Europe Travel Checklist– Are you working on your first overseas travel plan? and if Europe is on your priority list? then our blog post on the travel checklist for Europe is just right for you. Check out and let us know in the comment section if we missed out on important items


For many Indians, Europe trip is once in a lifetime affair. And, no matter how long the trip gets, you are never going to get enough of it. With over 50 countries, hundreds of tourist attractions, long history, and cultural diversity, it’s practically impossible to cover all the countries. Anyway, that’s not even the point.


No matter how whether your trip is long or short, it should be hassle-free and safe. To get you covered, we’ve compiled a set of essentials you should carry on your upcoming trip. Check out our popular post by Kalyani on her solo Amsterdam trip.

  1. Disposable Rain Poncho

Disposable Rain Poncho

Sudden rains are possible. If you’re traveling during the rains, then this is a must-have a thing on your checklist. The disposable rain poncho is perfect for international travel because it’s light, cheap (only a few grams), and easy to carry.

It covers you from top to bottom and has a hood to protect your head. Using this helps you circumvent carrying an umbrella and that unnecessary weight which can add up to your baggage. You can dispose of it once the usage is over. 

  1. World Travel Adaptor

Different countries use different plugs. Not all, but at least there are 12 plugs that are used widely across the globe. So, for charging mobile phones and laptops, and other electronic devices, carry a world travel adaptor. It has 4 different pins and sockets and is compatible in over 150 destinations across the world.

  1. Winter Gloves

Winter Gloves

Anytime is the best time to visit Europe, and if you’re going in winters (October to Feb) then you should add this to your wish list. The temperature falls to 0 degree Celsius. The cold weather in Europe is incredibly drying and can cause windburn in seconds.

Carry a pair of solid gloves so that freezing temperature won’t even stand a chance. Wet gloves can cause skin irritation. So, make sure the gloves should keep your hands dry and shouldn’t allow the air or wind to penetrate or capture moisture.

  1. Prepaid SIM card

Staying in touch with friends and family members is important even while you’re enjoying. You can activate international roaming on your existing number which could be very expensive. You can easily circumvent that by buying a prepaid Europe SIM card before you travel. It gives you the luxury to use your SIM card in any country in Europe. It brings down your cost by 70%. So, grab one before your travel dates and stay connected.

  1. Travel Document Organizer

A travel document organizer ensures that you never lose your important documents such as passport, forex, phones, tickets, earphones, and credit cards. Make sure it has many pockets, water-resistant, light in weight, and easy to carry.  

  1. Water bottle with built-in filter

Very small, yet very significant. The last thing you’d want is to get contracted with diarrheal diseases because of contaminated water. Water quality is tough to predict in many parts of Europe – some places have potable tap water while others have little to no drinkable water available—in which case you might have to buy expensive packed water bottles.


So, it’s always recommended travelers must bring their own water bottles with a built-in filter, to ensure that your water is safe to drink. The filter in the bottle does all the work for you without any extra efforts. Just fill and drink!