Goa Wedding Destinations- A wedding is one such occasion that is the most anticipated day of one’s life. It is a once in a lifetime occasion in everyone’s life which is loved to be planned with great enthusiasm and passion.


There are many people around who like to have a simple and classy wedding and some people like to follow the trend of having a perfect destination wedding in the top locations of the world. It entirely depends upon you that how you want to plan and with whom you want to share this day.

The current trend of celebrating weddings in India is to plan it either on the beachside or in heritage location. But here we present to you the best location which everyone dreams of that is Goa.

It is one such location that no one can say no to. Statistically proven it is the most likable location to plan your wedding and not only Indians even foreigners also come down to Goa to tie a knot in the most romantic place in India.

Goa is not just a place to have an adventure holiday but it is also the most romantic place to plan your wedding day. It can be the best destination for your guests to enjoy your wedding along with an adventure holiday trip. There are n numbers of wedding planners in Goa which can ensure you with the exact wedding day as you have planned in your dreams.



Goa Beach

It has more tourist spots and a few numbers of resorts or luxurious hotels as it is mostly crowded with the tourists in Goa.

North Goa is a place that you can never get bored as there are many shacks, pubs, and rental bike ride areas. Here are barely a few luxurious beachside resorts but the hotels and inns are available in an ample number.

Look for the places in North Goa that might fulfill your desires of hosting a dreamy wedding and book them as per requirements.


Goa drone view

As the number of people visiting is quite less in South Goa thus it is a better option to choose to organize your perfect wedding.

It has a large number of 5-Star Hotel chain properties like Taj, Leela, Hyatt, Radisson, Holiday Inn, Alila Diwa, Ramada, etc.

All these properties have halls, outdoor areas, mandap areas and rooms to fulfill all your requirements under one roof. South Goa is a more apt location for a wedding in Goa.


 When your love is wider and deeper than the ocean than getting hitched on the beach is the best idea one can think of. A dream wedding is not just Bali anymore as India has its very own beach state i.e., Goa.

Yes! Goa is not just for vacations but is also popular for being a graceful wedding destination. Both South Goa and North Goa is equally loved by the people for celebrating the most special day of their lives.

Goa resorts not only offer beachside weddings but also has sea view wedding destinations. If you haven’t shortlisted your wedding venue in Goa yet then you must have a glance at the following list of resorts.

  • Radisson Blu Resort Goa Cavelossim Beach

It is snuggled along the untouched coast of south Goa. The resort has colloquial Portuguese architecture that boasts the culture of a Goan which fits to organize an iconic wedding. You can plan for either a beach wedding or a traditional wedding in the lap of this resort. It has both remarkable spot i.e., breezy outdoors and cozy indoors to match your choice of wedding style.

The resort has chefs that have expertise in Indian, continental, local cuisine and also have personalized hand-crafted menus which can surely leave you and your guests with good taste.

The specialty of the resort is that you can keep up the happening party all night. It has a guest capacity of 50 to 1500, so you can either have an intimate wedding or a big fat wedding. It is located in Cavelossim, Beach, Mobor Beach, Goa.

  • Alila Diwa

The place is popular for its versatility and its detailed infrastructure. It offers awesome ambiance and incredible hospitality which makes it to the list of top wedding resorts in Goa.

The staff of the resort work to make sure to provide the services as per the wedding couple’s requirements. Make sure to keep it on your list while deciding the venue to host the wedding.

Also, it has the best featured in-house spa that acts as a brownie point for the bridal and guest relaxation. It has an in-house capacity of almost 450 guests which is more than enough for you to have a close wedding.

It is located in 48/10, Adao Waddo, Salcette, Majorda Goa. You can plan your dream wedding in Goa at Alila Diwa within a budget of around 33 Lakhs – 44 Lakhs for approximately 200 guests.

  • The Leela 

It is among the best beach resorts in Goa which has 7 venue areas among which 3 of them are located outdoors. You can come across lavish décor and tropical lawns with artistic amenities and every other thing that you might require to host a perfect dream wedding.

It has an aesthetic look like Vijayanagara Palace along with the blend of Goan and Portugal’s creativity. The Leela Resort is alluring and is one of the best wedding destinations in Goa. It is recognized as India’s best Beach and Riverside Luxury Resort. It is located in the Mobor, Salcette, Cavelossim, Goa. It has a capacity of around 14 to 600 people in its walls.

The Leela Palace has 4 Royal Villas, 6 Club Pool Suites, 9 Club Suites, 5 Lagoon Deluxe Suites, 21 Lagoon Suites, 94 Lagoon Terrace Rooms, 66 Pavillion Rooms, and 1 Presidential Suite. It also offers a private plunge pool in each room. The average budget to plan the entire wedding in The Leela would cost approximately 12Lakhs to 25Lakhs.

  • Grand Hyatt Resort 

It is the best location in Goa to plan a luxurious wedding. The resort covers a rich area of almost 28acres. It is a five-star property besides the Bambolim Bay which has flourishing gardens, lawns, indoor and outdoor premises for celebrating ceremonies like Mehendi and Haldi.

It offers 5 venue options to choose from to celebrate your dreamiest wedding out of which 3 of them are located outdoors. If you want to have a larger than life wedding then you must book this resort located in P.O. Goa University, Bambolim.

It is considered as one of the largest wedding venues in Goa. Despite the massive area it covers, it still guarantees to provide elegance and daintiness without any compromise.

The space is perfect to gather people of around 20- 1500 people without creating any rush. If you are planning a wedding for 100 – 150 guests for 2 nights would cost you approximately 20Lakhs to 25Lakhs. Plan your dream wedding with limited gathering with the organizers of Grand Hyatt Resort Goa.

  • Vivanta 

If you are looking forward to marrying in style then you must check out The Vivanta Villa. There is no place like this resort in Goa to celebrate your wedding in the most panache way.

It is located in one of the best locations of Goa which is the Candolim Beach. The charm of this place is doubled by the Taj’s Holiday Village which makes it more likable to become the dream venue. You can enjoy the best of both worlds while staying in this resort as it is located in the prime location of Goa.

It gives the true ethnic vibe which indicates the vision of being in Bali’s countryside. It has colorful vibes that give a feeling of a fairy-tale village. It has a maximum capacity of around 3000 people.

It has four venues which are classy and spotless for a perfect wedding ceremony. The cost of the entire wedding including the room tariff and décor is around 25Lakhs to 30Lakhs for 200 to 300 guests.

  • The Lalit Golf and Spa Resort 

It is a luxurious five-star property that is acclaimed to have the perfect French-designed landscape gardens. It makes it one of the finest wedding locations in the entire Goa.

The property is not only famous for its wedding venue but it also popular for its golf and spa. It is the most lavish and romantic wedding resort that offers 11 venue areas and 8 outdoor areas with a dainty and exquisite setting.

It is located in the Raj Baga area of Palolem, Canacona in Goa. The perfectly designed landscape garden is the highlight of this five-star property.

It has a capacity of a maximum of 600 people. The budget which you must have to have your dream wedding in this resort is approximately 70Lakhs.

  • Zeebop By The Sea 

It is one of the finest locations in Goa. It has only two event areas that have easy beach access. One area has a capacity of 300 guests and the other area which is open sandy area can accommodate up to 100 guests.

Both the areas can be merged to celebrate big wedding occasions that can lodge up to 400 people. You must have approx. 50Lakhs to 70Lakhs in hand to have a perfect wedding ceremony.

The restaurant of this resort is known for its delectable joys and an authentic tropical experience. Both of the above-mentioned factors make it a perfect destination for a beach wedding in Goa.

It is located at Utorda Beach, Salcette Goa. It is recognized as the Best Seafood Restaurant of South Goa.

  • Novotel Goa Dona Sylvia Resort

Nothing is better than having a combination of attending a wedding ceremony along with a relaxing holiday trip. It is the perfect place to tie the knot away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The resort is a villa property that has a massive pool, direct access to the beach and six wedding venues which make it an ideal place to commit to being with your partner for life.

It has several factors like quaint surroundings, beach facing lawns and a variety of cuisines which makes it a perfect destination to host a dreamy wedding.

The resort is large enough to accommodate 200 to 3000 people which is also a plus point if you are planning to have a big fat wedding ceremony.

The property has a touch of Portugal culture with a mix of contemporary and local architecture. It is located on the Cavelossim Beach in Goa. The budget which you must have to plan a dreamy wedding at this resort is an approximate amount of 25Lakhs.

How To Pick Your Wedding Venue?

Goa Wedding Destination

Now that you have several venues in your hand but you are confused about which venue you must choose then, you must know certain things beforehand to simplify your choice of options.

Here are a few things which you must learn before picking your wedding destination:

  • Is the venue available on the dates of your special day?
  • Is the place large enough to host the number of guests you are planning to invite?
  • Is the location ready to have a ceremony in any kind of weather?
  • Does the venue look the same at the time of your wedding?
  • Does the venue allow clicking pictures?
  • Is the venue large enough to provide lodging to the guests?
  • Does it have easy access to public transportation?

You must do complete research before choosing the venue to have your dream fairy-tale wedding. After all, there are a vast number of options to choose from but choosing the right one is quite a task for both the bride and the groom. Thus ensure to do your research for sorting the wheat from the chaff.

Plan Your Wedding On Yacht!

Planning the wedding on a Yacht is no longer a distant dream for the bride and groom. It is one of the most exotic ways to host a wedding ceremony. It ensures to provide lifetime memories for everyone who all is a part of this celebration.

Champions Yacht Club has made this dream come true with its unique, luxurious and fun wedding ceremony on a rental yacht.

If you are a person who wants to enamor your guests at your wedding the most panache possible style then you can plan it best on a Yacht. The yacht clubs offer private wedding venues and special yachts for a private event. The best place to tie a knot is serene blue waters surrounded by you.

Few Things To Keep In Mind:

  • You must use artificial flowers for decoration so that they can be reused for any other event, rather than wasting natural flowers.
  • You must ensure that nothing is getting wasted or thrown out at your wedding and also the leftover food must be given the needy. They will not only be obliged but also will you give you real blessings.
  • If you want to give classy return gifts to your guests then you must use jute or printed paper bags that are not unique but are also eco-friendly.

To ensure to make your day more glorifying and satisfying you must look for the above-mentioned things to take place at your wedding. Goa is waiting to become part of the beautiful union of the bride and groom!

Budget for Goa destination wedding?

Looking at the above pattern, it is clear that to have a decent wedding at Goa the couple should be ready to shell out 25- 30 Lakhs Rs.

A wedding is one such occasion in everyone’s life that comes once, and the sky is the limit to spend on it. However, there are some resorts listed above that work in this budget while there are others that go way beyond this.

Recommended Goa Wedding Planner

Art Goa Entertainment wedding planner will definitely help you find the best wedding planner in Goa. Do check it out and thanks us later.

Key Takeaway

Curlie Beach in Goa

Curlie Beach in Goa (Photo by Piyush Tripathi)

Goa is the perfect destination to tie the knot at. It is both picturesque and romantic. It also can serve the need for adventure seekers and make the usual wedding ceremonies interesting. One of the key considerations while choosing Goa as a location of the wedding is that it is untouched and undiscovered.

There are certain parts of Goa that are not exploited by humans and therefore hold an element of peace within them. So, scratch away any doubts and select a perfect place for the wedding!

Before you go, I hope the blog post answered some of the questions about the wedding destination in Goa. Do you still have a question? Feel free to comment or rate us by clicking the 5 stars.

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