Dhanushkodi Travel Guide– Exploring Dhanushkodi opened up a new world to me! Sometimes I memorize that visit with joy.

Recently discussed with some friends cum travellers, Dhanushkodi was the place marked by us for its uniqueness and one of the untouched places in India.

Although, people who visit Rameshwaram sometimes miss the opportunity to explore this abandoned small town which connects you directly to Ramayana – one of the greatest epics of India telling the story of Lord Rama.

We recommend you, dear reader, to add an extra evening to your travel itinerary to see the beauty of Dhanushkodi and capture memories.

Dhanushkodi | The Last Land of India

Dhanushkodi Beach Piyush

Dhanushkodi, the very last stoppage of India, is also famous as the starting point of Rama Setu. Rameshwaram temple records say that Rama Setu or Rama Bridge was above sea level until it was damaged in 1480. Many of us think that Rameshwaram is the last land of India. And you know the irony – I thought the same until I went there!

After a massive cyclone in 1964, the Government labeled it as ‘not fit for human habitation’, and because of the town’s remote location and its past, Dhanushkodi is referred to as the ‘Ghost Town’.

Dhanushkodi | Getting There

Dhanushkodi Road

You need to reach Rameshwaram first and go to Dhanushkodi using regular bus service or autorickshaw/taxi or by hiring a vehicle.

The Government bus fare from Rameshwaram to Dhanushkodi is around Rs.30.

Rameshwaram is wellconnected to all the major cities because of its religious importance. Dhanushkodi is roughly 25 km from Rameshwaram, and this journey would surely be fascinating as you would be going on a thin strip of concrete with the blue sea on both sides.

Want to come by air? Book your ticket to Madurai – the nearest airport to Rameshwaram or Dhanushkodi (180 km by road takes around 3.5 hours) and then hire a cab directly to Dhanushkodi. If you want to know secrets to book cheap flight tickets, we have made two videos for you:

Best Ways to Book Cheap Flight Tickets in Hindi [Part-1]: https://youtu.be/yX7RvwrC3uI

How to Book Cheapest Flight Ticket in Hindi [Part-2]: https://youtu.be/7GM8Kzp8e1k

Buses are available from Madurai to Rameshwaram which cost you around Rs.740 for a comfortable seat.

Charismatic Facts about Dhanushkodi –

Dhanushkodi Signboard

1. It is said that Lord Rama and his army of apes & monkeys built this Rama Setu (Rama Bridge) to save his wife Sita from Ravana – The King of Lanka.

2. It is also known as Adam’s bridge as it connects Tamil Nadu in South India and Mannar island off the northern coast of Sri Lanka. However, there are different geological theories behind the origin of the bridge.

3. It was the 21st of December 1964, when the cyclone hits the small town of Dhanushkodi and did not spare anything but ruins and took many lives.

4. During the disaster, a train running from Pamban to Dhanushkodi got submerged into the sea and around 115 passengers killed.

5. Four radio operators proved their bravery and rewarded because they chose to remain in Dhanushkodi to broadcast updates during the storm.

6. According to Indian mythology, Lord Rama destroyed the bridge with arrows from his bow after rescuing his wife Sita, so the name of the town became Dhanushkodi meaning the end of the bow.

7. This town is well-known for its ancient harbor.

8. This place will give you an urge to travel stronger than wanderlust.

Things to Remember before Heading to Dhanushkodi –

Dhanushkodi Beach-Fahad

Photo by Fahad

1. Do not forget to bargain while hiring a taxi or jeep from anywhere (especially Rameshwaram) to Dhanushkodi. Sometimes you do not get any vehicle to return so book accordingly.

2. Around 1–2 hours will be sufficient to explore the beauty of sea surroundings and photography/videography.

3. It will be hard to keep your eyes open without sunglasses because of the sandy beach, scorching sun, and extreme natural conditions. Also, you do carry a water bottle while visiting.

4. A face mask will be helpful to protect yourself from sand and COVID-19. You will thank me later.

5. Do not think of camping or night stay at Dhanushkodi.

Best Time to Visit –

Winter is the best season to visit Dhanushkodi. The months from April to June might be a good time to visit the place because it does experience hot summers but is not unbearable.

Where to Stay –

No facility is available to stay or any such thing at Dhanushkodi. You have the only option available in Rameshwaram where you can find several budget hotels, dharmshalas, etc.

Hungry at Dhanushkodi?

Dhanushkodi Local Food

Photo by Piyush Tripathi

You can probably find a few vendors selling fresh fruits, local meals, fried fish, and snacks or visitors. One thing to remember that Dhanushkodi is not any luxurious place, so keep yourself motivated at any moment.

Medical Aid –

The Government and the Rameshwaram temple trust provide free medical treatment for the poor.

Shopping at Rameshwaram – Bargain Like a Pro

1. Kurinji Textiles – Pure Silk Clothes and Sarees
Location: GP Road in Rameswaram
Timings: 6 am – 8 pm
Specialty: Silk sarees, silk scarfs, and other dress material

2. House of Kalam – Handicraft and Textile Items
Location: 12/7, Mosque Street, Rameswaram
Timings: 8 am – 7 pm (Closed on Saturday & Sunday)
Specialty: Khadi bags, silk scarves, sarees, and handicraft items

3. Temple Shops – A Variety of Gift Items
Location: Ramanathaswamy Temple, Rameswaram
Timings: 6 am – 7 pm
Specialty: Handicraft, hand fans, picnic baskets, shells, mirrors, and chandeliers

Things to Explore –

Piyush Tripathi TravelEscape
  1. Serene beach surroundings; the Bay of Bengal on one side and the Indian Ocean on another side.
  2. Ruined temple/church of Dhanushkodi.
  3. Collect seashells at Dhanushkodi (Women from villages come to Dhanushkodi to collect different types of shells and sell them to earn a livelihood).
  4. Build sandcastles and have some fun. If you make one, do not forget to share your creativity with TravelEscape.
  5. Do try some fish fry at Dhanushkodi.

You will be surprised to see one of the world’s most dangerous train routes located in India. It is Pamban Bridge which connects Rameswaram on Pamban Island to mainland India. Click to watch:

What to Budget –

Are you a solo traveller? If yes, then to visit Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi will cost you around Rs.2000 for two days. You will be able to explore everything under Rs.3500 depends on how much you spend on things.

A visit to Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi with your family of 5-6 members will cost you below Rs.6000 for two days.

About Dhanushkodi, what does Aparna say?

My experience was beyond my thinking when I get there. The beauty of the world and felt like the wind was taking me from the land to the sea. I was craving the smell of the warm sea breeze and the soft sand which was ready to cover my whole body.

I wanted to enjoy every moment like it was my last. I started to breathe the salty and sandy air, and then my body feels like beachy. As I saw the ocean from the endmost point of the land, I have a sensation that the spirit of the ocean moving me with its path.

So, if you are interested in visiting an untouched place, and have not been to Dhanushkodi before, it is something you need to rectify immediately.

Dhanushkodi Beach

Getting Around –

Most visitors to Rameshwaram or Dhanushkodi use a combination of buses or trains to get around. The princess of hill stations – Kodaikanal is such a gift of the forest, located 229 km from Rameshwaram. Madurai is the thirdlargest city in Tamil Nadu (151 km) and boasts 17th century Meenakshi Temple and one of the top attractions Thirumalai Nayak Palace.

Distance to Top Cities from Rameshwaram –

  1.  Thanjavur (238 km)
  2. Kanyakumari (310 km)
  3. Munnar (340 km)
  4. Yercaud (405 km)
  5. Pondicherry (431 km)
  6. Ooty (454 km)
  7. Hogenakkal (464 km)
  8. Kanchipuram (505 km)
  9. Mahabalipuram (527 km)
  10. Chennai (560 km)

TravelEscape is here to Answer all your Travel queries –

Dhanushkodi TravelEscape

There is not more to explore or things to do but just a visit to Dhanushkodi will make you a surprise and a lifetime experience. If you are looking for how to plan a perfect trip or planning to travel to Rameshwaram or Dhanushkodi, TravelEscape is here to answer all your queries in the comment box below.

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