Karnataka the state in the southwest of India is famous for its rich and old heritage. The word ‘Karnataka’ is derived from the ‘Kannada’ word which means elevated land. Karnataka also originally known as ‘State of Mysore’ has Bangalore as it’s the largest city which is house to many IT companies, for which it is called the Silicon Valley of India.


People in Karnataka speak various languages and have three ‘Sanskrit’ speaking districts. Karnataka has a very old history, even it is discovered that Gold found during Harappa civilization was mined from Karnataka mines, which proves the contact between ancient Karnataka and the old civilizations of Indus valley.


Following is the list of some Vedic villages in Karnataka that you can prefer while traveling.

  • Shankara Agraharam: Far from the busy city life of traffic and noise this Vedic village will provide you with peace, calm and internal happiness. Here you are also provided with the teachings and knowledge along with the blessings of goddess Sri Sharadamba, Lord Sri Chandramouleshwara, and Sri Adi Shankara.

This Vedic village is designed according to the ideologies of Sanathana Dharma where you meditate and try to attain moksha. The architecture here is totally different from other religious or brahmin settlements as this design is influenced by Agraharam.

Yoga Om Beach
  • Gokarna: The Vedic village of Gokarna is designed differently where you have multiple dining and lodging facilities available. There are sea view rooms and also carry out different tasks during your stay. Their tasks include Boating, Exploring the Rocky Mountains, visiting the tadri port, camping and many more.
  • Discovery Village near Bangalore is a very good place to stay. It has a package which involves a visit to Gokarna where you avail facilities to carry out different leisure activities. Visiting Gokarna and its beaches will totally cherish your mood, mind and rejuvenate you.
  • Mettur:  This is the place where residents converse in Sanskrit and you will find the rich Vedic heritage here. This village is built in a square shape which is according to the Agraharam. The ancient tradition of Gamaka is preserved by Mettur and its sister village Hosahalli.

This place is not very far from Bangalore and you can find many resorts near Bangalore, in which you can stay quite comfortably. You can get the old Sanskrit teachings here as there are numerous professors in this village. You can learn to meditate here.

  • Hampi: Located in the east-central Karnataka, Hampi is the place where there are a group of monuments which are also UNESCO world heritage sites. This place is the second largest city of the medieval era after Beijing. There are numerous temples, farms and trading markets.

In Hampi, old monuments and temples will tell you a lot about the rich heritage of this place. You can also find various old texts related to Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. You can also find various temples, sites, and scriptures related to the Jain religion, which have their remains here.

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