Manna Villa– Hey, why the hell you want to go near Chennai in Summer? isn’t you crazy? why can’t you find a suitable stay in places like Ooty, Coorg, etc? Yes, these are the question I got while making a family outing to Mahabalipuram during the peak Summer season.

However, I was confident in my selected stay and it proved to be one of the most memorable trips of recent time. Check out my experience and review of Manna Vila Mahabalipuram


Well, it was summer vacation and hence my younger sister was coming from my hometown along with her family and my mother. My preference was to go nearby and if it’s a seashore, it will add a charm of watching the sunset with my family.

However, one thing was super clear that in May month, the seaside would be hot, humid and warm and hence I started researching for a destination that will be near to Bangalore, easy on the drive and the most important sea facing property. I visited Mahabalipuram twice before and the place was surely on my top priority.

I stumble upon Manna Villa while doing my initial research and looked on the detail of the villa and the reviews, I knew this is the one that fits my all requirements and so I decided to grab an awesome deal from Booking.Com.


Manna Villa Chennai

The first thing first, it is a Villa and not your typical hotel or resort or a budget stay or located in the middle of the town. The awesome property is a beach house located within a gated community, located not in the crowded street but a bit away from the town.

The sea is 100-150 meters from the property and you have to unlock a gate to reach on the beach. If you are coming from Chennai, then the villa is located at the end of the famous ECR road and from there you have to take a steep left and drive another 5-7 Km to reach the gated community on your left. I hope this helps you in pinpointing the approx location of Manna Villa

As soon as you enter the gated community, the property will give you a distinct and luxurious presence even from far off. The same holds true, once you enter the Manna Villa. Let me tell you honestly, the owner of the Villa has taken the designing, decorating and maintaining of the property to the next level and it won’t disappoint you.


I do not want to waste your time and if I have to say about my true experience of staying in the lovely Villa it would be awesome without any second thought. What I loved is the whole 2-bedroom duplex property is like your second home, away from your home.

Even when the temperature outside was high and humidity was at the peak, we felt very comfortable inside the property and the best part is my 3 years old niece who didn’t complain of heat and discomfort during our entire stay. You get a fully functional kitchen, with living room, 2 states of the art bedroom with attached bathrooms, and 1 being open and all air-conditioned.

The added advantage is your private swimming pool and a deck for your favorite drinks to hang out with your friends and special ones.

Manna Villa Pool


I used my money to book the villa so it is not a paid or sponsored stay for inflated review and therefore you can trust me and what we have on TravelEscape blindly.

I liked every part of our stay in the villa from communication to the location or the warm conversation with the caretaker Kesaav. So, I would rate 4.5/5 of our stay. As it is not located on the main road and hence a private vehicle is mandatory to have and also you need to order your food from the shop who will deliver directly to you in the Villa. The catch is you need to order 1 hour before and not when you are too much hungry.

The other option would be to stock up some ready-made food and beverages (You can pay Kesaav to bring)  and avoid that hunger feeling. The whole feeling is having your luxurious Villa at your disposal for the premium cost you paid to book the villa.


Manna Villa Top View

Manna Villa is perfect for a group or couples who are coming from Chennai or Bangalore and looking out for a perfect beach house to spend a night or two to chill out. I won’t recommend the Villa only for a couple as it may prove costly and may give a feeling of loneliness.

You can for sure mix relaxation with some nearby sightseeing like the famous shore temple, Mahabalipuram lighthouse or Krishna butterball, all within 2-5 Km radius. Do not forget the sea beach is merely 100 meters from the property and more or less like a private beach.

Why don’t you check the awesome villa and find a great deal on

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