Markonahalli Dam Travel Guide – Searching for the next offbeat destination around Bangalore, lead me to a very nice and offbeat place called Markonahalli Dam. Definitely, I will recommend Markonahalli for anyone who just wants a nice drive from Bangalore, amidst nature and knowing how in Rs 2.9 million a dam was built in 1920-the 30s.


If you ask me, the reason would be very simple like I am done with all the frequent, crowded places which are mostly traveled and explored. I am talking about the famous and crowded Nandi hills, Cubbon Park, Lalbagh, or Avalabetta. I and a few of my colleague cum friends keep scouting for new and slightly offbeat places near Bangalore for weekend’s explore.

However, there is another parameter to explore the gem called Markonahalli Dam is that unlike huge and monster dams of today,
that the dam gates are kept open always, still the water does not flow unless the dam is full (it’s cool right). This is because the dam has 4 small, 2 big, and 10 wood siphons which when the dam is full will automatically allow water to pass through.

Also, the drive from Bangalore is all awesome, you need to keep paying tolls in return for driving on the best national highway. Then you take a diversion from NH and enjoy 10Km of the rural landscape of Karnataka till you reach the water body. Believe me, the landscape is truly beautiful. 

Markonahalli Dam


Sure, let me very honest with you, Markonahalli Dam or the area around it doesn’t have much to offer if you are a thing to tick of the typical “things to do style”. However, it is a boon for nature lovers and who just want a relaxing day or weekend from Bangalore, the afternoon can be very hot and hence I recommend going either very early or late evening.

Another aspect of going there is to get fresh stock of photographs for your Instagram collection. I saw even pre-wedding photography happening at the bank of the dam. Cool isn’t it?

If you will be lucky, you may be seeing in actuality how the dam actually designed and get to hear the story behind building the dam from the local or the guy who stays there. You will also witness lovely local folks there. So, if you are the above type of traveler, Markonahalli won’t disappoint you for sure.


If you are the one who wants to stay overnight or take it easy type of person and looking for resorts near Markonahalli Dam, I have good as well as bad news for you. Let’s look at the bad news first

The stay option is not exactly near to the dam, however, I saw one beautiful government bungalow, 50 meters from the water body, it is so awesome and freaking that I wanted to stay there for a night, unfortunately, I do not have a source or reach to secure a booking. I might check on this though in the future.  Therefore, for the stay option, you need to travel 10 Km towards the Tumkuru side.

If You wish to stay, and I think it’s a good idea too, this way you can avoid the Bengaluru traffic for sure. All the stay options as I stated above are around 10Km from the dam, the list is below.


There are good tourist attractions near the Markonahalli dam in Tumkur. Tumkur has several temples, forts that can be visited. However, you will need a good time to explore all these, I will recommend 2 days with an overnight stay in Tumkur to explore a few of these attractions. The decision is on you!

  1. Pavagada Fort.
  2. Shiva Ganga Hill – Has two temples
  3. Devarayanadurga state forest
  4. Devarayanadurga hill station 
  5. Yediyur Siddhalingeshwara Swamy Temple
  6. Aralguppe – One of the oldest temples of Karnataka


If you are looking to explore other water bodies near Bangalore ( 50- 100 Km) range, then I have another awesome and impressive natural Manchanabele Dam in south Bangalore. Do you have any others on your list? please comment below.