Group Charter Flights– Are you holding a destination wedding in Goa? Perhaps you are a musical group or band traveling with an entourage and equipment for an engagement in Edinburgh or a sports team traveling to Japan for a national or international sports competition.

Could you be a human resources officer arranging incentive travel for a group of your best employees, a travel coordinator making travel arrangements for hundreds of senior executives attending a leadership summit in Las Vegas, or a travel agent transporting a group of VIPs for their Hajj pilgrimage to Makkah?

Whatever the case, group charter flights are an alternative to commercial air travel. Read on for the reasons you should consider private jet travel for groups.

1.   Bespoke Travel Experience

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Imagine rolling out a red carpet for your wedding guests — not only figuratively but literally. You can unroll that red carpet on the tarmac when they embark on the plane and have another red-carpet welcome ready when they disembark at your destination airport.

That’s possible with a private air charter, not so easy to arrange with commercial flights. You can even have a private lounge arranged for your group’s exclusive use in your departure and arrival airports.

Are you the kind of person for whom safety is the number one priority, and you want to know exactly what type of engineering is going on with the aircraft before and during the flight? By hiring a private jet you can be sure of just that.

You can ask the ground crew and aircraft engineers exactly what type of aviation oil is being used, and ask to see a copy of the safety regulation checks. This will put your mind at rest that the journey you are about to take is as safe as it possibly can be, for you and your fellow passengers. 

How about having a six-course meal with wine pairings for every course? That’s easily done when traveling via air charter. You can even customize the menu for every group member, which is quite helpful for those who have food restrictions.

Would your group like to party at 45,000 feet? That is possible, too. You can serve wine, liquor, and other food and beverages on a private jet as long as they are served by the flight attendant, subject to the air charter company’s policies, of course.

Your group of conference-goers can get started on their networking activities or round table discussions while onboard the plane.

Whatever customized travel experiences you would like to give your group of travelers, you can make it happen with a private air charter.

2.   Nonstop Flight

IndiGo Flight
IndiGo Flight

Connecting flights and layovers are a fact of life in commercial air travel. If your group is traveling from Kansas, Missouri to New York, New York, you might have to take connecting flights.

You might have to spend a couple of hours’ layover at Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina, Boston Logan International Airport in Massachusetts, or Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Georgia.

Layovers aren’t always bad and could be even fun as long as you come armed with a list of layover ideas. However, a nonstop flight means hours of travel time shaved off your group’s flight time and a higher likelihood your group will arrive at your destination in good spirits.

Group air charters don’t have to make unnecessary stops since you control your flight plan when you fly private.

3.   Custom Itinerary

The standard hotel check-in time is 2 p.m. If your group arrives at the airport at 9 a.m., what are your group members supposed to do until 2 p.m. while they wait to check in to their accommodation?

This is not an issue when you fly your group via private jet. With group air charters, you are at liberty to set your preferred departure time. You can make it so your private plane doesn’t leave until noon to ensure that, after two hours of air travel, your group will arrive just in time for your hotel check-in.

Having the freedom to set your own departure time also means your group doesn’t have to check in at the airport at the crack of dawn or late at night. Traveling via private air charter means maximum convenience for your group members because you set your own schedule.

Additionally, you can choose smaller airports as departure and disembarkation points when you fly private. This adds to the convenience of flying private. You get the option to fly in as close to your destination as possible. Moreover, this also ensures your group can travel comfortably without having to brave the often crowded mainstream airports.

This is a privilege you do not get when you fly commercial. Commercial airliners have pre-set, pre-approved routes from which they cannot deviate.

4.   Flexible Travel Manifest

Have you experienced planning your trip a year in advance? Then you must know many things can happen between the day you book your flight and the day you fly.

A member of your party can suddenly become unavailable. In that case, wouldn’t it be great if you could replace the unavailable passenger with another? That would ensure you don’t waste the ticket you already paid for. Unfortunately, airlines do not usually allow passenger swaps. Even if they do, they would usually charge a hefty fee for the privilege.

In contrast, when you charter a private flight for your group, you can make manifest changes up to the day of your flight.

When you initially book your group charter, you need only tell the air charter company about the approximate number of people flying. You will then be presented with options or provided a tailor-fit solution given your initial estimates and preferences.

At that point, the air charter company would tell you how many people the flight or flights you booked can carry, so you can adjust your group composition as needed to maximize capacity. However, you won’t have to make a firm commitment about your group composition until around a week or two before your travel date.

Even on the day of your flight, you can still make name changes and passenger replacements as needed, quickly and conveniently. No need to jump through hoops just to make passenger changes.

5.   Adequate Space for Baggage

Airport Baggage

When your group flies private, you can have as much space as you want for baggage. You just have to describe to the air charter company what your needs are like when it comes to cargo space, and they should be able to provide a plane with sufficient space to accommodate what your group requires.

Consequently, your group can travel comfortably with everything you need to make your trip a success. No need to worry about excess checked-in baggage fees.

Fly as a Group

Flying as a group via private air charter has many advantages.

You can customize your group’s travel experience, fly nonstop to your destination, create your custom itinerary, enjoy maximum passenger manifest flexibility, and have enough space for all your group’s baggage. Indeed, the convenience of group air charter flights can make it so worth its price.