.

There was a taxi stand nearby it. We booked one taxi which charged us Rs 600 and dropped us to Dehradun Bus Stand.

The rates are fixed for a private taxi. We bade goodbye to Dehradun and boarded the sleeper bus. The bus dropped us to Delhi at around 10 pm. There are many drop points in Delhi. You can choose anywhere close to your place.



It was an amazing experience to feel the nature so closely. I have visited Mussoorie twice. You could go with your friends and family to enjoy the serenity and greenery of this place. I would like you to spend some time in Mussoorie and relax in the lapse of nature.

Moreover, always check the weather before going. You can go through the government website for more information Uttrakhand Tourism .

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