Maharajas Express:  Every individual who has ever dreamed of enjoying a magical vacation on a train would choose the Maharajas’ Express. The train has made a great stride in redefining luxury in train tours. Praised extensively for its service, culture and exclusive itineraries, it is recommended by many for the best vacations on the tracks.

Maharajas’ Express caters to the vacations for those who have a shorter time for enjoying the flavors of India too. In addition, if you consider the Maharaja Train fare to be quite large, you can stick with the Gems of India itinerary.


The Gems of India covers Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, and Ranthambore. The Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur are called the golden triangle destinations as their geographical points form a virtual triangle in the map. Add Ranthambore to it and, you would get the shape of a diamond.

The Gems of India is specifically created to add the elements of architectural wealth, etched culture and tranquil wildlife. The trail of the Golden Triangle has been well throttled by millions of tourists. Maharajas’ Express adds an innate degree of luxury to it.

In addition, taking a sidestep from the actual tour; you would steep into the serenity of Ranthambore national park. This photographic luxury would make you develop a crush and seek ultimate solace in the laps of India.


  1. Elite magazines have ranked the Golden Triangle circuit as the 21st best circuit in the world. Maharajas’ Express train has managed to add more beauty to this already reputed route
  2. With each destination located around 200 to 250 km away, Maharajas’ Express makes it a point to make the journey more smoothing than ever before. It is like living in a star hotel, throughout your vacation and yet travelling to numerous destinations.
  3. Dotted with monuments and special destinations, only the best of all guides can give an informed tour with interesting anecdotes, heritage stories, and fun facts and so on. With Gems of India, you get to travel with elite guides.
  4. It is not easy to get access to the cream of activities at each destination. With Gems of India, all your services are pre-booked and you will never run out of the service.
  5. The cuisine is an ultimate element of culture. If you choose Gems of India, you are choosing the elite cuisines of each destination served in a royal style, right inside the train.


What more? There are not enough adjectives in the language to explain the beauty of Gems of India. The best way to intake everything is by physically visiting them.