The Kukke Subramanya temple is prominent for its might and special ritual that is solace from Naga Dosha. Here, millions of devotees come to seek relief from long-lasting problems.

Many devotees’ wishes came true. In fact, my wish also came true here, besides this, the temple is located on the banks of the Kumaradhara River. The western ghats hills covered in greenery in the backdrop along with the amazing weather in the morning make this place a picturesque place.

What is Naga Dosha(obstacles)?

In Hinduism, people believe in horoscopes and astrology from ancient times. Whenever a child is born in a Hindu family, a horoscope will be written based on the time and place the child is born.

Some families will look into the horoscope only during marriage. In Hinduism, the horoscope of the Bride and Bridegroom has to match for marriage. Nowadays many people have put a stop to this belief.

However, when a person visits an astrologer or a temple priest seeking solutions for the problems, it may be related to getting married, having a child, health-related problems, or financial crisis.

They will look into the person’s horoscope and tell them problems like dosha and remedy for that dosha. In simple terms, Naga dosha is nothing but an obstacle in life. According to ancient scriptures, these doshas are caused due to past life’s bad karma.

My visit to Kukke Subramanya Temple

Kukke Subramanya Temple

On the last day of the temple tour, after taking a nice nap in Udupi, we started our journey early in the morning, around 5 AM to the last pilgrimage destination on our tour list.

It took around three and half hours for us to reach Kukke Subramanya temple. Most of the temples we visited were not crowded and we thought the same during the Kukke Subramanya temple visit. But unfortunately, it was crowded with devotees.

After removing footwear we stepped inside the temple and were blown by the crowd, we literally felt scared due to Covid. We wore a mask but still never excepted such a crowd.

Darshan of Lord Subramanya

The first question that came to our minds is in which queue we need to stand to get darshan of Lord Subramanya? After keenly observing for some time, we found out the queue line for darshan.

It was Jam-packed but we had darshan of Lord Subramanya without much hassle. After the darshan of Lord Subramanya, we went to Adi Subramanya temple which is around 100 meters from the main temple.

We started towards Adi Subramanya temple from the small door on the north side of the temple. Since it is crowded, with difficultly we crossed the door and on barefoot and went to Adi Subramanya temple.

Unfortunately, even this temple was Jam-packed with devotees inside the main temple sanctum. We had a good darshan of Serpent god Vasuki and came out. Inside it was quite suffocating due to the crowd and mask.

Spend some time enjoying the surrounding, went back to Kukke Subramanya Temple. Started roaming in the temple we step in to river water which is opposite to main temple sanctum there is a door where the Kumaradhara River flows.

 If you cross the door, you will be welcomed by backdrop of hills covered with trees along with the flowing river. We went there and took few pics, unfortunately, river water was very low as we visited during the summer.

Later took the prasad ticket and collected prasad from the prasad counter and went on to have breakfast. Started our journey towards Bangalore with contentment with our Dakshina Karnataka temple tour.

Tips for first-time visitors at Kukke Subramanya Temple

The main deity is Lord Subramanya, here you will be entering from the West direction which is the main entrance of the temple. The main temple sanctum is in the East direction.

Another specialty here is Lord Subramanya’s idol. The top idol is Lord Subramanya, the lower one is King of Nagas, Vasuki, and the lower to that Adi shesha.

It resemblance that Lord Subramanya is in Naga’s abode, hence yearly thousands of devotees come here to seek solace from Naga Dosha-related problems.

If you are first-time visiting, ask the temple authorities in case of any ambiguity. If you couldn’t find anyone, ask the fellow pilgrims regarding the queue line and details for the puja or darshan.

There are different queue lines, one for darshan other for Ashlesha Bali puja, Sarpa Samskara, Nagaprathishta, and other different sevas. 

So you should stand in the queue line based on your purpose until your turn arrives. After all the rituals are completed you should stand in the darshan queue of Lord Subramanya.

Interesting facts about the temple

Pilgrims are halted at the sliver pillars before the main temple sanctum. This is a belief of stopping them from breathing the poisons gas emitted from Vasuki’s breath. The pillar at which pilgrims stop is called Garuda Pillar.

Legends of Kukke Subramanya Temple

Once Garuda, the vehicle of Lord Vishnu starts taking vengeance on the serpents for cheating their mother. In a fit of rage, he even attacks the King of serpents Vasuki. Kasyapa Prajapati pacifies the Garuda to stop annihilating the snakes.

The severely wounded Vasuki prays to Lord Shiva for protection from Garuda. Lord Shiva who got impressed by Vasuki’s prayers blesses him with his presence and also instructs him to take bath in the dhara river to cure his wounds.

For this Vasuki conveyed his fear to the Lord about the future attacks from Garuda. For this Lord Shiva assured him that Lord Subramanya will come to the hills for a purpose and stay with Vasuki.

Also, Garuda as well stays there and blesses the devotee whoever visits the kshetra(temple). As per the Lord’s instruction, Vasuki took bath in the river after curing the wounds and started penance.

Adi Subramanya temple is where one sees anthill along with serpent idols. Lord Subramanya blesses Vasuki with his presence. From then onwards, he stayed along with Vasuki in Subramanya village to bless devotees.

Kumaradhara River

River flowing through the village of Kukke behind the temple of Kukke Subramanya

Devotees who visit the temple take a bath in the sacred river water before visiting the temple. What is so special about the river waters? Whatever skin or any kind of disease a person has will be cured.

Moreover, some come here to absolve their bad karma by taking bath in the holy waters of the river.

After Killing the demon Tarakasura, Lord Subramanya washed his weapons here. Besides this Lord Parasurama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu after killing 21 powerful Khestrays came here to take bath and absolves his sins.

Follow Covid Protocols

Due to covid, it is advisable to avoid taking bath in the holy river waters.

Also, wear a mask inside the temple and maintain social distance.

Wash/Sanitize you are hands regularly.

If you have any symptoms of cold or fever avoid visiting the temple.

Dress code and other details

If you are doing any Naga Dosha puja you need to wear traditional dress like Dhoti, Pyjama. Otherwise, men can wear a normal formal dress without a shirt inside the main temple sanctum.

For ladies, it is advisable to wear an appropriate dress which they feel comfortable.

Temple timings for pilgrims are 7.30 Am to 1.30 PM and 2.30 PM to 6.30 PM. So plan according to the time and visit the temple and have a good darshan of Lord Subramanya.

Room booking

Here numerous rooms are available, if you are performing certain Puja rituals like Sarpasamskara, devotees need to stay here two days.

For more details or for any other seva which required stay, one can check the official website which provides detailed price and availability of rooms.

Nearby places to visit

Kumara Parvatha

If you are looking for some adventure activity after the temple darshan, then plan a trek to Kumara Parvath. The trekking trail is quite challenging for the trekkers.

But the top of the mountain makes the tedious trek worth it. The height of the peak is 4000 feet from sea level. The Panoramic view from the top of the hill gives an extraordinary view of the Shesha and Siddha hills.

Interesting legends of the hill are that in the war against Demon Tharaka, Lord Subramanya along with his brother Lord Ganesh came here.

Lord Indra who was impressed by the victory of Lord Subramanya request Lord to marry his daughter Devasena. Lord agreed to the marriage and married Devasena on the Kumar Paravath.

Biladwara Cave

This is the place where Serpent king Vasuki hides to escape the furious attack of Garuda. One can visit this cave to know more about the story. It is located on the way towards the Subramanya temple.

Matsya and Panchami Tirthas

Here devotees take bath before visiting the temple. This place is considered as the holy river water due to the confluence of Tirthas. 

A place where Matsya, Panchami, and Kumar Dhara Tirtha confluence.

One must be very careful while taking bath here. However, due to Covid-19, it is not safe to take bath in the river.

Plan a trip to Kukke Subramanya temple and get yourself free from all kinds of obstacles in life with Naga Dosha puja/seva.

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