Family Trip to Abu Dhabi– Planning a family trip is not easy. After all, it requires you to think about several considerations and overcome many challenges, all while ensuring that everyone gets to have a good time.

Lucky for you, seasoned travelers have shared their best strategies to ensure an unforgettable and stress-free trip for you and your family.

In this article, you’ll find nine awesome hacks that offer practical solutions to your usual travel planning woes:

1.  Roll, Don’t Fold

Packing for one is challenging. Packing for three people – even more so.

Don’t spend too much time finding ways to fit all your clothes into your luggage and simply roll them into place. This is one of the simplest and most effective hacks for saving space in your bag while ensuring that your apparel remains wrinkle-free.

As a bonus, you can also see exactly what you packed since everything is rolled into small tubes tucked neatly beside each other.

2.  Attach Travel Documents to Email Drafts

Having hard copies of your passport and travel documents is essential for every trip. But since you cannot possibly predict everything that can happen, it pays to be prepared with a backup copy.

In case of theft, loss of luggage, or even forgetfulness, attach your travel documents to an email. Then, save it in your drafts or send it to yourself. This way, you’ll have a digital copy of your travel papers that you can use should an unfortunate event happen.

You can also do this for your plane tickets, hotel booking confirmation, and other documents you need for your trip. Simply scan or take a screenshot and save yourself from trouble in the future.

3.  Get 4 for the Price of 3

Traveling solo can cost more than traveling as a group.

Considering the cost per head of the trip, you’ll discover that traveling with your loved ones is more fulfilling and cost-effective than going on a journey alone.

Of course, this will still depend on how well you’re able to plan the trip. The key is to seek out package deals that provide discounts for bigger groups. The friends and family offer available in Yas Island theme parks is an excellent example.

Located in Abu Dhabi, Yas Island is a famous leisure destination where you’ll find impressive amusement parks and adventure hubs. Here, you can get four tickets for the price of three or a 25 percent discount for groups of four or more.

4.  Cool Off Your Batteries

Want to capture all your special travel moments but afraid your camera battery will run out before you even arrive at the juiciest part of the trip? Try placing your rechargeable batteries in the fridge.

This cool travel hack allows you to use your batteries longer. This is because the cold temperature allows them to hold up to 90 percent of their charge compared to room temperature batteries.

5.  Skip the Line

Many travelers spend more time queuing for tickets than enjoying their vacation. Don’t make the same mistake.

Instead, you can skip the line by pre-purchasing your tickets online. Many travel and tour websites offer you this advantage, but you can also do it directly on the destinations’ official websites.

6.  Don’t Skip Long Layovers

When choosing a flight, you can also choose those with extended layovers to give you more time to explore another city aside from your destination. You can take full advantage of this by booking flights with more than 12 hours of layover.

In other words, you can explore two destinations with just a single plane ticket.

7.  Seek Special Deals for Up-and-Coming Destinations

The biggest aquarium in Abu Dhabi and several other excellent places to visit in the UAE are still being developed.

As part of their grand opening marketing scheme, these destinations may offer limited-time discounts on admission tickets to boost foot traffic on that big day. This allows them to make an awesome first impression that will benefit their sales long-term.

Make sure you take advantage of these deals by timing your trip around the time of their grand opening. It also pays to dig deeper into the details of these destinations so that you can plan your trip around the best possible deals.

8.  Plan for Your Kids’ Entertainment

When planning a family trip, you must also ensure that your kids are always engaged and entertained. This can mean several things: packing crayons, coloring books, and their favorite toys or booking a child-friendly destination.

In Abu Dhabi, Yas Island is one of the most popular destinations for the family. Aside from being easily accessible from the Abu Dhabi airport, it also houses several attractions designed for kids and kids at heart, including:

  • Yas Waterworld
  • Ferrari World
  • Warner Bros. World
  • SeaWorld

9.  Pick the Best Seats for Your Family

If you’re bringing children along, reserve the aisle and window seat to have the most comfortable flight.

The aisle seat will offer more legroom and grant you easy access to the restroom and the exit, which can be helpful when you have kids in tow.

On the other hand, the window seat offers a beautiful view that can serve as in-flight entertainment for the little ones.

Of course, you must ensure everyone is seated together, which can only happen if you book your flight early.

The Ultimate Travel Hack

When planning a trip with your family, it pays to learn about other people’s experiences and how they overcame obstacles they faced along the way.

After all, the ultimate travel hack in ensuring the success of any trip is to walk the frequently traveled path because it is usually where you’ll find the easier road.