Kadamane tea estate– Let’s go out somewhere? But where? And we only have a weekend to go for. Options were many. Time was running short, a much-needed break was required.

And finally, we decided Kadamane. Yes, Kadamane is a Tea estate in Sakleshpur Karnataka, which was the choice for our next short road trip.


It was hot, it was a May weekend. It was 2 days off from work for us. Although we had only 2 days left, when we decided about Kadamane Tea Estate, luckily we could get the booking as well.


More around the bungalow

It was suggested by one of our friends for a relaxing holiday. As it was only 5.00 hrs drive from Bangalore so very ideal and perfect location.


We started at 6.30 AM in the morning with our bags full of chips milk and biscuits so that we do not need to stop in between. The highway till Hassan was very easy going but lots of construction was going on Sahyadri Ghats so after Hassan, the way was not so good.


As soon as we started on the ghats we could breathe the freshness in the air, estates of coffee on both sides. Trees on the roadside were loaded with Jack fruits.

When we couldn’t resist them we thought of plucking one for ourselves, little did we know that neither it is easy to pluck it nor we can eat it the way we get in North India. So it was of no good to us. But the experience of climbing on the roof of our car to pluck the roadside jack fruits was fun for kids.


We were very close to Kadamane but we took a wrong turn but realized soon after. And immediately then we saw something running away from our car, it was a deer. By the time we could realize and capture him in our cameras it ran in the bushes nearby.

It was amazing as till then we have never seen any such wildlife animals randomly (yes later we found many in Mudumalai national park).


Valley view

As soon as we enter Kadamane through a secured entry point we could see a govt primary school. Later on the way, a hospital and other signboards of other things like churches, staff quarters, etc. One of them was the tea factory. Later during the day, we got to know that they have their own Tea factory as well.

We were just thinking only when came a Colonial Bungalow. Yes, Kadamane is a Bungalow made in 1920, which is now been converted for a Colonial stay experience. Kadamane tea estate is somewhere around 750 to 1000 acre property. It is also known as Sinna Dorai’s Bungalow.

The manager Ms. Radhika was very supportive. We were warmly welcomed with their in-house refreshing tea of course. The stay includes all the meals. Meals were lip-smacking yet simple and homely.

Kids enjoyed as they played lawn tennis, badminton, table tennis, carom, chess. They have cycles which we took for the estate ride.

One peak to another

We also have the privilege to go anywhere and everywhere in that huge estate but with one of their attendants. Soon we moved towards the sunset point. I don’t have words to explain but these photographs can. Clouds all around, the valley in front of you, wild winds, hot tea, kids playing around and nothing beyond. Love it, live it, relish it was the time we spent there.

As the day went down and morning came with freshness, we thought for the late checkout and asked them for extra lunch and wanted to explore the estate a bit more.


We went to the Tea factory tour where we saw the journey of fresh tea leaves to the packed tea which we use in our homes. It was a very informative experience for all of us. We also purchased tea for ourselves.


Later in the noon, their attendant and another jeep packed with our picnic lunch took us deep inside the estate; no signal, no road, and a jumpy bumpy ride lead us to a small paradise along a river stream deep in the jungle.

Sometimes you wonder whether places like these do exist, just you need to explore them and moreover keep them as pure and natural as they are. The calmness, the serenity, birds chirping, insects buzzing is all we could hear. We came back to the Bungalow around 4 PM.


As we headed back to Bangalore it became dark but the memories of that trip are still bright in our hearts. The time we spent together.

The best time to visit is, of course, May to January. We were lucky that it was cloudy on the day we visited the sunset point and sunny when we went down the jungle for our picnic lunch otherwise we couldn’t have enjoyed it so much.

Lunch picnic


We thought of visiting Manjarabad Fort (which is a star-shaped fort) in Sakleshpur but somehow dropped the idea. (No time also).


  • It is a beautiful place to stay but doesn’t forget to carry mosquito repellent, and salt as there are a lot of leeches when you go deep inside.
  • Do follow the manager’s instructions as lots of cuts are there en route and signals also get lost sometimes. So study the google map thoroughly.
  • Do tell your preferences beforehand.


Kadamane Tea Estate is one of the three properties of Sinna Dorai’s Bungalow. For further details, you can visit http://www.sinnadorai.com/home.aspx. Also, you can reach the manager # Ms. Radhika at 09481925930.


Some holiday stays like this has their own charm when you just do nothing but yet so many things. I can for sure say holiday in Kadamane tea estate is one of those. Do you have holidays like this? comment below and I am eager to read those.

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