Inspirational travel videos– Have you ever thought of a reason to travel? Feeling bored, finding excuses to make a trip, seeking solitude, want to go away from 6*6 ft cubical or your always annoying badass boss’s never-ending demand or to some extent of “girlfriend or wife“?

Watch this signature collection of short videos that will inspire you to travel and motivate to escape from mundane life.

P.S. Don’t be amazed if you find all these places alluring enough to change your mind!

1. Facts That Will Make You Want To Travel

There is no time like the present. A trip experience and memories will last forever then a sales meeting. A trip expenditure is less costly than smartphone whose lifetime is barely two years, whereas one can cherish the travel experience forever.

2. Don’t let your holiday spirit die

This is very common to all of us, whatever the situation is, never let your holiday spirit die, just think the world can wait for you to come from leaves, a must watch Video.

3. Travel mood.

Planning a trip, think what you want to do? What to explore?

Click beach photograph, selfie with your special one ,hold hands, play with sea waves , watch the sunset and birds flying back to their nest, explore mountains, visit spectacular monuments, witness different lifestyle , only “GO CRAZY ” for sometime.if you feel like doing any of these ever, then watch the below Video

4. Some crazy things which we always dream of, let’s do those in next trip

Finally, remember the crazy, stupid things we dreamt of doing in our early life ? all night booze, dancing in bonfire, counting the stars in clear sky, so if you want to do that and few more, here’s one exclusive video to get started

That’s all for today, my dear reader.Life is dynamic, full of challenges, make most of it and enjoy as it comes!

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Bon- Voyage, travelescape.In Team!