The Indian 20-rupee banknote is the smaller standard denomination of the Indian rupee. The current ₹20 banknote in circulation is a part of the Mahatma Gandhi Series. Did you notice what is there in 20 rupees note backside?


Have you ever noticed the Image behind the Indian 20Rs note? If you have one, just pull out the note now and draw your attention towards the beautiful picture on it. Ever wondered if it depicts real or some fantastic location?


Well, this is from our country and if ever you are planning a trip to “Andaman” look out for the island called “North Bay Island / Coral Island” which is a very well know tourist place in Andaman island and very near to central city “PortBlair.”

This exact scene can be witnessed when you are on your way to Mt Harriot, and there is one small opening which gives the accurate view. Ask for this view when you are next planning for Andaman trip, get snapped, take a selfie. You will feel good to be here with this information.

Still, need something to be proved? Here’s the actual view of the island!


So for your next Andaman trip, you know where you have to take selfie :). travelescape.In the team always scout for similar valuable travel information from our rich and beautiful country India. Be proud to share and pass the information.

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Well how about the Indian 20 rs new note? Can you guys guess the location from the back side of the note? let us know in the comment section or join our exclusive VIP Facebook group.

20 rs New Note Front View


20 rs New Note Back View



The recent introduction of The Indian 2,000-rupee banknote, we now also have another grand image for Rs 2,000 rupee note backside. The picture is of Indian space rover “Mangalyaan”. Read here more aboutMangalyaan- Amazing facts

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