Malaysia Travel Guide- This travel guide is crafted exclusively for visiting Malaysia from India. While you can directly fly from India to Kuala Lumpur, I recommend visiting Singapore first. Malaysia is great, but Singapore’s beauty is something you shouldn’t miss out on when in Southeast Asia.

Besides, visiting Singapore and then taking a short flight to Malaysia can help you cover two countries and save you a lot of money.

After your Singapore visit, take a flight from Changi Airport straight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Landing here, you have a lot of options in your hand. Be it visiting the Petronas Tower first or simply cruising the city, start out with a plan. You’ll be spending a lot of time just traveling. Apart from traveling, there are some other things to be aware of when you land. Here is our step-by-step guide for taking an e-visa to Malaysia, hope it will help you.


Malaysia Travel Guide

Always keep an eye on your belongings. This isn’t Singapore. Hold your bags cautiously and avoid wearing jewelry when walking on the streets. Thefts are common and many tourists have experience with it here in Malaysia.

Say you’re going on a package trip to some southeast Asian spots like Singapore, Thailand, Bali, and Malaysia. Your guide is sure to give an extra warning especially when you land in Malaysia. In fact, some travelers have become so aware of thefts here that they go to sleep with passports and wallets under their pillows (yep, in hotels too).

Did you visit Bali or any other part of Indonesia where you went shopping in a mall? If so, take out shopping malls from your Malaysia itinerary. Shopping malls in Indonesia and Malaysia are more or less the same. Prioritize the main attractions first.

Malaysia is a humid place, so it’s logical to put on minimal clothing. Also, the heat is unbearable here when outside. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen products along with you.

However, when visiting Genting Highlands, get some clothes to keep you warm as well.


Petronas Tower

Visiting the Petronas Tower is only an hour (or 45 minutes) tour. While that’s what most sites say out there, getting a security check before you go in takes a long time. If you have kids along with you, consider that you’ll be standing in the queue for a while.

Speaking of children, Petronas Tower has one of the fastest elevators in the world. The immediate elevation can hurt the kids’ ears (and other people with sensitive ears), so take necessary precautions beforehand.

Some facts: Petronas tower isn’t really a tourist spot. It’s an office for an oil and gas company. Only some parts of the towers are allowed for tourists. They’ll take you up to the bridge between the twin towers, also known as the ‘swaying bridge’. Here you are allowed to take pictures as you wish.

The bridge is the peak point you can visit. As its name says ‘swaying bridge’, it does sway when there’s a strong wind current. You’ll be lucky if you experience this movement!

Visiting the Petronas Tower does not take a long time. The only thing that’ll take time is its queue – sometimes it goes for hours. So it’s best to avoid peak times. Oh, and yes – timings matter when you visit the towers. While you can visit them in the late afternoon as we did, it’s best to visit in the evening.

The view of its lightings at night is just marvelous and makes it all the more alluring.


Genting Highlands

You can reach Genting Highlands by bus or cable car. But I’d recommend taking the cable car – it’s a different vibe. Besides the beautiful surroundings with the cable car, most other hills don’t have that facility. Now, what’s so great about Genting Highlands?

This place is all about a vast fantastic theme park with bizarre rides for both kids and adults. Cable cars, scary houses, bumper boats, and even casinos – you name it, they’ve got it. It’s a resort paradise on a highland.

To those who wish to experience all of it, I’d recommend staying at Genting Highlands for two complete days. I visited the highlands when I was very young. As a family, we visited a limited number of places, so we just took one full day to stroll the place.

We checked in the First World Hotel (yes, one of the biggest hotels in the world) in Genting Highlands late in the evening and toured the whole place the following day. Again, don’t forget to bring warm clothes to keep yourself warm, the highlands are very cold.


Visiting the Batu Caves can be optional for the world nomads out there. But when visiting from India, I’m sure you’ll love this place. Not only will you find the immense statue of Kartikeya (popularly known as Lord Murugan), the son of Parvati and Shiva, at the entrance, but also the caves themselves are majestic.

The entry fare isn’t high although it is comparatively higher for tourists. It takes 2 hours to visit the Batu Caves and longer for photography lovers. The colorful steps up to the caves that have been decorated recently, make it a photogenic spot. However, these caves are far from other tourist places in Malaysia.

If you’re going there from Kuala Lumpur, it’s around 15 kilometers. It’s best to allow a good three to four hours for this trip.


All the places I’ve mentioned don’t need to be visited in order. These are places you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Visit them on your own personalized itinerary based on the amount of time you’ll spend here.

There are tons of other places to see in Malaysia, but it depends on one’s interests. For a family trip, these spots are perfect. If you’re going with a group of friends, you should check out hiking spots. I couldn’t go hiking, but some hikes here can beautifully last up to one week.

Apart from that, if you’ve already visited Indonesia on your package, you can cross out some things in Malaysia. Things like beaches and shopping malls are very similar. A good three to four days is sufficient to visit the places mentioned in this post.

That would conclude my Malaysia travel guide, so thank you. Have a great journey!


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