Jog Falls is a precious stone in the crown of Karnataka, which is blessed with many natural jewels. Situated close to Shivamogga, the gateway to Malenadu, it is one of the highest falls in India with water falling from a height of about 800 feet majestically.

I had read about Jog falls in our textbooks and it was my dream to visit this place. I got a chance to visit this during my college days. That was some time back and again I visited this place two years back which is fresh in my memory.

The first view of the falls was exciting and much-awaited. I was mesmerized by the sight of jog falls. The flow of water was medium, but still, it was a feast to the eyes.

My recent visit had an extraordinary touch to it. Let me tell you the details.

A group of three of us started from Bangalore. We reached Shivamogga by evening and halted there. While having our dinner, the person in the hotel who was serving us advised us to visit Bangaramakki temple, which is a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

Bangaramakki – A Temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman

I should certainly elaborate on a few points about Bangaramakki here. It is situated at a distance of 45 km. from Talaguppa on Bangalore Honnavar Highway. A deviation from the main road takes you to the temple.

Situated amidst lush greenery, it is a pleasure to drive here. Greenery everywhere, coffee plantations on both sides of the road look even better under light showers. 

People from all over India visit this place for a special reason. The main priest here reveals answers to the questions you have in your mind. There is no need for you to describe your problems, just stand in the row, he reads your mind and gives solutions.

This is a unique experience and many people have found solutions. Better to book your appointment and make sure the predictions are there before landing there.

Jog Falls – Nature’s Gift

Jog Falls Rainbow

The beauty of this fall is beyond words. Even pictures and videos can not give you the real picture. I suggest visiting this place at least once. Water falling from a height of 800+ feet creates music, water mist, and a beautiful view. The Western Ghats make a perfect home for the majestic falls.

The greenery around the falls adds to the beauty of the falls. There are different spots from where you can watch the falls to get a view from different angles.

There is a restaurant which serves food to the tourists. We tasted Masala dosa here which was reasonably good.

All this is normal information. We had a special experience which I certainly want to share.

Jog Falls from a different angle!

We met a guide who told us about a point from where we can get an extraordinary view of the falls. He also told us permission is required to go there but he can manage. We were also warned that we have to walk a small distance say around 700-800 meters which would be a climb.

We decided to venture with all enthusiasm. The guide took us to the nearest point in our car from where we had to walk. We had to tread a rocky path which was not very easy, but we managed and reached the viewpoint.

The entire area looked like any other place with small streams visible at distance. For a moment we thought we have been fooled.

The guide took us to the top of a particular rock and asked us to lie down and take a look. When I did, it was like ‘full paisa vasool’.  A small string of water was falling from the bottom of the rock to a depth of 800 feet. The view from there was awesome.

We could get the view only by sleeping on the rock. It is definitely not for those who have a high phobia. We have to hold the rock, lean a little forward to get the view.

It was worth all the risk and the view I caught in the camera of my eyes is still fresh. I heard now they have barricaded the area and people are not allowed there.

Where it is

jog falls

Jog falls is located in Karnataka, Sagara of Shimoga district. Shimoga is well connected by Road and Rail from Bangalore. Shimoga is a nice place to stay with all facilities and Jog is 100 km. by road from here. There are some decent hotels and stays in Sagar which is just 30 km. from Jog.

Bangalore to Jog Falls travel

Jog is located at a distance of 400 km. from Bangalore. The travel will be through Tumkur, Chitradurga, Shivamogga.

If you have no time constraints, do visit Chitradurga Fort. A tour around the fort will take about 3-4 hours. Better to avoid sunny times as rocks will get hot and it will be difficult to roam around. It is important to take a guide here without the explanation of whom, you will not understand the significance of the fort.

I suggest a break of journey at Shivamogga where you can find good eateries. Do not forget to taste Menasinakai bonda and khara mandakki when here. Meenakshi Bhavan is a nice place to taste South Indian delicacies. Do not forget to taste fresh from pan Mysore Pak at Narasimha Bhavan.

Time to visit Jog falls

Though rainy days which is between June and September is better to see the waterfall. But you have to be lucky to witness falls in their full glory. The rainwater does not flow freely.

There is a dam constructed across River Sharavati to hold the water. The falls will be in full bloom only when water is released from the dam. The more the water released, the more will be the beauty of the falls.

Where to stay

There is Mayura Hotel run by KSTDC located very close to the viewpoint. The hotel is reasonably good including food. I prefer going in groups to such places from the point of safety and also to enjoy more.

You can also choose to stay at Shimoga and make a day trip to Jog, which is about 100 km.

Getting down to the bottom of the falls

There are steps to get down to the bottom of the falls and those who are adventurous can go down. I did not venture this as it looked steep and also time-consuming. If you plan to climb down, plan accordingly. Remember there are restrictions for this and during rainy days it is not allowed.

Attractions around Jog falls

There are lots of places to visit around Jog Falls. Apart from Bangaramakki, you can visit Burude falls, Gerusoppa, Linganamakki Dam, and so on. Pick the places based on your interest. You can also visit Sringeri, Sigandur, Horanadu, depending on your interest.

If you are fond of the ocean and beaches, you can plan a visit to Gokarna and Murudeshwara. Murudeshwara is a place worth staying a night in beach view rooms. It is a unique experience watching the song and dance of the waves in the serenity of night. It is still better if it is a full moon day.

Just a drive around this place rejuvenates you with its panoramic views. Mountains covered with greenery, coffee plantations, jackfruit trees, beetle leaves, pepper trees are the specialties of this region.

Do stop for a hot sip of coffee on roadside coffee stalls where you can taste excellent, fresh, aromatic coffee with some light snacks.

Always taste local, seasonal fruits. Though the name is the same, like Banana, it tastes different in each region.

Developments awaited in Jog!

Jog Falls View

There are proposals to develop Jog Falls into a major tourist spot. A firm based at Abu-Dhabi is making big plans like Water Park, rope-way across the fall, landscaping, and gardening are expected to come up.

The company is also planning to ensure the glory of the falls around the year using water recycling technology. A food court and an art gallery to bring to light the local talent are also in the anvil. A digital information center to provide all the information for the tourists is also included in the plan.

All these are aimed to attract more tourists to this jewel of nature which it aptly deserves.

A personal request

We travel to rejuvenate ourselves and blend with nature. While achieving this, we should be careful not to harm nature.

  • Good if you use leaf plates and cups for your needs. If not, please do not leave plastic cups, plates, covers, etc. anywhere.
  • Just take a dip in the river or any water bodies. Do not pollute them by using chemicals like soaps, detergents, etc.
  • When we travel on our own, we tend to stop in between to watch nature, streams, birds, etc. Please do not harm any trees, plants, animals, birds, etc. especially if you are traveling in your own vehicle.
  • Make travel safe for yourself, your family members, and other co-tourists.
  • Finally, sharing is very important. Like at viewpoints, temples, etc. after you have had a view, please make way for others.

Finally, Covid is still amongst us. So if you are traveling take all necessary precautions. It is not just for you, it is for your family, for your friends, for your countrymen that you have to stay safe!

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