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Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

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Yes, Kolkata has over the crowded street. Yes, Kolkata has illegal prostitution. Ok, glad we got that out of the way. But Kolkata is so much more than all the vices that come to mind when people think of this amazing & historical city.

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Victoria Memorial Facts

No matter you visit or not, check out some intresting facts

Lord Curzon’s brainchild as a memorial to the Empress of India and Queen of the United Kingdom, Queen Victoria after her death in 1901, the Victoria Memorial was modeled on the Taj Mahal and was commissioned in 1906
‘Nike’, the Greek Goddess of victory, on the top of the museum is said to be haunted and has been prominently featured in many Kolkata stories and novels. It is regarded with pride and joy in Kolkata and colloquially referred to as the “Victoria”.

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