Machranga Dweep: An aura of mystery and smoky hues of obnoxious desolation has its mark felt upon this island called Machranga Dweep. This bleak island is roofed by trees and is measured as an ideal hub for a fun-filled day trip.

The island is nice for a nature walk over the stretched green fields and in the distance where enchantment screams one can also visit the villages of Bangladesh.

It is a petite island in the middle of Ichamati River that is still more or less a virgin spot and a secretive destination for bird lovers and photographers. Kingfisher Island touts being a beautiful landscape surrounded by trees and a flowing river.


1. Introduction
2. What is Machranga Dweep
3. Machranga Dweep as a picnic spot
4. What to do at Machranga Dweep
5. Bird Spotting at Kingfisher Island
6. Nearby attractions at Machranga Dweep
7. Best time to visit Machranga Dweep
8. How to reach
9. Where to stay


If you are tired of searching for a good picnic spot and you don’t like too much crowd then this is the right place for you. An amazing place near Kolkata, only 75 km from Kolkata. It is a matter of great solace, while you visit Machranga Dweep or Kingfisher Island.

From Taki, Machranga Dweep is easily accessible by boat. Machranga Dweep is a popular picnic spot for weekenders from Kolkata and other adjacent areas of West Bengal, especially during winter. The USP of this island is isolation. The spectacular view of the setting sun over River Ichamati is a feast for the eyes of the Machranga Dweep.

Machranga Dweep has Bangladesh on one side and India on the other. This desolate island is covered with trees and considered ideal for a fun-filled day trip. This island is fully controlled by Border Security Force. It is an excellent picnic spot during the winter season. But nowadays, due to excessive mud and lack of proper infrastructure one can get on this island only during the high tide. You can take a motorboat ride from Taki to go near the island and see the villages of Bangladesh.

Machranga Dweep is spread over 129 acres of land and it is an isolated one. From there you can see Taki, which is on the mainland. It is advisable to travel to Machranga Dweep in the evening, as it will present you with a cool breeze and sunset in the dusk, while the dawn in Machranga Dweep is awesome.


Machranga Dweep is a small islet in the middle of Ichamati River near both Taki and Hasanabad towns in North 24 Parganas of West Bengal. It is a pristine island located just near the confluence of the Ichhamati and Bhasa.
Machranga Dweep is mostly uninhabited now.

Several species of birds like the parrot, bulbul, and kingfisher are seen here. The island is very beautiful with mangroves and water bodies all around. It will take around 30 minutes to reach the island by a mechanized boat or vessel. The entry fee for Machranga Deep is Rs 5 per head. Ferry service is available from Jetty Ghat.


Machranga Dweep is an absolute wonder to watch. The island is ideal for a picnic or day out and the Hasnabad Panchayat Samity maintains a two-storeyed bungalow on the Machranga Dweep especially for this purpose. You will be surprised to know all the arrangements are made by the Local Panchayat Samiti and this time there are a lot of improvements made by them.

[UNIQUE] No dirt was there, every street was having 2 dustbins minimum and it is quite impressive to see guards near the river Ichamati to control Water pollution. You are safe here until under the Rules and regulations but don’t prefer outing during Night. Overall this place is mind-blowing picnic spot.


This amazing island is covered by trees and it’s ideal for a fun-filled day trip. Awesome sightseeing and great nature walk over the green field is worth mention. The setting sun over River Ichamati as viewed from the island is an extravagant sight to be sheltered in the brain eternally. From this island, you can have a really amazing view of Bangladesh and I am sure you will fall in love with this spectacular place. It is safe during the daytime too and the local people are really helpful and cooperative.

Swimming is a popular activity for all the perfect combination of rest and fun. You may explore the island by boat to have a great fun as the scene from the boat is absolutely awesome. Fishing indulgence is also a good idea, you might catch a few sweet water fishes and your dinner gets set. The reflection of the island on the clear waters of Ichamati River is worth mention.


Pallas’s and Brown-headed Gulls, Great-crested, Common, White-winged and Little Terns, Greater and Lesser Sand and Kentish Plovers, Curlews, Kingfisher, Whimbrels, and a mix of other waders are found here. Coastal forest birds are found in the island itself and include Orange-headed and Tickell’s Thrush.


You can take boat rides to Sunderban without spending a hefty amount to witness the wildlife and beautiful gifts of nature. Nearby attraction of Machranga Dweep is Taki, which is another popular day trip destination. It is just twenty minutes from Machranga Dweep. Hasnabad is also nearby.


You can travel to this place throughout the year except for the rainy season.


The nearest place to Machranga Dweep is Hasnabad. Hasanabad is 75 km from Sealdah and the train is connected by Barasat. It is part of the Kolkata Suburban Railway. There is a privately operated express bus from Esplanade to Hasnabad, travelling via Belgachia, Patipukur, Jessore Road, Nager Bazar, Barasat, Kadambagachi, Golabari, Beleghata, Berachampa, Kholapota, and Basirhat.

You can reach Taki Road station from Sealdah by Hasnabad Local. From Hasanabad Railway Station, reach Hasanabad Ferry Ghat. It is a walking distance. From there van rickshaws are available which will take you to Ferry Dock. From which you can hire a boat to rich the spot.

The ferry service is available from Jetty Ghat. You can reach Machranga Dweep by the transit of local motorboat or the vessels monitored by the Hasnabad Municipal Corporation. Motor Boat Charges – Rs. 30/- per head, Rs. 600-800/- for the full boat. You can also reach Machranga Dweep by hiring a boat from Taki’s ferry ghat. You can even travel by car for your convenience.


Camping is a fun idea. In case, you wish to stay in hotels or lodges there are a few options available there. Atithisala of the Panchayat Samiti is an amazing arrangement for guests to stay and accommodation. There are many Hotels in this area. Prefer Kundan Hotel if you are a vegetarian. They provide excellent services and price is genuinely reasonable.

[SUGGESTED STAY]I recommend you to stay at Taki and for your information, you will not get any hotel or accommodation on the island. Dining is also available in Taki. And the price is really cheap.


Next time you are in Kolkata, go away from the city chaos and land at Kingfisher Island for fun. Have fun and enjoy every moment of your life.

To know more about our awesome and diverse country, do visit us again. I shall be back very soon with more interesting stuff from the different parts of our country. Until then keep traveling and keep exploring.


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