Kunagalu Betta, Ramanagara– Hey, where we are going this weekend? not the touristy places in Bangalore for sure, so where? why not do something offbeat and try out the trekking around Bangalore? this Kunnagalu betta looks good, near to Bangalore and also its rainy season around, let’s go!

Kunagalu Betta Overview

Kunagalu Betta Trek Path

if you are bored of the same Bangalore touristy places, then heads towards Bangalore-Mysore road and reach the famous Ramanagara, Kunagalu Betta is quite easy to reach from Bangalore. At Ramanagara cross the level crossing next to the railway station, and keep driving till you see this hill to your left.

or you can follow Google maps and reach the base of the village, It’s a small nice village and you will immediately start feeling the freshness in the air.

However, being the rural part of Karnataka, expect a language barrier if you do not know the local language, I will recommend having your awesome Kandigan friends standby in case you need to communicate in the village.

Betta in Kanada means “small hill” and true to its meaning it’s a small hill, if you do the full trek from the base of the village, you need to cover approx 2.5Km to reach the top or if you drive your 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler to the uphill, you can cover almost 40% of the trek, the choice is yours!

Kunagalu Betta Trek is it worth?

it depends on you, yes it is in all sense, however, I will say the place, trek, and experience come alive around Monsoon, due to greenery all around, during summer or dry season, it may look like a dried up trek. I went in the month of August and hence, I found it refreshing, fun to do, and definitely recommend to you or even for a family trek near Bangalore.

You will get a nice early morning road trip from Bangalore to Ramangara on the infamous Bangalore-Mysore highway. I think and I am optimistic in 2 years from now the load on the existing highway will reduce and it will be more fun to drive due to the new expressway coming up.

Give Me More Tips

For the best and enjoyable experience, please either trek in the early time or in the evening time, I will definitely say, avoid the late morning, afternoon and late afternoon, it will be super hot and possibly dry.

Carry snacks, water, and sunglasses with a cap, because for obvious reasons. You can have a light breakfast on Bangalore-Mysore highway like A2B, Vatika, etc. The most important point is that please do not litter the place, carry your trash with yourself and dump it at a safer location.

The last tip is that while you return, you may visit the main Ramanagara town and search on google for the hotel name “Janardhan” it is a lot famous for the authentic local sweet of Mysore Pak, I bet you will experience the best Mysore Pak from here. However, expect a crowd and slow service.

Another Offbeat Place Near Kunagalu Betta?

Yes, if you are done with one trek, I am sure you won’t be doing another else there is Ramanagara Ramdevara Betta on the opposite side of Bangalore- Mysore highway, which is more organized, maintained, and easy to hike, it is the exact spot where the movie Sholey was shot.

However, if you are looking for more relaxed and closer to Bangalore then this lovely Manchanbele Dam is the one to go and enjoy the beauty

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