Innovative App for Travelers: “Zaldee – earn while you travel”

Uber, Airbnb, Ola these are the hottest start-up of the decades which has revolutionized the concept of share economy and brought big returns for founders and investors. Per article in the global sharing economy market was valued at $26 billion in 2013 and some predict it will grow to become a $110 billion revenue market in the coming years, making it larger than the U.S. chain restaurant industry. Moreover most of the share economy based start-up is aimed to target by way people commute, stay or travel in today’s scenario

A new concept is all about “earn while you travel”, confused? let’s discuss today and we are going to review “Zaldee Inc” ( ) a pioneer in this segment

Before we go further the wikipedia describes share economy as “The Sharing Economy is a socio-economic ecosystem built around the sharing of human and physical resources. It includes the shared creation, production, distribution, trade and consumption of goods and services by different people and organisations”

About  Zaldee, Inc: Zaldee – earn while you travel, is the easiest way to earn money from excess baggage and storage space available with you while travelling across countries, states or cities on mutually agreed price and terms. Zaldee is a global marketplace for people to list, search, book journey and earn money while travelling

Like all startup who only operate with app based concept, Zaldee app is free is no exception on operating strategy, Its only app based platform. This is also available in India

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Okay now let’s go to basic level of understanding of what it actually does, consider this  how many times have you been in a situation, where you want to send something important or urgent to your family, friend or relative, hundreds or thousands miles and that too in a short time and without incurring huge cost? this is where Zaldee app comes to your rescue, you search through the list of people who is actually travelling to your destination and can carry your stuff after charging some extra bucks. Isn’t this sound amazing?

It’s a win win situation for both traveller and sender, What can travellers do?Manage your listings on phone and earn while you travel, post your travel dates,departure location, destination location and mode of travel, Mention excess baggage space available with you along with price/unit. What can Senders do?Search for travellers who are travelling from your locations of interest. In case you do not find anyone, you can still post your request and the moment any traveller posts the itinerary matching your request, you will be notified .Contact the travellers with detailed notes and you are done.


Role of Zaldee– Zaldee is a global marketplace for people to list,search, book journey and earn money while travelling. It is indeed a two way mobile app- as the traveler will earn while travelling and sender can send at a cheaper rate and have a budget travel. Zaldee app can help you to maintain your travel expense within the budget. This app helps to connect a traveler with a sender take

Zaldee is an interesting innovative concept which is a boon for both traveller and senders. On a number of levels the idea seems to have great merit. On the demand side, from personal experience it would be nice for me send some of my stuff really quick, fast and not hurting my pocket. If I was a budget traveller, it would help me earn money which I can use to put to a great use- visit more places, eat at nicer places , stay for an extra day etc. Also Zaldee has made extra effort to build lot of checks in application and user’s profile page and so it is recommended that you check all the information and specially the “Trust Shields” to make yourself comfortable with traveller or sender.

One quick observation, and also recommended by  Zaldee , you should accept or send the stuffs after proper verification, also complete your transactions on mutually agreed terms & conditions. Please take the same common sense precautions online as you would offline. When meeting someone for the first time, please remember to insist on meeting at a public place, be careful when sending or carrying high value items.