Indian Visiting Singapore– Also known as ‘The Garden City’ or ‘The Lion City,’ Singapore is one of the smallest countries in the world. The country experiences over 15 million tourists every year.

Not just a tourist spot but it is also a renowned education hub with a big number of international students here to pursue studies.

While it’s one of the smallest countries, it still stays as one of the most vibrant city-states in the world. Covered with a big collection of high-rise apartment proves how developed and forward the city is.

Here’s what you should know as a first time visiting Indian.

If you have been planning to visit this city, then here we have a few fantastic things to share with you. You can also download the Singapore Travel App – Locomole. It is perfect help to the travellers and will never make you feel like an outsider. Stay updated and get help with anything while you travel around the country.


Among the religious beliefs, Buddhism is the extensively practiced religion in Singapore. They have faith in Racial and religious harmony that has strongly built the Singapore identity.

As a traveler, you can visit various monasteries and Dharma Centres here. Explore them, and you are definitely going to love it.


People in Singapore prevail with a food-focused nature. You can enjoy a diversity of cuisines here. These include Indian, Malay, Chinese as well as hybridized food in a variety of styles. Moreover, Durian is considered to be the national fruit of the country.

As a traveller, you must definitely try the Peranakan cuisine. It is a mix of Malay and Chinese cuisine. By the way, we have a dedicated blog post on top romantic things to do in Singapore for you.


Singapore is a city known for its high level of development. A robust infrastructure, telecommunication facilities, and the tech ready resources will never disappoint you with today’s modernity. In fact, Singapore has the world’s largest mobile penetration rates.

Some of the famous Mobile Service Operators here are M1 Limited, Starhub and Singtel. As a traveller, since you might be at roaming, it is recommended that you must use an international roaming app to evade high calling charges. You may also consider buying a new sim card that costs you around $15 with 5-day validity. Did you know, you will find free Wi-Fi almost in all destinations. Thus, calling through the internet would be almost free.


Other than English, Singaporeans also talk in Mandarin, Malay, Tamil, and Chinese. Singaporean English is a UK English that has assimilated a common form known as Singlish. Amazingly, around 9% of the population in Singapore is Indians. You will never have a problem communicating since people understand English and Tamil.


Being the smallest island with a huge density of population, you will find people here moving by walk or by cycles. However, you can use public transport like taxis. They are cheap and convenient. As a traveller from India, consider installing taxi applications that help you make bookings easily.


Singapore Travel Guide

We all know Singapore is an amazing country that has a diversity of flora and fauna. It is a clean and tidy place. Littering is strictly prohibited. Extremely particular about the beauty of the place, one can be heavily fined. Furthermore, chewing gum is a ban in the country.Moreover, the country has vigilant police. Following the rules is essential. Otherwise, it may cost you a heavy pocket.


The people in Singapore are amazing. The locals are really friendly. So, you can talk to them and learn a lot. Furthermore, you must also try the local food here. It’s not bad. To commute, you will also find local buses other than the taxis. They are safe and easy to commute.


The climate here is humid. It may rain at any time. In general, the country remains warm. Thus, when travelling, consider carrying light and breathable fabric clothes. Since a lot of walking persists in the country, you may carry comfortable footwear too.


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Singapore is the world’s most expensive country. Compared to India, things would be immensely costly. Thus, consider making a big-budget before you plan to travel here. However, you can cut down costs by limiting your shopping. Did you know, Singapore has a place called ‘Little India.’ You can enjoy shopping at cheap rates there.

Water is expensive; you may have to spend around $3 for a half-liter of mineral water. Thus, make sure you fill your bottle before you leave the hotel.  Moreover, if you plan to have drinks, try to get some form a duty-free shop. Else, you’ll be looted. If you plan to purchase electronics, make sure you check the vital documents such as international warranty, customs, etc.

If you find any show organized or plan to visit a club, do be a part of it. Nightlife at Singapore rocks. And here you are ready and excited to get to Singapore. Do not forget to use the Locomole app that will guide you with everything when you travel to Singapore.

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