Flower Valley Plantation Homestay- I am notorious for finding the rare homestay or unique stay, unique offerings, and possibly cheap on my pocket, but I always try to go a bit further, and hence most of the time end up staying in a very unique property during our holiday.

In this blog, I am going to talk about my best stay of life so far and the reason is that the homestay is what I aspire for authentic and true to its offerings.

Disclaimer- I paid from my pocket to stay at Flower Valley homestay through the booking portal;

however, now our excellent host and I have the deal to offer the best rates for TE readers; if you want to stay at Abin’s homestay with the best rate, please free to contact us today.

What about Flower Valley Home stay Munnar

In true to its name, you will find yourself in the middle of an awesome plantation and flowers at Abin’s homestay in Munnar. However, let me tell you that flower valley is around 20 Km from Munnar town and hence it is located 30- 40 mins from the crowded Munnar town.

To me who came to Munnar from busy Bangalore, this is exactly what I ( my wife and our 2.5 years old ) wanted. The reason from busy Bangalore to almost in the forest was an awesome experience ( ūüíĮ ).

Oh, I forgot there is another unique thing about this homestay, which will blow you away, and probably you will start packing for your next holiday to Munnar. But, I will disclose in few sentences from now.

Okay, Tell me More About Flower Valley.

Flower Valley Munnar Balcony View

Your stay at Flower Valley homestay is unique, with a gentle fragrance and soothing vision of the fantastic garden and trees around the home. The courtyard reveals a verdant enchanting garden providing absolute peace of mind and ecstasy for your eyes and soul.

This is the perfect place where you can relax, read a good book, or just listen to the muffled sound of nature. Each plant here is cultivated with most care, love, and passion providing a mixed collection of both native and foreign flora.

You can enjoy yourself here as a solo, with family or with your group, but with whom you arrive here, please respect the stay and the local atmosphere, which is absolute close to nature.

The Most Unique thing about the Flower Valley

Stream with Tea

If I have to be honest, I never imagined living next to a flowing stream, and a lush forest in my backyard, and yes the stream is all unique about this lovely homestay in Munnar.

I understand, that it may not be deal-breaking for many of you, but for me it is and the very soothing sound of flowing water is what makes flower valley one of my favorite ones.

The other unique thing, which may or may not disturb many is the somewhat loud noise of the cricket (insect). It feels like you are staying in the middle of the forest and the noise is relatively more.

It depends on you, how you take this one. It was a bit unusual for us but later we became used to it.

Food & Other Information?

The one thing, I will be honest about staying in a homestay is that you will get a homestay type of food. Please do not expect the food served to be of a fancy resort type.

The food at Flower valley is what true homestay food tastes like. prepared herself by Ancy aunty,

it tastes awesome and the best is it is offered at a very reasonable rate, the only thing you have to tell her in advance about your intent to have dinner and/or lunch.

Rooms & Amneties

Again, being a homestay, I will say please set your expectation accordingly, however Flower Valley exceeded my expectation of a good, comfortable and hygenic rooms and surroundings.

The fittings, offerings, and everything in the homestay are of resort-type look and feel.

I like the placement of lights around the homestay. However it is best to switch off them before sleep, else it will keep attracting the insects and the cricket

The surroundings were clean and as it was in the picture, the common place is where you chill out in the evening and appreciate everything around with maybe soft music?

Things to do while I stay at Flower Valley?

Though the homestay is a bit far from busy Munnar, that doesn’t stop you or us from doing typical things in Munnar.

The best part is that a few Km from the stay, you will witness zero crowd zone of streams cascading from the small hills or the beautiful tea garden.

We enjoyed a drive through a narrow but the best road along the stream and then the whole tea estate in front of us. We used to stop our car and enjoy the breathtaking views

If you want to visit and enjoy the famous but touristy places in Munnar, you can drive towards Munnar ( 20-30 mins more) and visit places like hydel park , Munnar town, etc.

Okay, do I recommend it?

Flower Valley Homestay Munnar View

Of course yes, but with caution that if you are not the one who loves the forest, quiet and off-the-grid stay, it won’t appeal to you a lot and you may feel bored. But if you are the one who is a true nature lover, want to experience the best of homestay with all comfort with great food , then Flower Vallet homestay is the perfect one for you.

The cost starts from Rs 4,000/- onwards; however, if you want to get the best rate, please feel free to contact me, and I will do all help to get your best stay at best possible rate.

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