Delhi To Udaipur Trip– My next destination for you to travel is Udaipur. It can be visited under a budget of Rs 7000. You all have heard about Udaipur, Rajasthan. It is one of the best destinations for Women Solo Traveler.


There are around 10 lakes in the boundaries of Udaipur City  which are interconnected to each other. Out of which, most of the lakes are natural. Each lake has unique trait and rich history associated with it.

From boat rides on Lake Pichola to trek to a Bahubali Hill ,Udaipur has everything you want.


Being a girl, I have faced many challenges while travelling. In my opinion, it is a safe city to explore for a girl. The place can also be enjoyed as the “All girls” trip or with friends and is also known as one of the good honeymoon destination.

If you are one of the lake person and cherish romantic walk along it, then Udaipur is the right place. Take yourself on a date to Udaipur.

Udaipur is well known for its history, culture, scenic locations and the Rajput-era palaces. The royal city is founded by Maharana Udai Singh II of the Sisodia Clan of Rajput in 1558. It was formerly the capital of Mewar Kingdom. It is surrounded by the beautiful Aravelli Range which separates it from Thar Desert.

Travelers who are interested in history, culture, scenic beauty and the Rajasthani authentic cuisines would love to spend their lovely weekend in Udaipur. One can enjoy the panoramic view of the royal city from the hill top.

The city is famous for series of artificial lakes and lavish royal residences. Moreover you can visit it in a budget of Rs 7000.


You can visit Udaipur from July to February. You can avoid going there from April to June as it is bit hot there. The best time to visit is in winters or Monsoon.

During rainy days, one can get the amazing view of the dams, rivers and especially the aerial view of the city from Monsoon Palace. I went to Udaipur during winters in the last of December. I had an amazing experience during that time.


Udaipur is about 660 km from Delhi. There are several options to visit the place. There is a small domestic airport Maharana Pratap Airport, about 20 km from Udaipur. It is well connected to major cities in Rajasthan and the rest of India by Udaipur City Railway Station and Rana Pratap Nagar Railway Station.

I traveled to Udaipur by a Volvo bus which ranges from Rs 1000 to Rs 1500/person. I boarded the bus from Dhaula Kuan Bus Stand, Delhi at 11 pm. My friends and I reached the stand at 10 pm on Thursday night and waited at its Dhaula Kuan Metro Station Food Court. I

t is quite big and has numerous good food outlets and washrooms. A large number of people wait there for their respective buses. Below are the places where i visited during my trip to Udaipur under the budget of Rs 7000 only.


We reached Udaipur Bus stand at 9 am, Friday. We took one big Auto Rickshaw (three wheeler) having double sided seats. You would encounter only such kinds of Auto Rickshaws.

Sometimes it is fun to take such unusual rides. He charged us Rs 100/- to drop to our hotel Lavitra Resort. It was booked for Rs 3000/night for two person. The hotels are bit expensive in Udaipur. You always have an option to book a Hostel for a solo traveler as they are cheaper.

I would advise you to book the hotel before hand.

Our hotel looks more like a Haveli. Actually most of the hotels in Udaipur are lookalike giving us a feeling of being in a place where Kings and Queens once lived. I feel amazed to know about the history of the place like what all had happened here where I am standing right now.

I know we must have read all these in our history books but who remembers that until you create your memory in the same place.

View from balcony of Lavitra Hotel

View from balcony of Lavitra Hotel

We had our breakfast in the hotel and got ready to explore the city. We booked one auto-rickshaw from outside the road and went to see the City Palace. It is said to be the largest royal complex in Rajasthan. The magnificent palace was built on the banks of Lake Pichola by the founder of Udaipur.

The King and their Successors used to live and administered from there. The Palace houses a number of courtyards, terraces, corridors, gardens and a museum with decorative furniture, antiques paintings and utensils of the Royal family. There is an entry fee of Rs 300/person.

Sunset View

Sunset View

After exploring the palace for 2-3 hours, we walked to Ambrai Ghat, also known as Manjhi Ghat. How calm and placid is to sit around the lake and enjoy the scenic view of Sunset!

The ghat was filled with many foreigners sitting and reading some books. A lot of foreigners visit Udaipur. You could find them all over the place as they love to see the royal city and culture of India.

You would always find a dog around when u talks about happiness. This time I found a cute puppy named Coco playing with all the tourists sitting on Ghat. You would also find a man playing some instrumental songs with traditional Sarangi and a lady selling artificial jewellery. It sounds so much pleasing to our ears.

Ambrai Ghat

Ambrai Ghat

While walking down the road we stopped to a shop which rents Scooty and Bike. We took a Scooty for Rs 500/day and gave a token amount of Rs 1000 and a copy of our Driving License. We went to the Mansapurna Karni Mata Temple to take a rope way ride. We bought our tickets for Rs 90/person. The ticket has a number on it which is displayed on the screens.

In one cable car, only 6 people can accommodate so there was a huge queue. Our number is late so we had sweet corn from the stalls around and strolled to a big leisure park in front of it. The park has different types of swings and worth clicking.

Moreover, we get a stunning view of City Palace from the top of the park. We spent our waiting time beautifully appreciating the elegance of the surroundings.

We went back to the Gondola ride (cable car) which took 5 minutes to hilltop providing a spectacular view of the whole Udaipur. There is a food court above the hill which offers different cuisines.

We had our tea and some snacks while star gazing from the top. The sky was clear enough to watch the various constellations and stars. The cable car took us back. We went back to our hotel and had our dinner.

Gondola Ride

Gondola Ride


The next morning we got up and went to the terrace to enjoy the sunrise and the parrots around. We did some yoga there to relax ourselves and went outside down the lane to have poha, onion and dal kachori. They are quite famous breakfast in Rajasthan. We took our scooty to enjoy the Shilpgram Festival. It is a cultural festival which happens annually from 21st Dec to 31st Dec.

There is an entry fee of Rs 20/person. It portraits the lifestyle, art, culture and heritage of rural and sub urban parts of Western India. We witness several items which used to present and quite famous in past time.

We enjoyed the folk dance, camel ride and different famous food items. I tried a new sweet dish called Malaio which tastes like a cream and very sweet and yummy. We spend 2 to 3 hours and went to Badi Lake.

Shilpgram Festival

Shilpgram Festival

Taking right turn from Badi Lake and asking locals to direct us to a temple, we reached a trek to a hill called Bahubali Hill. It is less known and a hidden gem for the nature lover.

On the way to it, you will see free-falling water from some parts of the hill. Many were seen clicking pictures of the view. On reaching bahubali hill, you will experience a breathtaking height with a mesmerizing panorama of the lake.

You will encounter hills in the middle of lake called Crocodile hump hill. A number of crocodiles are said to be seen in the lake, so don’t try swimming in it. Get lost in the tranquil beauty and enjoy the incredible sunset from hilltop.

We went down the hill and had omelette Maggi and tea from a vendor selling them while cold breeze blowing along the way. This always comes to rescue when you tired. We returned to our hotel after finishing our dinner in a local restaurant.

View from Bahubali Hill

View from Bahubali Hill


The next day we checked out from our hotel around 11 am and asked them to keep our bags there till we returned back. We went to Monsoon Palace, also called Sajjangarh Palace. It is located on one of the hilltops of Aravalli. It gives you a spectacular vista of the entire city of Udaipur, its lakes, forts and palaces.

It was originally planned to make it a five-storey astronomical centre and to keep track of the movement of monsoon clouds in the area surrounding the palace. But after the premature death of Maharana, it was used as a hunting lodge for the royal family.

One can witness the fascinating architecture with big balconies and pillars. The palace is built on marble pillars, which are carved with exquisite pattern of flowers and leaves. It is always worth a visit.

Monsoon Palace

Monsoon Palace

We returned from the palace and went straight to Lake Pichola for boating. There is a multitude of boating options available and each has a different price. After waiting in a queue for 5 minutes, we opted for Motorboat which costs us Rs 200/person.

There were around 20 people in the boat. The boat driver asked us to wear Life Jacket for safety purpose as the lake is quite deep. The boat ride started from Rameshwar Ghat, took us to Lake Palace and then to Jagmandir where we spent some time appreciating the scenic views. It was 20 minutes to 30 minutes magical ride which left us spellbound.

We felt hungry after our ride and thought to have some authentic Rajasthani food. We searched and found one of the best local restaurant Krishna Dal Bati Restro which serves yummy Rajasthani plate with all the famous food items.

I bet you would not find the cheapest and yummiest thali. She charged us Rs 150/plate and Rs 250 for 2 plates. The plate has Dal Batti Churma, Gatte (Besan) Ki Sabzi, 2-3 more Sabzi, Papad, Raita and some sweet and everything is unlimited. It is a pure vegetarian restaurant.

Swing from Park

Swing from Park


We had some time to catch our bus at 7 pm so we went to the local market enjoying our last scooter ride. There is a time pass snack called Chana Zor Garam available everywhere in Udaipur which blown my taste buds.

Many of the vendors were selling it in every nook and corner. I had it all the three days and bought it home at well. Whenever you go, do remember to taste it. We bade bye to Udaipur and boarded our bus from Hotel Amrith, Reti Stand, near the Income Tax Office.


Udaipur is one of the finest places to visit. This is my story of how I enjoyed my trip to Udaipur.  Now it’s the time for you to create yours. Visit here again when I shall be back with more happening places of our country.

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To be very honest, i would say there are a number of many more places to visit in Udaipur but these are the best ones. You would make good memories here and know the culture of Udaipur as well.

The hotel food would be bit expensive and may not activate your taste buds. Rather go for the street foods and rajasthani thali. Check out government website on Udaipur for all official information.


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