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Go IndiGo – A story of my first travel experience

For most of us in India, Air travel was a luxurious affair until a few years back, even after India’s economy opened up post the 90s. This particular segment never took off.

Post-2005 this sector started displaying the much-needed movement. Air Deccan, Kingfisher, and JetAirways were some of the early entrants to this form of travel.

IndiGo –Official website. IndiGo started its operation in the year 2006 was looking to make presence felt in the budget segment category and to pay visits to offbeat destinations. Indigo commenced its activities on the 4th August 2006 with a service from New Delhi to Imphal via Guwahati (source Wikipedia).

My first travel experience from Delhi to Mumbai back in 2008 was an enriching experience with Airbus A320 indiGo flight. The trip was undertaken for a job interview scheduled in Mumbai. I booked the tickets through the “ClearTrip” website.

I am a techie by profession, yet the sight of planes has always eluded me. Before 2008 I never knew how airplanes looked like.



Naturally, I was all thrilled and super excited to reach Indira Gandhi Airport much in advance; but there was a natural fear factor since it was my first airplane travel. More than anything, I was curious to know what IndiGo means. I happened to ask flight executive about my query.

She told me that IndiGo is a clever wordplay on ‘India’ and ‘Go’ — shorthand for a nation that was ready to fly (in context with the growth in the air travel segment).

Flight Check in counters

Flight Check-in counters

Those were the days when there was a limited rush, and I miss those sights now. The security check-in was swift. Therefore I had plenty of time to roam around at the terminal. A common sight at airports terminal is the availability of shopping centers. Finally, the time came for the final boarding of flight through the company operated the bus. Like a saying back from school days, blue is for boys; I liked the royal blue color bus taking me to my first boarding of flight.

IndiGo Bus

IndiGo Bus

The airline staff impressed me with their hospitality. I was allotted the 18th row, the window seat, the best part about flying. I could sense and still remember the roaring thrust from A320 engines to lift the jumbo jet up in the sky. There is one more benefit of the blue color. It relaxes you and soothes your senses, which is one of the most important criteria according to which they perhaps have chosen the color.

The flight time from Delhi to Mumbai is approximately 1 hour 50 minutes long which can be easily stretched depending upon the air congestion over the megacities of India. Fortunately, n 2008 the India sky was not overcrowded like it used to be these days.

IndiGo Flight

IndiGo Flight

I did experience uneasiness due to pressure differences but my excitement overcame any feeling of discomfort. When you look down, everything seems like a large canvas, the green patches, water bodies. Finally, the backwater, hills of outer Mumbai area is mesmerizing.

Next came the announcement from the captain, to fasten the seat belts as we were approaching the city of dreams Mumbai. The tall building, roads were now visible from the window and I could sense the steep descent. Dharavi the largest slum in Asia was visible as we landed.

Captain thanked all of us for choosing indiGo and bid adieu. I cannot thank my luck, my future company and indiGo for fulfilling my dream of flying in an airplane and that too to the financial capital of India .i.e Mumbai. I was ready to start a new chapter of my life, all thanks to Indigo.

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