Konkan or the Konkan Coast or Kokan as correctly called in the state of Maharashtra is a rugged section of the western coastline of India. It is a 720 km long coastline with numerous places to visit in Konkan. Consists of the coastal districts of western Indian states of Maharashtra, Goa, and Karnataka. Visiting places in around beach areas will make  memorable Konkan holidays

Konkan Road Trip From Mumbai

It was a long weekend. With 4 days in hand, the traveler inside me started wondering, to ensure that this long weekend doesn’t end up as numerous other boring ones doing couch surf. I had heard a lot about Konkan Road Trip from Mumbai & beaches though never got a chance to explore beyond Alibaug and Kashid. Doing a quick chat with fellow riders and hearing their experience, got the motivation to go inside the coastal region to get the feel.

And what will be better means to explore the natural serenity other than on Royal Enfield  where one gets the 360-degree view of the surroundings.So the destination was decided – Harihareshwar, a coastal hamlet in Maharashtra, famous for the Lord Harihareshwar Swami temple which is centuries old, with pit stops in between.

Places to visit in Konkan Maharashtra

1) Alibaug & Kashid– Alibag is located about 100 km south of Mumbai, Alibag is a coastal town and municipal council in Raigad district in Konkan region of Maharashtra. Kashid is best known for clean beach and water sports activities

2) Murud-The sleepy fishing hamlet of Murud at just– 165km from Mumbai – should be on any itinerary of the Konkan Tour which can be covered in 4 hrs from Mumbai. Famous for fresh seafood, Janjira fort, interaction with local over a game of cricket on beach

3) Ganpatipule-Located about 375km from Mumbai in Ratnagiri district, it’s a village that snoozes through much of the year, except during holidays such as Diwali or Ganesh Chaturthi.Ganpatipule derived its name from famous western faced Ganesha temple.Read more on Ganpatipule here

4) Tarkarli & Malvan The southern most tip of Konkan Maharashtra lies this beautiful beaches of Tarkarli. The beach state Goa is few km from the Malvan town.A must visit for white sand, snorkeling and Scuba Dive. A must do in Konkan Tour list

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Konkan Tour on Bullet

Konkan Tour on Bullet

The roads of Mumbai is always empty in the morning and so I was able to fire the engine on higher speeds of 90 kph. Soon in an hour I was outside Panvel . Halted there for snacks. The sky was clear, the breeze was cool which set the perfect mood for getting out from the hustle bustle of city and go as near to nature as possible.

Started at 8 am from Panvel and by 10 am were in Kashid for snacks and tea. Throughout till Alibaug the road was good . The stretch between Alibaug and Kashid is a nightmare , though on the bull you won’t feel that pinch . I was able to maintain a minimum speed of 50 kph throughout the bad stretch. It was a sunny day and we started feeling dehydrated , so we inquired about good places to stay in Kashid. However after a sumptuous breakfast we decided to reach the planned destination of Murud Janjira.

Konkan Tour Murd Janjira

Konkan Tour Murd Janjira

Konkan Tour Ghat Road

Konkan Tour Ghat Road

The road between Kashid and Murud Janjira is heaven as you pass by near the sea. On the right hand side you will see endless water and on left hand side the lush greenery of nature will catch the attention of your eyes. We felt like going endless on that road with the road never end. It was a mesmerizing scene which cannot be explained in words, may be the photo can do a bit of justice.

Murud Janjira

Murud Janjira Fort

Murud Janjira Fort

Finally we reached Murud Janjira at 11:20 am. Murud is a small fishing town near Murud beach. The main road of Murud runs parallel to the sea. The sea water is as close as 20 meters during the day time and as far as 100 meters in the evening. The beach has very fine black sand which gives the mirage of black diamonds. The beach is almost a kilometer and half long and free from garbage. There are couple of resorts with their rear end opening on the beach itself. Though we were not fortunate enough to get a place in those resorts. Murud has lots of home stay, hotels to stay. Luckily we got a stay in nearby home stay which was pristine.


Murud is a laid back town so one can spend quite a long time on its beach and can have bath there.Apart from that , following activity can be enjoyed there :

Things to do at Murud Janjira:

  • Banana boat ride on Murud beach
  • Baggi ride on Murud beach
  • Visit the small fort on the hill
  • Visit the main Murud fort which is 4 km from the town in the middle of the sea. Ou can get regular ferry services to visit the fort. Safe for family and kids. You can find lots of travelers in Murud.
  • Enjoy the famous coastal Chicken and Sea food delicacies in Patil hotel. Also there is one small hotel on the beach which provide yummy fish thali and chicken thali. The food for 2 people will cost around Rs 400-500. I bet you will not be able to eat after that.

…. To be continued! Stay Tuned

Murud Janjira Buggy Ride

Murud Janjira Buggy Ride

Live Temperature at Murud

[BetterWeather location=”18.3258,72.9577″ /]

The story was shared by “Milton Singh” on his experience from one of his road trip describing Konkan Tour, the thing to do. He is an avid bullet rider. For any information required on Konkan, feel free to buzz us- [email protected]

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