Lion and Rhino Nature Reserve
520 Kromdraai | Krugersdorp, Muldersdrift, South Africa

Lions in Lion and Rhino Nature Reserve

Lions in
Lion and Rhino Nature Reserve

Not a full-scale nature reserve but a privately owned and operated park.It’s beautiful huge jungle and best part is you comfort yourself in your own vehicle. It’s a self drive park.some roads in the park are labelled “4×4 ONLY”. To get the
full experience, be sure your car has 4 wheel drive.Great selection of animals and they come up close and get personal with your car.

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Ideal for urban wildlife enthusiasts and families who are eager to catch a glimpse of Africa’s famous wildlife, at the Rhino and Lion park you can tick four of the Big Five, namely lion, rhino, leopard and buffalo off your wish list; and see other rare and endangered species too.

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Though we are not a supporter of wild animal in captivity, however, being honest, the animals are well cared for and they all look really healthy. You will see lots of antelope, some rarely seen species like Sable etc. different and beautiful birds.A visit to the lion, white lion, cheetah and wild dog enclosures will be awesome.You can play with cubs too.Goose bump stuff and a photographer’s dream.

leopar and amit prakash

leopar and amit prakash

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Visit wonder caves too which is in the premises of Park.Very well maintained and natural. A must watch for all the visitors.

You will have a wonderful experience.You can stay in one of the Log cabins. You can hear Lions roaring while sipping wine in a spa bath and also in night while sleeping in delightful and comfy beds.

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Staff is very friendly and very helpful. The lion and cheetah feeding isn’t every day but it’s a must see, check the schedule and visit on those days.It will be a great experience.

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The restaurants are immaculate and the food at lunch time is excellent.A wonderful experience for all of us, young or old. The entrance fees and accommodation prices are great value for money and makes a contribution to this
privately run reserve.

Worth a regular, repeat visit!!

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Experience shared by Mr. Amit Prakash