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Explore These Cool & Awesome Hill Stations Near Coimbatore

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Hill stations near Coimbatore city in the South Indian State of Tamil Nadu are located on the picturesque Western Ghat mountain ranges. You can take a car rental in Coimbatore to easily visit them:


Munnar is 4-5 hours from Coimbatore by cab. This was a summer retreat during British times. It has South India’s largest tea estates; the Eravikulam National Park with the rare mountain goat Nilgiri tahr; Lakkam waterfalls; and the 2,695-meter-high Anamudi Peak.

Summers are maximum 25 °C; winter temperature can dip to 5°C. In Kerala rains are intermittent, so it is a good time to visit Munnar. From Munnar, you can also take a taxi to Devikulam Hill Station with Sita Devi Lake.


Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu is 4-4.5 hours from Coimbatore. Kodai Lake is amidst Palani Hill forests. Kodaikanal is famous for the blue Kurinji flower that blooms around December once in every 12 years. It last bloomed in 2017. The nearby Nilgiri hills meaning ‘blue mountains’ is named after this flower.

Tourist hotspots are Berijam Lake, Pillar Rocks, Shembaganur Museum, Kodaikanal Yoga Center, Kodaikanal Observatory, Dolmen Circle anthropological site and various caves, temples, churches, waterfalls, parks, and treks. Summers are around 20 °C, winters can dip to 8 °C, rains are average.


Ooty hill stations near Coimbatore

Ooty in Tamil Nadu is around 3 hours from Coimbatore by cab. Ooty Lake is surrounded by rich flora. Nearby Elk Hills has a garden with over 2,000 types of roses. There is an ancient tree fossil in the Government Botanical Garden. Ooty is also famous for its coffee and tea estates.

Best time to visit is summers (max 20°C). Winters it can dip to 5°C. There is heavy rainfall in monsoons. You can also visit Kotagiri hill station, 1-hour taxi ride from Ooty. Check out our Ooty Travelogue post


Yercaud in Tamil Nadu is 3-4 hours from Coimbatore by taxi. It is on the Shevaroy range full of coffee, spice, orange plantations. It has Yercaud Lake, Anna Park, and Lady’s Seat watchtower. It has a pleasant climate all around the year and average rainfall.


Coonoor in Tamil Nadu is around 2.5-3 hours from Coimbatore by taxi. The Nilgiri Mountain Railway ride passes via Coonoor. Sim’s Park, Dolphin’s Nose, Catherine Falls are other attractions. Best time to visit is from October to March.


Topslip in Tamil Nadu is around an hour from Coimbatore by cab. It has the Indira Gandhi wildlife sanctuary and national park, a medical plant conservation area, teak, bamboo forests and a part of Annamalai Tiger Reserve. Best time to visit is after the rains or winters.


Valparai in Tamil Nadu is around 3-3.5 hours from Coimbatore by taxi. It is on the Annamalai range full of cardamom and cinchona forests and tea, coffee plantations. It is flanked by Parambikulam Tiger Reserve and Anamalai Tiger Reserve. The best time to visit is autumn, winters, and spring.


BR Hills

BR Hills

Biligiri Ranga Hills in Karnataka is around 4-5 hours from Coimbatore by road. ‘Biligiri’ means ‘white hill’ named after a hill with a Lord Rangaswamy temple with white misty clouds. The temple is surrounded by BRT wildlife sanctuary and tiger reserve. Best time to see wildlife here are the dry, warm March to May months, though the temperature can rise to 38 °C.

So, take a taxi in Coimbatore and don’t miss a chance to visit these hill stations near Coimbatore.

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