Quick Facts-b’s hive Chennai or Kadal is best to enjoy in a group & is the perfect beach house in Mahabalipuram. An Ac dorm right in front of the Bay of Bengal and only 12 Km from the historical beach town of Mahabalipuram along famous ECR

Mahabalipuram is a temple & beach town situated 60 Km south of Chennai in the Tamil Nadu state of India.Mahabalipuram or Mamallapuram town is famous for UNESCO heritage consisting of sea shore temple, rocks sculpture, Caves & an array of long beaches.Mahabalipuram located along ECR also gives you many options to stay and enjoy the sea.There are great resorts along ECR for a family outing, team outing, beach resorts & for a couple.

Mahabalipuram-An Oasis from Chennai

Tourist flocks here mainly to watch these beautiful sculptures from the 8th century and to relax with their friends & family.Mahabalipuram in recent time has witnessed a boom in the hospitality sector with a good number of beach resorts & hotels popped in around.Situated along the famous ECR (East Coast Road) the specialty of staying at hotels, resorts for team outing & BnB at Mahabalipuram comes with the bonus of having sea facing view.

In pursuit of finding such an ideal beach resort for our group of 6, I found an excellent property located bang on the beach. Kadal beach stays along ECR run by b’s hive hospitality Chennai.This Lovely property is just 100 feet away from the sea waves.Kadal easily qualifies as the best place to relax and enjoy with friends & family.

b's hive kadal Front View

b’s hive kadal Front View

b's hive kadal Chennai

b’s hive kadal chennai

Located 12 Km before Mahabalipuram sea shore temple, this place should be on everyone’s mind if coming to Mahabalipuram.I booked B’s hive Kadal through Air BnB. The booking was seamless. However, I would recommend talking to the host “Balaji” to remove your doubts before booking. After covering approx, 370 Km from Bangalore, the property is situated next to Nemmeli Seawater Desalination plant in Vadanemelli.

The first glimpse of our stay ‘Kadal’ gave all of us the excitement of staying at this awesome place for next two days. Painted in royal white and intended to cater the needs of modern living Kadal is an AC dormitory style of lodging.Ample parking space is there to park your vehicles inside the compound.

What To Expect From B’s Hive on the Beach – ‘KADAL’

  1. Clean AC Rooms, Toilets, Bed Spreads & other cutlery items.
  2. Kadal is essentially a self-service accommodation.
  3. The property has the provision for six hammocks & three nos of double bed tents.
  4. An open shower overlooking the beach.
  5. A portion of the compound wall built as a screen.One can watch blockbuster flicks on the big screen overlooking the sea ( Kindly bring your projector ).

Kadal-Home Away On The Beach

The only “stress” we felt during our stay at Kadal was my indecisiveness about whether to stay in our indoor room or be outside in the relaxing on one of the hammocks. The view of Bay of Bengal sea is simply breathtaking.

We spent most of our evening overlooking this gorgeous view.The in-house Bluetooth enabled speaker system added the much-needed energy for our private party. The wine, the scotch, the music, the fresh breeze and the bonfire with thundering sound of sea waves made our evening the most memorable one.With clock ticking midnight we all went for much-needed sleep. I choose the best stay of the property, and that was the tent overlooking the sea.

b's hive Kadal Beach Stay

b’s hive Kadal Beach Stay

The next morning amazingly we woke up and witness the best natural scene ever- As the sun rises from Sea, the whole landscape painted in red.Viewing the rising of the sea from the comfort of bean bags with a cup of tea would be the moment we all will cherish for a long time.After that, a long beach walk is recommended.

The view of fisherman waiting for their prize catch will be another best thing to witness.One can also walk 12 Km all way to Mahabalipuram Shore Temple. However, you must reserve 2 and the half hour to do this.Well, we didn’t even think to attempt doing this adventure.

Kadal Sea Shore Tent Stay

Kadal Sea Shore Tent Stay

Mahabalipuram Sea Shore Fisherman

Mahabalipuram Sea Shore Fisherman

After in-house breakfast consisting of bread with butter& jam, fruit juice and biscuits we all went to enjoy the warm water of the sea.The Bay of Bengal tide is rough and was hitting all of us with a large force.Open shower facing the sea is another great thing that Kadal has to offer.we all thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Kadal and would be looking to come here again in future.

Summary and our recommendation

Kadal is for those who enjoy the company of others. Be it family, friends, colleagues those who love to stay close to nature. To put it simply this is for groups.Enjoy the luxury of living, singing, eating relaxing overlooking the sea.

 Items To Bring & Things to note

1) Soap and shampoo- Host-only provides liquid soap in bathrooms.
2) Towels for beach bath (our towels are for in-house usage)
5) Sunscreen, hat, handtowel Sunglasses.In case you want to trek to Mahabalipuram along the shore (12 Km, two 1⁄2 hrs)
6) Good playlist. Music system in the dorm is Bluetooth enabled.
7) Carrying alcohol bottle to the beach or consuming on the beach is not allowed.


Booking: To book a stay at Kadal on the Beach, click Air BnB link here. First time Air BnB user? Register here and get Rs 1,364 from our referral.

Reader’s note– We have an exclusive partnership with B-hive- Kadal. Send us  your accommodation requirement by filling the below form. We promise the best deal for you, directly from the owner.

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