Travel Story From Kodai, the princes of Hill Stations. I am Rupa and just going down memory lane, like almost 19-20 years back story.

You must be wondering how I remember these things!! Though we are small, there will be some things we get attached and we remember certain parts, it will be either in the form of blurry or you will be in a dilemma whether it has happened or am I just assuming!!

So, I started searching for my photo albums. There it is, proving that I have good memory!! (I know I am pricing myself a bit more).

Whenever I remember Kodaikanal, I will always remember one thing, I will start laughing like anything. At the same time, I am surprised by my imagination power. Like back then, there is this travelling company which is Nirmala Travels. Through that, we had covered most of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

So here the Kodai travel story goes like this

I got one toy cooling glasses or goggles whatsoever you want to call it! My co-traveler uncle gave me that. I carried it wherever I go, so it was time we were in Kodaikanal, I had that in my hand all of a sudden, I dropped it in the lake.

I started crying like anything and my mom came, and she asked like what happened, I was like mom, we have to go to the police station, and we have to give a complaint. And I started crying again (Back there I had a huge shock to become an army officer, or a police officer and I wanted to make that a career).

She could not understand, and she asked to tell me what exactly happened. And I told her I dropped cooling glasses in the water and there will be small fish and they are going to take it and wear it, now what can I do! I lost it. And it is not going to give it back to me easily, so let’s go and give complaint to police. They will catch it and they will make it to give it back to me.

And everyone started laughing like anything. I started crying again but my parents know me very well, only food can make me stop doing whatsoever I was doing. There it goes more chocolates and biscuits.

And I almost forgot about my stolen goggles. Food is the solution for me, I guess. Hahaha!!

Kodaikanal is one of the most frequented destinations in Tamil Nadu and if you want to know the greatest way to spend a day in Kodaikanal. Check out our blog by Piyush, on his itinerary on one day trip to Kodaikanal.

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