Looking for ways to make your travel video more eye-catching for your audience? We have compiled nine necessary steps you need to follow in this guide.

Travel is a way of rejoicing, and travel videos are a way to relive the memories you can cherish for the rest of your life.

Nowadays, all social sites are flooded with travel videos, so if you want your video to stand out, you need to be a mark above others. Even if you are making a travel video for personal purposes, you will need to do more than just compile all the photographs because you might not find the video as interesting after a while.

So, what can you do?

Knowing tips and hacks that would make your travel video gripping for your audience helps whether you are a company making travel videos for clients or a personal blogger looking to upload videos that are catchy to the eyes of viewers.

In this travel guide, we have compiled nine simple steps that anyone can follow to make awesome travel videos.

9 Simple Steps To Make Awesome Travel video

Here are the nine steps involved in making an engaging travel video:

Pick Your Destination

Sure, unplanned trips are great, but if you want an awesome travel video, you need to pick your destination beforehand.

You need to know the places you will visit and the noteworthy things to see about that place. You need to be well informed about the scenic places of that destination and plan your trip accordingly.

Keep It Enjoyable for Yourself

The first and foremost thing you must remember while traveling is that it is for your pleasure. Do not forget to enjoy the hassle of the video. This will not translate into a good vacation or good videos.

The moment you start worrying about your videos and the locations, you will appear stressed in the video, and it will add no value to your video but will surely not allow you to enjoy your vacation.

Choose Your Equipment

Now you don’t need to go all heavy on purchasing the best-in-class cameras, but you can choose the equipment that will come in handy. You need to check on the camera, gear, and lenses to ensure you have all the instruments that are handy.

If you are a professional, make sure to check the tripods, SD cards, and microphones over and above the basics. This way, you will have all the gear handy whenever you need a particular type of shot.

Shoot Selectively

Now, this is a little tough to understand. Most of the time, when we are in a place, we just record everything, thinking it will be easier to sort the data later.

But that is not true. It becomes cumbersome work to sort the data and photographs.

So, check the spots and sights you want to choose beforehand and do not record any unnecessary clips until and unless you stumble upon something very scenic and beautiful that would add value to your travel videos.

Capture Different Shots of A Scene

Make sure to capture multiple shots of one scene. Know different ways in which you can enhance the beauty of that background the most.

Like for a raw picture, adding a filter would take away from its charms of it. Experiment with different angles.

Try using modern trends like time-lapse or slow spinning or even give shooting video from a vehicle a go. Even if nothing does come out of it, you will at least know that certain shots are not built for specific scenes.

Video Editing

Now, this is the lengthy task you will need to finish after your tour. Once you are back home, sit with your videos and content, choose the best shots and clips, and try fitting them in a frame.

See how it goes and change it several times until it makes sense in line with your narrative. Concentrate on the scenes that look beautiful or turn out as you expected. Take the ones that did not turn out as you expected and delete them. Use an online professional video editor to make the best edit and cuts to your video. Many options are available, so be sure to choose the one with features that serve your video the best.

Add Narrative to Your Video

The videos that work best for the audience are the ones that tell a certain story. If you are just recording videos and adding all the information, the travel videos reduce to being numeric.

People will not be interested and will not retain the information in your video, and as a result, you will lose the audience coming to your video channel.

If you are unsure about how to do it, you can go about it in 2 ways: while you are on the trip or after returning to your home.

You can record the videos in a way that makes sense, either in the present narrative or in the past narrative. You can create funny stories or anecdotes about the experiences you have had.

This will ensure more engagement from your audience. Moreover, it will also open the ways of communication. You will be able to communicate, and in turn, the audience will turn up to your channel when they need any information.

Adding a narrative is an overall smart way to enhance the engagement of your travel videos.

Add Music

Use an online video editor that allows you the choice and options of adding music to your videos. This will not only give your video a gleaming effect but will also set the tone of your video. They will help set the mood you want your viewers to experience while going through the video.

Be sure to align the video with the music. If you are using vibrant images, then an energetic tone of music would be apt.

Likewise, set the mood for the whole video with the music. Music will translate the video better with the emotions and narrative you are going for.

Make sure you use video editors that offer you the feature to choose from their music or add your music to your video.

Consistency Is the Key

Set a theme for the video and stay linear with it. Do not try to change the tone, music, or color palette of your videos midway.

Try to have an outline of the travel video in mind before you begin. You can even write it down or type it out on your phone and refer to it throughout the trip when needed.


Watch as many travel videos as you can. This will allow you to know the rights and wrongs from the audience’s perspective. Learn from them and try to make a revised and better version of it in your travel videos.

Make sure that you get your travel videos evaluated by people around you if you are starting. This will give you a chance for betterment before uploading the final print.