Deulti- The village of Deulti, nestled on the riverbank of Rupnarayan, is a popular sightseeing destination of Howrah. It is an ideal weekend getaway from Kolkata if you love the calm mysticism of the village.

Therefore, there must be little wonder why your effervescent excitement will drive you to Deulti in that case. Deulti is a peaceful retreat located 48 km from Kolkata! You can spend a lovely weekend here and enjoy the quiet!


You will love the serene natural set up surrounding the village which is a perfect vacation spot, cradled on the bank of the Rupnarayan river.

Travelers who are interested in the culture and heritage of Bengal, especially about the literature, can visit this interesting place to cater to their taste in Bengal and its natural surroundings.


1. Introduction
2. Why visit Deulti village
3. The historic importance of Deulti
4. Places to see at Deulti
5. What to do at Deulti
6. Nearby attractions around Deulti
7. Best time to visit
8. Recommended accommodation
9. How to go
10. Bidding bye to Duelti


This is the place where famous Bengali novelist Sarat Chandra Chattopadhya (author of Devdas and other novels), stayed for some years and written some marvelous articles.

Deulti is a romantic rural escape, far from the bustling city life, located 60 km from Kolkata and well connected via roads and railway.

This serene retreat is located at about 6 Km towards the western part of Bagnan in the Howrah district of West Bengal resting on the bank of the River Roopnarayan.


You will definitely be astonished by savoring the panoramic view of the natural surrounding of this serene village of Deulti. The charming calls and chirps of different kinds of birds from behind the flora and foliage will offer you immense pleasure.

You will relish a stroll along the narrow clay path cutting across the paddy field that will direct to the bank of river Rupnarayan. The mesmeric view of the River Rupnarayan will unquestionably captivate your mind.


You must be wondering what is so special about this place. So let me shed light on the historic importance of this tiny little village in Howrah, West Bengal. Deulti is the village that leads to a tinier habitation called Samtaber.

This place gave Bengali literature one of its most prominent authors, Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. In case the name did not ring a bell let me give you some cues: Devdas, Parineeta and Chhoti Bahu. Yes, these are super hit Bollywood films adapted from the author’s notable works.



You can visit the Radha and Madanogopal temple which is decorated with terracotta work. This ‘atchala’ or eight-roofed temple was built in 1651 AD by the Zamindar of Mangalhat Pargana, called Mukundaprasad Roychoudhury.


Deulti is rich in its heritage and culture. Deulti is the village that leads to a tinier habitation called Samtaber which is popular among the tourists for being the abode of the famous author Sarat Chandra Chattopadhya located about 3km from Deulti station, and his house is maintained by his family.

This place gave Bengali literature one of its most prominent authors, Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. His house has been renovated and made public by local authorities and the Government.

The river Rupnarayan is just a distance away from this home. It is said that he used to sit in his study room and watch the beautiful Rupnarayan while writing his masterpieces. He wrote ‘Biprodas’, his last novel, from here.


Right beside the heritage site was a park area for leisure. You can pay an entry fee and step inside. The cloudy weather did not dampen our spirits. We strolled inside the park, talking and appreciating the beauty of such a simple village.

We heard the chirping of birds from the surrounding trees and spotted a few feathered folks that are rare in the city. The poetic me started reciting some poems from Rabindranath Tagore. My cultural side which had been starving for ages was replenished and rejuvenated.


Most people in the village were literate and all the villagers respected the concept of education. They think highly of teachers and revered them. As I spoke to the caretaker about Sarat Chandra’s works, he was more than happy to take us to the late author’s house.

After a hearty Bengali lunch at a hotel, we were taken to Sarat Chandra Kuthi, a heritage site, restored and maintained by West Bengal tourism. The place had an air of a respected past. We toured the house, although it was a very humble abode of the great author. He wrote for the common man and his house reflected this aspect of his personality.


You will enjoy a nature stroll through the paddy field and rustic path of the village that will lead you to the bank of River Rupnarayan. You can enjoy a nature walk along the clay pathways of this small village, which is a popular activity here. The panoramic view of the river Rupnarayan will undoubtedly enthrall your mind.

There is an array of beautiful picnic spots near the bank of the famous river where people like to feast. Interaction with the locals of Deulti is quite interesting, for they can enrich your cognition about the history of the place. You will become oblivious about time, while sitting on the bank of River Rupnarayan, offering a visual treat.


Kolaghat a census town is just a few minutes’ drives from Deulti (only 4 Km). The place is famous for Hilsa fish. This riverbank is also a well-known picnic spot that is frequently jam-packed with people at the time of Christmas and New Year Vacation. Garchumuk and Gadiara are also nearby places apart from Kolaghat.


Deulti attracts tourists round the year and charms them by a pleasant and quaint view, though it is good to avoid the monsoon season for River Rupnarayan may get flooded. In summer, the place becomes extremely hot hence it is not recommended for visitors. The best time to visit this attractive village is in the month of December and January.


Accommodation facilities are offered by a number of hotels and resorts found in Deulti, which also has the provision for dining. Some options are:

  1. Nirala Resort:(+91) 9831620901, 03214-275043
  2. Prantik Retreat:(+91)9231507277, 8335888718
  3. The Amaya Resort Kolkata NH6- A premium resort, just 16 Km from Deulti. Highly rated and recommended. Check out the detail of Amaya Resort Kolkata 

If you have to stay there, you can stay at Nirala Resort. It’s a very nice place for family stay and large picnic ground. It is just meters away from the house of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay and it is well maintained and people take this lodge there if they plan to stay the night.


By Car:

Deulti is accessible by car from Kolkata. It is about 63 kilometers from Kolkata to Deulti and it takes about 1 hour and 33 minutes. Get on NH 117 in Hastings from Raja Ram Mohan Sarani, BB Ganguly Street, Marx Engels Beethi Rd, Indira Gandhi Sarani, and Khiddirpore Road. Take NH6 to Deulti Station Road.


Drive along the Vidyasagar Setu, popularly known as the Second Hooghly Bridge and take the route of the Kona Highway. After driving for a few hours, you will reach the National Highway 6. Drive along the NH6 to pass Panchla, Uluberia, Kulgachhia, Chandpur, Bagnan and finally you will reach the Deulti crossing.

Turn left at Deulti Crossing onto Deulti Station Road. The village of Deulti lies at a short from the Deulti Railway Station.

By Bus:

There are four buses that go from Kolkata to Deulti via NH6. You can board a bus from College Square and reach Deulti in about two hours. The timings are 2.16 PM, 2.47 PM and 2.33 PM. From Esplanade, you can take Deulti bus too.

By Train:

Deulti station is about 50 km from Howrah junction and takes 1 Hr 30 min by local train. From Howrah, you can take any Midnapore bound trains and get down at Deulti station. It is recommended to take less crowded local trains like Mecheda local, Paskura Local or Kharagpur local.


Once evening began to creep in slowly, we all left a piece of our heart in this enticing rural landscape. The vast yet humble Roopnarayan river, the green stretch of paddy fields, the innocent smiles of the locals, the culturally enriched historic Samtaber, the spirit of freedom in the songs of the birds, and the unpolluted freshness of the rustic air filled our souls with joy and peace.

To know more about our awesome and diverse country, do visit us again. I shall be back very soon with more interesting stuff from a different part of our country. Until then keep traveling and keep exploring.


Birthplace of Sharat Chandra is in Debanandapur, Hooghly, thanks to our reader Kaustav Pal from Kolkata for notifying us.


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